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I got a job on designing a website for an artist. It needs two things to be easily user alterable. The first is the pictures in the galleries and the second is the list of up and coming exhibitions. I’ve only ever done websites over which I had control and I’m not scared of getting down and dirty with the HTML myself so I have no idea of content management stuff. Any ideas?

NB This is not an ecommerce site. It’s just pictures in three galleries (editable) and events list (editable), a front page (fixed), contacts (fixed) and about (fixed).

Any help gratefully appreciated.


  1. Darren says:

    Try wordpress, it has gallery plugins, event plugins, and can be easily themed.

    Basic gallery here

  2. Lynne says:

    Not sure if this is helpful or not. If you’re looking for good quality stock photos/graphics for buttons, headers, etc then I recommend

    There is an ever bigger site,, with a large database of images but now I’m going to have to scrub the top three layers of my skin off because helping Getty makes me feel dirty. Getty took over SXC last year and ripped the heart out of it because it was divverting trade from it’s flagship microstock site, iStock. Many of the top uploaders quit in disgust and formed RGB but there are still a lot of talented people who upload to SXC.

  3. Bod says:

    Assuming you have to have some real, running code (rather than just markup), what language are you going to use?

  4. Bod says:

    … after reading the assignment – there’s a couple things you could do.

    The first is as Darren suggests – use WordPress or something like that which has all the doodads and widgets you’ll need.

    The second is a bit geeky, but quite manageable. Create all your static stuff as normal HTML markup, and for the galleries, you control their content with some simple XML. The XML file is ‘just’ a list of captions and file URLs and if you need them, thumbnails.

    Your gallery pages are just code that reads the XML, renders the thumbnails, and creates links that call the full photos. Not as drop dead simple as an out-of-the-box solution, but not a nightmare, and the maintenance is pretty simple.

  5. NickM says:

    Thanks folks…

    No real code Bod – well none by me anyway! Darren, this site is WP. Can you easily, quickly twist it from being a blogging thang?

  6. Bod says:

    Something you might want to look at if your client wants to spend 25 Euro.

    Host it on your own server, lots of options, relatively easy configuration. It’s basically the same idea as I proposed above.

  7. mongoose says:

    Yeah, as Darren says, WordPress. Peasy.

  8. Darren says:

    Nick I have sent you an email with some links to the plugins/widgets. You can get the site plus plugins installed and running in under 30min and then just play until you have something that you are happy to show your client.

  9. Chuckles says:

    My questions would be whether it is primarily a Gallery and or showcase with events/exhibitions being highlighted or featured, or whether it’s pushing the events with a Gallery sideshow of past events and similar?
    And of course whether there is a constantly changing element of news, views etc or whether the changes are in gallery content and new shows/events.

    OS Products like Gallery 2 and 3 are phenomenal for artists/photos and similar, and there is a lot of integration available into CMS Joomla, Drupal and co, and similar for many other products. On a slightly simpler scale, I’m told Picasa is quite good, but no personal experience

  10. George says:

    This is the canonical resource for all things CMS:

  11. RAB says:

    Love to help mate, but as you know only too well, once I have booted up of a morning, that’s pretty much my expertise over.
    You are getting plenty of help from the smart people though.

    Completely off topic.
    Where is this weeks Dr Who spoiler? Too straightforward a plotline for you?
    I told you last weeks was a one off cul de sac by a smartarse writer.

    How about one on Martin Amis’s Money too. What we need is a bit more Kulture!

  12. Darren says:

    As a tenuous link to Dr Who my company did this

    Plus Sid’s Date on Dalek Invasion of Earth and Making Cocoa on the Aztecs,

    Yup I have a BBC credit as a dinosaur wrangler.

  13. NickM says:

    Thanks for all the help folks…

    No, I didn’t post on The Who because it’s a two parter so the post is due next week.

    Basically if I get some gfx from client I’m kickin’. Otherwise I’m drawing it and scanning and then kickin’.

    Darren, in particular, that is gonna prove way handy but perhaps just not this time but there shall be other times…

    You just gotta understand my personal circs of playing catch-up…

    Gods, I love it! Love it

  14. CountingCats says:

    Nck, that site I pointed you to, it was created with Joomla and this

  15. Pete in Wanganui says:

    WordPress is OK for this (though really best for blogging). I really like Website Baker . Really, really easy for non-techie users. The easiest and most flexible CMS I’ve used, Gallery plugins available, but you could create the stuff you’ve described as ordinary pages.

    As for Joomla!, it’s the bastard offspring of Mambo, and we hates it, we hates it forever. Too hard for beginners, and a pain for everyone else.

  16. Pete in Wanganui says:

    …and the link for website baker:

    …let’s see if that works…

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