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More Chuckles

The Daily Fail didn’t quite live up to the epic treatment The Times gave of our future (look after yourself Ma’am!) King. Trust me, this is champagne idiocy

The Prince of Wales has blamed a lack of belief in the soul for the world’s environmental problems, and said that the planet cannot sustain a population expected to reach 9 billion in 40 years.

Well Chuckles, we can solve this problem one person at a time. I assume you have a set of Purdeys. Do us all the favour.

He said he found it “baffling” that so many scientists professed a faith in God yet this had little bearing on the “damaging” way science was used to exploit the natural world.

Prince Charles finds many, many things “baffling”. I believe I should not dignify such outright bollocks with an answer but I shall. I have known scientists of many specialitities and of many faiths but I have never known one who didn’t compartmentalise. What I mean is I have known Pagans, Christians and Jews who could hack Quantum Mechanics and their religious beliefs were, in that context, irrelevant.

The Prince pinned part of the blame on Galileo. Criticising the profit imperative behind much scientific research, he said: “This imbalance, where mechanistic thinking is so predominant, goes back at least to Galileo’s assertion that there is nothing in nature but quantity and motion.

That is unfiskable nonsense. That is utter twattery. That’s royalty for ya. I bet Chuckles doesn’t know what the derivative of a sine function is and yet he is holding forth like some form of cunt in ordinary and particular.

“This is the view that continues to frame the general perception of the way the world works, and how we fit within the scheme of things.”

“As a result, Nature has been completely objectified — ‘She’ has become an ‘it’ — and we are persuaded to concentrate on the material aspect of reality that fits within Galileo’s scheme.” The Prince said that he believed “green technology” alone could not resolve the world’s environmental problems. Instead, the West must do something about its “deep, inner crisis of the soul”.”

I knew an Italian law student who was barking. He was frequently chucked out of the flat by me and a burly Canadian flatmate. He once claimed to have a “magic toy shop in his head”. Clearly Carlo has sold that one to Chuckles. Same name, really.

“Crisis of the soul”… Jesus fucking wept. There is a reason we are called “natural scientists” and it is our love of nature. Science is about glorying in nature and also figuring it out by rational means. Anyway, Prince Chuckles I spent the night of my wedding in bed with my wife. The night of your first one you were shagging another man’s wife. “Crisis of the soul” – I guess you’d know. And him a brother officer in the Army and that is strictly against Queen’s Regulations and that’s your Mum that is!

Speaking at the Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies to mark its 25th anniversary, the Prince — who is patron of the centre — said that the West had been been “de-souled” by consumerism.

My wife, myself and my cat live in a reasonably spacious two bedroom house in Cheshire. Where do you live Chuckles? You utter cunt.

He said that the present approach to the environment was contrary to the teachings of all of the world’s sacred traditions. The desire for financial profit ignored the spiritual teachings.

Oh my Gods! He has gone entirely woo-woo! What a complete tit-end. There is another way of stating “financial profit”. It’s called making a fucking living and is clearly something an inbred cretin like you can’t grasp Chuckles.

“Over the years, I have pointed out again and again that our environmental problems cannot be solved simply by applying yet more and more of our brilliant green technology — important though it is.”

Is this a backhanded way of acknowledging that “green technology” doesn’t work so it’s back to the yurt lads and lasses? (last yurt I saw on telly had a sat dish anyway) Also not the “again and again”. Chuckles is getting narked that he is being treated like a quarter wit and not the Philosopher King he thinks he is. Technology, Chuckles is pretty much by definition how shit gets done. If I visit a client I have a laptop, a set of posidrives, a multimeter and a few other things (depends on the job) and not a fucking dowsing rod and a host of whirling dervishes. Inductive and deductive reasoning Chuckles is the only reason this world is not ruled by mysticism and tyranny.

Further note to Chuckles: Philosopher Kings do net tend to aspire to be tampons. I know I always bring this up but… Love makes fools of us all but you know if it has a fool to work with in the first place then it has a thousand yard start.

“It is no good just fixing the pump and not the well,” he said. Talk of an “environmental crisis” or of a “financial crisis” was actually describing “the outward consequences of a deep, inner crisis of the soul”.

Does Chuckles have the faintest grasp on reality? I think he’s melting.

Focusing on population growth, he warned of “monumental problems” as numbers rose. “It would certainly help if the acceleration slowed down, but it would also help if the world reduced its desire to consume,” he said.

Ah, the fixed wealth fallacy. From a geezer with two palaces. Magic.

You think I’m harsh on Prince Chuckles? Chuckles is a cunt-standing fucktroon of a turd-burglar. By that I mean no offence to male homosexuals at all (I tend to hold nothing against them*). I mean he simply creeps around in the dead of night and literally burgles turds. It’s a sustainable industry. Monbiot does it too – on the sly – he’s more of a felcher. If you are in the vicinity of either Highgrove or Clarence House I wouldn’t go out after dark without a firearm otherwise you could face a fate worse than death. And beware of dithering men in double-breasted jackets. They might be called Charles.

