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Blood and Gore

The Salesman is chairman of Generation Investment Management and David Blood is managing partner.

It figures.

From what I read, Al Gores investments depend on Big Government passing legislation requiring us to use the services of the companies he has invested in. Without compulsion, who is going to actually use good money to buy into his expensive fantasies? Given Gaias failure to cooperate with his hysterical forecasts for the last ten years he must be getting pretty anxious. After all, his demands that we all live simpler lives have to date only increased his assets by 5,000% over the last eight years. At this point the poor bloke must be wondering where his next CO2 farting luxury mansion is coming from.

Admittedly, Big Al does buy carbon offsets for all that dirty, filthy electricity his house guzzles. He buys them from a trust, a commercial trust, which is chaired by…….TaDa……Al Gore.

Yep, Al buys his offsets from himself. Nice little accounting scam huh?

I might possibly consider the possibility Gore isn’t a charlatan when I see some evidence he believes in AGW himself.

Seen his new boat yet? Named – Bio Solar One. Soon to be shortened by all and sundry to BS 1 I guess.



  1. NickM says:

    I think the Goreacle is about to take a long walk off a short pier.


    My entire family (some left-wing) think he’s a crook. When me and the Kitty Kounter call him for what he is then that’s natural but when people who are naturally a bit leftist start calling him then…

    Mr Gore, here’s your plank, now walk it…

  2. RAB says:

    So that floating gin palace is run on elastic bands and solar power is it?
    When more of the public see pics like that boat, the game will well and truly be up for call me Al, and he could bring the entire AGW fraud down with him.

    I spent a really horrible holiday at a rather posh resort in Majorca. The marina was packed with the things, in fact there was a boatyard there that built them.
    Thing is these boats very rarely ever put to sea. They are just tethered status symbols, perminantly linked up to the satallite link and the hot and cold running, on the quayside.
    We were walking around the harbour one night looking for somewhere to eat that we could afford. We couldn’t help noticing that all the gin palaces were registered in places like Hamburg while all the boats with sails on, were reg Plymouth and Southampton.
    No wonder we are doing so well in the Olympics ;-)

  3. NickM says:

    Well, RAB, it is a houseboat on a lake (now why am I thinking of Cape Fear?) But…

    It runs on biodiesel and solar power which is grand. As far as it goes. But guess what the “greenest” car on th planet is? It isn’t a Prius. It’s probably a Merc. They last forever and when they finally pack-up they’re designed to be recycled and being petrol or diesel powered they are not packed to the rafters with nasty battery stuff which will eventually be lahnd-filled.

    It is the realization of this which will torpedo Al Gore’s gin palace. It’s all rot. Let us assume that CO2 is evil… OK, let’s do a proper audit. Let’s say you drop 18k on a new Prius. Huge amounts of energy make that carbon-friendly car (which is why it’s 50% more expensicve than a Vauxhall Corsa. D’oh!) and that means CO2. Energy efficiency is good (obviously) but one always has to bear in mind the energy used in manufacture not just the energy it will use in it’s working life. There is also the energy involved in dismantling the bastard when it has passed usefulness.

    It’s a bit like Johnnie Major’s NHS reforms. Let’s make the NHS account for every brass-tack… That will save us cash won’t it? Yes it will unless the cost of the added bureacracy is more than the savings from the added efficiency. Which it isn’t.

    I hate greens because they fail to see this. I hate ‘em because I iz evil for living in a house built in 1600AD without double-glazing (It’s class II listed, it’s not an option) and they don’t get that my carbon footprint (for what that’s worth) is smaller than the inhabitants of new-build eco-houses with fucking windmills. Climate criminal that I am I leave my PCs running overnight. Guess why? They are running Folding@Home. I may no longer be a scientist but I’m doing my bit.

    And what do I do for a living? I conserve a 400 year old building and its gardens. I also fix computers and have on many occasions dragged a machine (even an entire network) from the brink and fixed it, not land-filled it. So I’m evil because I like to holiday in Florida. Fuck. Off. I have done more for the environment (even by his own terms) in my (relatively) short life than Al Gore ever will.

    And that is why I hate the greens.

    And that is where we hit them.

  4. Leslie says:

    Nice boat!
    Considering what the man is worth, that’s a very modest craft.

  5. NickM says:

    Leslie. Considering what the man should be worth it’s a bloody Nimitz class aircraft carrier. He shouldn’t have the cash to hire a bloody rowing boat for an hour.

    In the last year UK food prices have jumped by 13.7% which is beyond any precedent and Gore’s biodiesel scam is partly to blame. I have paid for that boat but I’m not concerned about me as much as the poor sods in Mexico who are going hungry because of it or the Africans who are actually starving because of Mr Gore.

  6. CountingCats says:

    Approximately 70% of the food price rises we have seen recently are down to the insane biofuel policies that governments have mandated as a result of the baseless scaremongering information campaigns by this charlatan tireless activist.

    As a result of these policies about 100 million people have been sucked back into abject poverty – roughly one individual life fucked sideways for every dollar increase in Al’s assets since he left office and started promoting his hysterical fantasies.

    God, I hope mega corporations start suing him soon.

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