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BBC again

I just watched the latest Day of the Triffids. It wasn’t just that the triffids as presented, and the science, when discussed, was nonsense, but that it really was emotional PC garbage.

The BBC really is incapable of strict rationality.


  1. Woman on a Raft says:

    Whoops, sorry – if you had said what you intended to do, I’d have told you I wasted my time at Christmast that way.

    Round here it is customary to dismiss the programme with two lines, both culled from Zulu and better than anything in the dreadful script.

    a) Triffids. Fhasands of ‘em


    b) Don’t you frow them blahddy spores at me.

  2. Woman on a Raft says:

    Christmas – shuld put glazzes on to pruf read.

  3. Kevin B says:

    Brilliant WoaR

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