*Sarge, You can shoot me for that later. That was bloody awful.


  1. View from the Solent says:

    One can only hope that, like her mother, HM is blessed with the reinforced Methuselah gene

  2. JuliaM says:

    Good lord, that almost made me a republican! I’m really, really hoping these something to this woo woo lark after all, though, since Jeanne Dixon predicted he’d never be king….

  3. JohnRS says:

    Hear, hear. Most definitely God Save The Queen.

    Charles should really do us (and himself) a big favour and Just. Shut. Up.

    A long and healthy life to Her Majesty….and then skip a generation to William once he’s had a chance to be himself for a few more years. He’s got a gift for working well with people, has lived in the real world where the rest of us reside, and has definitely got more than one (green) braincell between his ears.

  4. DavidNcl says:

    Just another envirofascist aristo. What did you expect? His family are at the heart of the madness.

    The English Environmental Elite, Global Warming, and The Anglican Church

    (Yes I am spamming the Environmentalism is Fascism website again. Read it all. Or the fucking lights go out.

  5. Ed P says:

    Chucky is a grade A twat. I met him years ago and couldn’t help but notice he’s extremely thick. God help us (joke intended) if he ever succeeds Brenda!

  6. Stonyground says:

    He really shows an incredible lack of self awareness when he starts bashing consumerism. How much does he consume compared with just about anyone on the entire bloody planet?

  7. RAB says:

    Butlers bringeth forth
    and Footmen cleareth away
    even down to the smallest speck of toothpaste
    on my brush.

    Such is it in my Mother’s Mansions
    So shall it be in yours
    If thou but follow me
    Into the Green Kingdom…

    So spake King Twatfeatures Tampon Charles 111

  8. El Draque says:

    Only a complete idiot thinks that someone from another tradition is more “spirtual” because he wears a funny robe and a special type of hat and quotes ancient sages.

    Reminds me of a National lampoon spoof of “Dune”.
    A chapter heading read:
    “Do not underestimate the power of religion. Nothing else can make people say things in languages they don’t understand”.

  9. john in cheshire says:

    islam, the religion of peace. Or is that the religion of peas? Defender of faiths? the man’s a bloody embarassment. What does he believe in – he’s obviously not a Christian. So, he should be prevented from heading our country – I want someone who actually believes in Jesus for that role. Otherwise, what have we descended to? a muslim state – over Charles’ dead body!

  10. NickM says:

    That is brilliant.

    John in Cheshire,
    He is not a Christian. Does that matter? Not to me. What really matters to me has nothing to do with Christianity, Islam, atheism or anything else but that Chuckles doesn’t believe in anything coherent but still believes it with a passion. As to the head of state – well I don’t care if they are Christian or not. If they profess to be one then I want them to be a Christian who truly is one because I want a head of State I can believe in and one who would lie about his or her religion (Or as I suspect is the case with Chuckles is so thick he doesn’t really understand) just doesn’t cut it. It’s that simple. I make no bones about my religious beliefs (or complete lack thereof). I expect the same from everyone else. That is the currency of tolerance. That is why this country is great and why it ought to have a head of state who will profess their own faith openly.

  11. Lynne says:

    What can I say that hasn’t already been said? Other than BRAVO!

  12. I hope he pegs it before his mum does, so at least we’ll get William. He may not be Einstein, but he has to better than this twerp.

  13. steve c says:

    Don’t you guys still control St. Helena? Why not send him and his cow to tend the garden?

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  15. “Love makes fools of us all but you know if it has a fool to work with in the first place then it has a thousand yard start.”

    That was brilliant.

  16. Ric Locke says:

    From over here in Leftpondia, I used to wonder why Elizabeth didn’t abdicate and give Charles a chance at it.

    Now I reckon I know. You folks haven’t had all that much luck with monarchs called “Charles” anyway, if I remember correctly.


  17. Bod says:

    Well, abdication is pretty dishonorable.

    At a monarch’s coronation, they vow to rule wisely and justly, reward loyalty with honor etc and to abdicate is to break those vows, so it’s not quite like retiring in glory after a long and regal stint before the sail.

    And let’s face it, it’s hard to imagine the conversation with the royal advisors and not smile:

    Liz: and now, reliable chamberlain, what of my proposition that I abdicate the throne in favor of my son, the Prince of Wales?

    Flunky: Madam, to put not too fine a point on it, he is rather a cock-end, isn’t he?

    Phil the Greek: No shit, Sherlock. The boy’s a retard.

    Liz: Yes, you’re right. I’ve lived my whole life in service to my people. How could I live with myself if I imposed the jug-eared buffoon upon them as my final act as their monarch?

  18. kunde says:

    Lots of great reading here, many thanks! I had been checking on yahoo when I identified your article, I’m going to add your feed to Google Reader, I look forward to much more from you.

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