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Can you believe this crap? You think when Michelle flies she puts diversity amongst her pilots above skill at flying the fucking plane?

US First Lady Michelle Obama Thursday said she favored diversity on the nation’s top court, wading into risky political waters as her husband weighs his second pick to the bench.

We are talking about the SCOTUS here people. How about we put legal expertise first, last and foremost? Come on, let sanity reign.

Hah, fat chance. Still, you think she might be proud of her country yet?

You notice they (the people who give a toss that is) have ceased raving about her fashion sense? More to the point, is there a title of Worst Dressed First Lady?


This woman needs some advice, and real soon too.


  1. Kevin B says:

    Don’t be picky Cats. I’m sure there’s a Transgendered Lesbian* who is 12.4% black, 15.4% Latino, 4.4% Asian, 0.8% American Indian, 0.14% Polynesian, 4.9% Other and the rest White who’s just itching to get on the Supreme Court and interpret that fusty old constitution. Oh, and there might even be one with a law degree.

    Or to put it another way: Supreme Court judgeship to let. Only Quadroons need apply.

    * I’m not sure if this is a man who thinks he’s a woman who fancies women or a woman who thinks she’s a man who fancies women. Or a wymmyn. Or not. (Sorry if I hurt anyone’s feelings there, it’s just that I’m an old man and all this stuff is hard for us fogies.)

  2. RAB says:

    Ah yes, diversity is where she comes from alright!
    Not in the teeniest bit privileged, a real Watts ghetto child…

    She is straight out of the Cosby Show and Prince of Bel Air!

  3. NickM says:

    I have to disagree Cats, Michelle Obama is not an idiot. She’s a nasty piece of work with a vicious agenda (they make such a handsome couple) but she ain’t an idiot.

  4. KevinE says:

    Wait a tick… we are or aren’t “supposed” to make life decisions or judgments based on physical characteristics? Homogenization isn’t just for milk anymore, America!

  5. El Draque says:

    Reminds me of the way Marxists apply “class analysis” to everything and Nazis declared mathematics was determined by blood.

    But do not jest, Kevin. There are real Transgendered Lesbians out there.
    The brother of a female friend of mine had a girlfriend, broke up, decided he was really female, had the operation to become a woman; and now “she” has a gay boyfriend.
    Hearing that was the occasion for me to make a dreadful multilingual pun around the Dutch slang for “lesbian” that doesn’t translate but we all collapsed laughing in a Chinese restaurant.
    My friend said it did her some good to laugh so much, so I didn’t feel bad about the joke.

  6. NickM says:

    Puns involving Dutch slang? You really are a man of many talents ;-)

  7. Sunfish says:

    And once upon a time, I thought that the task of an appellate court was to review whether a trial court had applied the existing law correctly to a given case.

    I believe that’s what they call “having my head up my ass.”

    Kevin: I saw a study once that suggested that, when all races get homogenized, women will look like Halle Berry and Jessica Alba.

    I’m sorry, but I cannot make myself be offended by that.

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