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Money, logistical support and balls

This is awesome; these guys need our support, any dollar, any penny, any cent, any shekel, dirham or euro (does the euro still exist?)

The most ambitious of the two plans has been devised by members of Israel’s NationalStudent Union, who this week announced their intention to set sail toward Turkey, in an effort to bring humanitarian aid to the “oppressed people of Turkish Kurdistan” and to members of the “Turkish Armenian minority.”


“We need three things to pull this part off,” he said.
“Money, logistical support and balls – and we’ve got the last two things covered.


“But we feel that it’s important for us to show and remind the world that Turkey is not a righteous country, but a near-rogue state, and that we, the Israeli people, are not suckers.”

Lets help them show Erdogan is not the jolly Islamic Christian Democrat type he is painted. The Turkish government are Islamist thugs, lets show them up.

When the MSM ignores this, we won’t. Or at least, I won’t.

H/T HotAir/Allahpundit


  1. Lynne says:

    Laffing! What’s sauce for the goose but without a side order of out-to-kill, fundamentalist nutjobbery…

  2. JohnRS says:

    If/when Turkish commandos kill the lot of them, somehow that will be Israel’s fault as well. You just know that’s the way it will be spun.

    One law for Israel, another completely different one for everyone else.

  3. David Gillies says:

    The temple that Samson pulled down around his ears was in Gaza. If the Israelis ever do fall into perdition, I hope they take a truly monstrous chunk of their oppressors with them.

  4. Sunfish says:

    So how can I donate? I whored some good detail overtime last week and this story is pure win!

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