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Happy St George’s Day!

Today is also the anniversary of the birth (and the death – well he did know a thing or two about dramatic timing) of William Shakespeare. This is remarkably appropriate because, of the many gifts England has given the World, this language that I torture here is perhaps the finest. I say “perhaps” because you also got Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin, George Stephenson and Simon Cowell out of us.

England has for so long been the fulcrum of the planet and therein lies the rub. England’s glory lies not so much within but without. We have always been a great trading nation and we have always been in the global rough and tumble.

And that is why I am proud to be English and that is why I despise the country pleasures of the likes of the BNP. Because being English may be in the blood but not in the way Nick Griffin thinks.

Nobody really knows who St George was and that is so fitting because this England, my England, is an empire of the mind and what can be more magnificent than that?


  1. CIngram says:

    You can tell it’s God’s favourite country because he gave us both Will and P. G. Wodehouse. The French got Proust, which was good thinking on his part because half the population claim to be intellectuals and someone has to keep them busy. And the Russians have to make do with Pushkin, who either loses a great deal in translation or was just utter crap to start with.

    The Germans got both Wagner and Kant, which I suppose is fair enough, as no one else would have known what to do with them. And Pelé could only have been a Brazilian, good call there, too. But why did He make Don Bradman an Australian?

    Anyway, Happy St George’s. I shall raise a glass to the old boy later.

  2. RAB says:

    Cant think why Nick Griffin is so big on St George, bleedin foreigner wasn’t he!

    Well as a Welshman, I cant really get excited (no similar celebration of St Davids day again this year I note ;-) ) but Willy the Shake! now you’re talking!

    There was a survey out recently that put the English as about the least patriotic people in Europe. Some even thought that flying the flag of St George was illegal!

    The Scots, Irish and us Welsh, were streets ahead in the pride in ones country stakes.
    That’s because we are allowed to have our minority status and revel in it, while the English are made to feel guilty about their very existence.

    Ah but Shakespeare I will certainly raise a glass to tonight. We are having a few people round to dinner, complete coincidence, but even the great Bard is under threat from our Education “system” deeming him tho difficult and even irrelevant to da kids of today. Bastards! He was one of the greatest ever Englishmen. Yes just like PG W and Chaucer, he shaped our country more than all the kings, Queens and legislation ever did. If we ever stop quoting and appreciating him him, we really will fade from the book of time.

  3. Chuckles says:

    Time for this then

  4. mike says:

    “…because this England, my England, is an empire of the mind and what can be more magnificent than that?”

    It’s reflection in the world around you.

  5. permanentexpat says:

    “…and that is why I despise the country pleasures of the likes of the BNP….”
    A few extra noggins for St George must have addled (further) my ability to interpret remarks like this. An explanation would be a welcome boon.
    That other members of Britain can celebrate their uniqueness joyfully while the English are frowned upon for so doing is a shame.
    I know CC’s opinion of the BNP but I don’t agree with it.
    Bearing in mind that we are all now an EU province about to elect it’s new/former Gauleiter…we should take time to ask just who sold Britain out to the EUSSR.
    You can be as proud of being English & Btitish, Welsh & British etc. as you like, but you are still a serf of a foreign regime which dictates the laws under which you are permitted to live. If that is your chosen way, you will doubtless vote for one or another of the Traditional Traitrous Triumvirate.
    The exquisite orchestration of ridicule for UKIP & demonisation for BNP has its effect on the minds of unthinking people who, while proudly celebrating their identity, fail to note that these are the only two parties dedicated to restoring to you the freedoms you have failed to defend…something which un-British in extremis.

  6. NickM says:

    “…and that is why I despise the country pleasures of the likes of the BNP…”

    I was wondering when that would be asked. It’s from Hamlet (Act III, I think). It’s a pun on “country” as in rural and “cunt” as in the sexual organ in the original – huntin’, shootin’, fishin’ and getting your wicked way with barmaids… As I used it it is a play against a barking nationalist – “country pleasures” and “cunt” as in a dispicable individual by bitch whelped. Of course that feeds back into Shakespeare because of course it is his birthday. I thought it quite clever – a way of celebrating the Bard of Avon and calling Nick Griffin a cunt at the same time.

    The BNP does not stand for real English people like me. Or Welsh, Scots or Northern Irish. The EU is not the problem. Read Ian’s stuff on the rise of IngSoc. The EU, if it is anything, is the symptom not the cause.

    Nationality is a state of mind. I’m amazed that you didn’t pick-up on my other allusion. I owe the “Empire of the Mind” to Winston Churchill who was of course half American and married to an American.

  7. permanentexpat says:

    Wonderful cryptic stuff, Nick…cunts as in country, pants as in pantry, adults as in adultery etc….spiffing fun!

    Eggs on toast!

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