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Ed & Diane

Ed Milliband:

Labour’s divisions over Iraq broke out into the open tonight, as Ed Milliband became the first contender for the leadership to make it an issue during the campaign. He said UN weapons inspectors were not given enough time in 2003 before coalition troops invaded, and asserted that the way in which Britain decided to go to war led to “a catastrophic loss of trust in Labour”

Got that? Not a dicky bird about the billions spent and all the dead and maimed. That doesn’t matter to Ed because “a catastrophic loss of trust in Labour” is what really counts. That is the true measure of the lesser Millipede. I shouldn’t be surprised because pretty much by definition a true proggy cares about the cause more than reality or people. That line is from the exact same playbook used by Muslim “community leaders” when, just post-atrocity, their first reaction is to fret about how they hope it won’t lead to a rise in Islamophobia.


In 1996 Abbott was accused of racism when she suggested that “blonde, blue-eyed Finnish girls” in her local hospital in West London were unsuitable as nurses because they “may never have met a black person before”. Ms Abbott’s comments were supported by Bernie Grant*, a fellow black MP whose constituency, Tottenham, borders hers. “She is quite right,” he said. “Bringing someone here from Finland who has never seen a black person before and expecting them to have some empathy with black people is nonsense.”

Oh Dear Gods! Can you imagine if a white MP had said that about African nurses? Fortunately she was pwned on it:

Conservative MP Ian Bruce stated that he had “never heard such racist rubbish from a Member of Parliament in recent years”. Abbott was also accused of ignorance by the Anti-Racist Alliance executive member Marc Wadsworth, who is half-Finnish, pointed out that at that time the Miss Finland, Lola Odusoga, was black, of Nigerian and Finnish descent. “She’s a black Finn like me,” he said. Abbott apologized for her remarks and said her main priority was to ensure that her constituents received medical treatment from the very best people “irrespective of race”

“Main”, not “only” Diane?

Her decision in 2003 to send her son to the private £10,000 a year City of London School, which she herself described as “indefensible” and “intellectually incoherent”, caused controversy and was seen by some as hypocritical not least because she had previously criticised Tony Blair and Harriet Harman for sending their children to selective state schools. It later emerged that Abbott had applied to three private schools for her son.

Rank, blatant hypocrisy and arrogance.

Diane Abbott is a shameless cow who I’m sure believes herself special. She is also deeply, inherently, racist.

Ed Milliband is on the other hand so much the true believer and people’s commissar that he believes the most important consequence of a war was its effect on the reputation of the Labour Party. He is therefore unfit for any office outside a totalitarian state.

The rest… I might get round to them sometime. If I can summon the will but my point is that if two such people can seriously aspire to be leaders of a major party then the party they are standing for must surely be stuffed.

Surely the British people can see through Milliband’s “youthful good looks” (for that is how they shall spin it) and Abbott’s avuncular double act with Portillo? Surely?

*I had forgotten about that vicious rabble-rouser Bernie Grant.


  1. RAB says:

    Rank, blatant hypocrisy and arrogance.

    Yup, and thick as two short planks too. The few times I have watched her doing the Abbott and Costello, er Portillo show, with Andrew Neil, a 12 year old political illiterate could out argue her.
    And despite being one of the longer serving Labour MPs (she got elected in 1987) she has never, in all this time, held one ministerial post, not even at junior level.
    That is the calibre that her fellow Labourites think she is. She hasn’t got a hope, more’s the pity.
    As for Ed, doesn’t he have to be home by 10.30pm every night, or he cops merry hell from his mum?

  2. NickM says:

    That is a point RAB. She could have made-up two of Blair’s Babes! I think the thing is she might have been shoe-horned in on some “equality brief” but then said something like the above. Blonde, blue-eyed Finnish nurses. I fail to see what’s not to like.

    That is a pretty ropey record for somebody who wants to be leader. I think she said she wanted to be leader so there was a woman in the race…

  3. Lt Ogilvie says:

    42 days.

    Not defending her. She is a racist hypocrite. Just saying 42 days, is all.

  4. Simon Williams says:

    Where exactly are Ed Milliband’s “youthfuk good looks” ? He looks like a blurred photocopy of Wallace. I keep expecting him to be followed everywhere by an extremely clever dog. With you on the blonde, blue eyed Finnish nurses though. I had a Finnish girlfriend once…filthy, she was, but only in a good way…

  5. NickM says:

    They will claim the “youthful good looks”. And compared to Ed Balls they might be onto something. The bar is so low for politicians that Ed Milipede counts as attractive.

  6. NickM says:

    Lt Ogilvie,
    I have a stopped clock going cheap if you are interested ;-)

  7. Paul Marks says:

    British military people are no longer dying in Iraq, but are still dying in Afghanistan.

    So the contenders for the leadership of the Labour party talk about Iraq – but do not deal with Afghanistan.

    No wonder most people think politicians are bonkers.

  8. NickM says:

    “Bonkers” is not the right word. Kid’s entertainers are “bonkers”. This is evil and cynical. That the war in Iraq is over for the UK doesn’t bring back the dead. Indeed Lady Asquith wrote at the end of the Great War that she dreaded the peace because it would make the deaths more final. It makes emotional sense. It was of course the point at which everyone who survived was coming back and that would make the absences more real in a way. It was the point at which, emotionally, a wife, brother, lover, mother who had known their soldier was at continual risk knew he was coming home or not.

  9. Sam Duncan says:

    What? They have blonde, blue-eyed Finnish nurses in London? Right, fuck Jockland for a lark: I’m catching the first train in the morning, and jumping off as it pulls into Euston. Sister Heikkorraarkonninkonnen*, here I come…

    As for Edmundo the performing Millipede, I don’t recall him saying a great deal at the time. Probably because I wasn’t listening, but still. He certainly wasn’t rampaging around Parliament square getting arrested or anything.

    *I hope Finnish women have simpler first names, because that kind of thing is tough to whisper softly in anyone’s earhole.

  10. Ms Abbott has an almost autistic (no offence to the autistic) self-confidence, contributes little at meetings; is a typical of variety of ‘strong black woman’ I’m afraid. She is adored/feared by the establishment out of post-imperial guilt, of course. She is fireproof in the same way that Obama is fireproof.

  11. NickM says:

    Sam, Simon,
    The only Finn I ever dated (what a great opening – and she also had a truly great opening) had the first name “Mina”. She was truly filthy in every good way. Closest I got to ever being arrested involved me, her and a statue of Sir Walter Rayleigh in Whitehall. The relationship also involved having to leap out of a first storey window at first light following me escaping some serious Barnabus Rubble by the deft swinging of a steam iron. Oh, and her fiance was a former U21 national Karate champion but he was in Tempere at the time working as an accountant for Nokia.

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