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Question Time

Licence fee payers rightly insist that the BBC must be free from political interference.


the Tories have gone all cocky and decided they can start to dictate the terms on which impartial broadcasters go about their business.

Impartial broadcasters?


The LibCons can set whatever conditions they wish. The BBC has no obligation to take a blind bit of notice, but don’t start insulting my intelligence with the rest of this high minded drivel.

BBC? Impartial my arse.


  1. JohnRS says:

    The biased BBC and their lefty hangers on need to realise that they need the government a damn sight more than the government (esp this one) needs them.

    A couple of months with no spokesman (I know, I know) from Dem Tories would show QT up for the lightweight, leftist chat show that it really is.

    Also, maybe in the Beeb they’ve forgotten there’s a TV Tax review in about 18 months time? P’raps a quick word in their ear from the Culture Secretary is needed just to remind them where their next bottle of champers is coming from.

  2. john in cheshire says:

    The bbc is well past its sell-by date. One option this new government might consider is to adopt the price policy that was placed on the utilities post-privatisation; namely, inflation minus X; for the licence fee. so that over the next 5 years it is reduced, preferably, to zero.

  3. Sam Duncan says:

    I’m torn. Question Time has no constitutional status, and the government is under no obligation to present a spokesman on demand for it.

    On the other hand, it must realise that all the work the Tories have done over the last five years throwing Conservative principles under the bus so the BBC won’t be nasty to them is now for naught, because the Beeb will jump on this like a pack of rabid dogs. As it already has.

    On the other other hand, it just shows what an inflated opinion the BBC has of itself, and why it has to go. How dare the government ignore Her Majesty’s Lord High Dimbleby? Dead easy, Dimbo. It’s just a TV show. You’re only a few gags away from HIGNFY or Mock the Week, mate.

  4. Sam Duncan says:

    Or a few hormones away from Loose Women, come to think of it.

  5. RAB says:

    The Hereditaries, Dimbledumb and his brother Dimbledee, are a right pair of lefties, and they cant be bothered to hide it these days either.

    Before the Election it was a regular occurence for Dimbledumb to interupt a Tory or Lib/Dem when they were getting into teir stride, and helping out haplass NuLab types by slipping them a pithy answer under his breath when they began to bluster and flounder.
    Both of the cunts should sacked, but no hope of that, they are almost as sacred as the NHS.
    Time for the Licence fee to go folks and break up the bloody crooked ediface.

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