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Yes we can

But that doesn’t mean we should.

You go for it girl.

As you know, the Sage of 1600 Pennsylvania took a snippy shot at Sarah Palin yesterday over his nuclear policy:

“I really have no response,” he told ABC News. “Because last I checked, Sarah Palin’s not much of an expert on nuclear issues.”

Sarahs Response


  1. Bod says:

    Even without really knowing how much of a friend to liberarians she would be, I can’t help but feel that a Congress or House with a few dozen Palins in them would be a better place.

    Faint praise indeed.

  2. JuliaM says:

    This is the Obama who is an expert on….ummmm….

    Help me out, someone?

  3. NickM says:

    Well, Julia, as you are clearly aware I’m (for my sins) a political blogger. I therefore am quite interested in the Obamanon yet I still have no idea what a “community organiser” is.

    Do you recall the title music of the ’80s BBC show for kids “Henry’s Cat”? “He knows everything about nothing and not too much about that.” That’s Obama.

    We should not mock. On May 6th we have a choice between a deranged Scotsman, a truly limp Englishman and Nick Clegg. I know what I’m putting on my ballot. I shall photograph it and post if I can survive from now till then.

    Frankly, I’d rather have Henry’s Cat. The feline wouldn’t as a demented “flagship” policy have the idea of bribing me 3 quid a week of my own money (roughly a pint of beer) to remain married.

  4. Jeff Wood says:

    Some time in early 2008, somebody decided that Obama was to be the Democratic candidate.

    Immediately, Hillary Clinton became the object of a rain of sexist dismissal, and duly lost to Obama.

    When John McCain was losing ground, he brought in Sarah Palin as Vice-presidential candidate. McCain’s ratings began recovering at once.

    Mrs Palin became the second Hillary Clinton, but because she was a Republican the rain of sexist hatred could become a hurricane, which continues because the Dems, and the MSM, are scared stiff of her.

    I suspect that Obama fears her, because he is diminishing; and if Palin has learned from 2008, she is making sure she is growing.

    If Mrs Palin runs in 2012, at any level, it will soon be seen that The Democrats are the true misogynists in the US. If she wins high office, persidential or vice-presidential, I predict that Mrs Clinton will laugh her knickers off.

  5. CountingCats says:


    We saw all that in the UK in he 80′s. Maggie Thatcher was the target of a level of mysoginistic level of vitriol never before seen.

  6. DavidNcl says:

    I’d love to see Palin/Beck ’12 just because it would really make the pinko’s scream.

    We’d loose quite a few lefties just from having their heads explode, heart attacks and stroke should weed out loads more.

  7. NickM says:

    “If she wins high office, persidential or vice-presidential, I predict that Mrs Clinton will laugh her knickers off.”

    I have never seen (Maggie T not withstanding Cats because the Obama camp could play the race card) anything as vicious as Obama v Clinton. The ultimate Obama v McCain scrap was nothing compared to it. Note my earlier post cribbed from Paul Marks on Obama and race.

  8. Kevin B says:

    I’d go for Bush/Cheney* 2012 just to see the libheads explode.

    *Jeb Bush and Liz Cheney, but I’m not sure which order.

  9. CountingCats says:

    Liz Cheney for Prez.

    Lets see the lefties slag her off as both a woman and a lesbian.

    Or even better Cheney/Rice. Although Rice did acclimatise just too well at the State Department.

  10. Sam Duncan says:

    “I know what I’m putting on my ballot.”

    Is it a drawing of a cock? I’m tending towards that myself.

    “Frankly, I’d rather have Henry’s Cat.“

    Took the words right out of my… er, fingers.

    Y’see, you can criticize Palin for being a one-term Governor with no foreign policy experience who nobody outside Alaska had heard of before the 1998 campaign, but it doesn’t really work if your preferred alternative is a one-term Senator with no foreign policy experience who nobody outside Chicago had heard of before the 1998 campaign. And you can call her thick, but that doesn’t work either when your preferred alternative doesn’t know how many states there are or the name of his beloved White Sox’ historical home ground.

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