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She was a Ptolemy

Some people are obsessed to the point where all rational discussion becomes impossible.

What part of Cleopatra was Greek is so difficult to understand?

Lets get it straight – Cleo (strictly Cleopatra VII) was the last of the Ptolemaic dynasty, a bunch of Hellenes who took the country over after Alexander got his and the empire split, and she spoke Greek at home. In fact, Cleopatra, as well as being the last of the Ptolemys, is reputed to be the first of them to even bother learning Egyptian.

As for the Egyptians? They were bloody North Africans you idiots, not sub Saharans. You want to know what ancient Egyptians looked like? They looked like their direct descendents, the Copts, who, funnily enough, look a lot like everyone else in Egypt today.

Just more of that ‘the Egyptians were black’ crap.


  1. Lt Ogilvie says:

    I would also say that anyone suggesting that the Divine Presence was in any sense “nubian” would have been converted to royal crocodile shit pretty damn pronto.

  2. RAB says:

    Yep, definately Greek not Nubian, with a hooter you could open bottles with, so actually no great beauty either.

    It’s sad when people play the race card immediately, without even trying to aquaint themselves with the facts of history innit?

    I suppose the sad twat will want Will Smith to play Pik Botha in the Nelson Mandela Story next, will he?

  3. Lion of Judea says:

    We should not forget the BBCs long term agenda in the
    overall scheme of universal cross racial and gender manipulation.
    Thankfully the BBC and other “One Worlders” will soon feel the
    heat of a new dawning.

    Natural Order

  4. Roue le Jour says:

    Fair point, Cleopatra was not black, but she wasn’t really an ancient Egyptian, either. She was closer in time to the space shuttle than the pyramid builders.

    If you want to know what ancient Egyptians looked like, why not just look at their art? Nefertiti look very north African to you? A bit further east, I’d say.

    You know, in a thousand years time young Muslim lads are going to be keeping their goats in the ruins of Westminster Palace, and assuring tourists that it was built by their ancestors. And then pose for a holo, 10 rupminbis.

  5. Sorry, but she was African. Egypt is in Africa, so she was an African. No ifs ands or buts.

    Just like Ian Smith. Ian Smith was a Zimbabwean. Zimbabwe is in Africa. Zimbabweans are black. If anyone ever decides to make a film about his life, or about the history of Zimbabwe in the 1960s and 1970s, failure to use a black actor to portray Ian Smith would be utterly unacceptable.


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  7. J.T. Wenting says:

    “You know, in a thousand years time young Muslim lads are going to be keeping their goats in the ruins of Westminster Palace, and assuring tourists that it was built by their ancestors.”

    Optimist. I give it 50 years, AT MOST.

  8. Paul Marks says:

    Young Mr. Brown – I can find no flaw in your logic.

    As for this whole “Black Athena” stuff (for that is where it is from) why are white “liberals” so strong on pretending non black people were black (my favourate is Charles II – because he is described in a wanted poster as “a black man” in 17th century English that meant black HAIR), yet they ignore (indeed try and edit out) many great people who actually were black.

    For example, Peter Salem (a standard feature in early to mid 19th century American history books) was not only down played later – but even a painting of him, as part of a scene at the Battle of Bunker Hill, was declared (only a few years ago) to be not of him, even though the painter at the time said it was Peter Salem.

    Black writers such as William Nell, Carter Woodson, Benjamin Quales, Joseph Wilson, Edward Johnson and Booker T. Washington are ignored now although they used to be well known (ignored apart from Booker T. Washington – who is sneared at as an Uncle Tom). And the writings of others black people, such as Frederick Douglas, are downplayed – if not totally distorted.

    I really do think it is something to do with the fact that all these black people were (in modern terms) conservatives. And the modern academic and media establisment hate conservatives – especially if they are black.

    Look at how the two leading black intellectuals of modern times, Walter Williams and Thomas Sowell, were treated. Would they have been treated this way had they been people of the left?

    Look at the way that the leading black judge of the modern age, Justice Thomas, is treated.

    Look at the way Condi Rice was treated – not “really” a black person (even though friends of this lady were burned to death by the Klan in Alabama in the 1960′s), and not “really” a women (what the f….).

    If you are black and on the left, like Barack Obama, then you are a God (almost litterally – indeed the media will talk about how they have feelings up their legs), but if you are black and you are opposed to the left you are a devil.

    The whole thing reached its ultimate absurdity when the Texas Board of Education was recently denounced as “racist” (but the united forces of the mainstream media and academia) for trying to put great black men and women (and hispanic men and women also) BACK IN to history.

    According to the left (which appears to control not just the msm – but the education system also) if a black or hispanic person happens to be conservative (or even just not a leftist) then they are a “non person” who must not be mentioned in history books, regardless of their achievements, indeed to include them is “racist”.

    When will people see the insanity in this?

  9. dfwmtx says:

    Let the historical revisionist casting begin!

    Mao Tse Tung – played by Warren Beatty (he played one Red, why not another?)
    Adolf Hitler – played by Lucy Liu (to make the snogging scenes with Eva Braun more enjoyable, because who wants to look at a short dumpy old German kissing anyone?)
    Barack Obama – played by Jackie Chan (because Jackie Chan knows whose ass to kick, and how!)
    Joshua ben Joseph (aka: Joshua ben Pantera, Jesus Christ, Inri, etc) – David Schwimmer (because when was the last time we ever saw a Jew playing Jesus?)

  10. dfwmtx says:

    On the serious side, some folks create a idealized mythical history full of greatnesss for themselves when their realistic history wasn’t so great. When your folks have been enslaved and pushed around by outsiders of different colors for over 400 years, you don’t have much realistic history to brag about, so you make up something fanciful to sound cool. The whole black Egyptian thing is part of this, I’ve seen American rednecks on occassion brag about how they have a Cherokee princess in their ancestry.

  11. Macheath says:

    There’s also a bit of historical conflation here. A while back, someone, presumably tired of the insipid watercolours in Children’s Bibles, rightly pointed out that Jesus & co were not likely to have been be blue-eyed blondes.
    The same criticism was applied to images associated with the Old Testament, and in particular to the Queen of Sheba, who would, they claimed, have been indisputably black.
    Since this was being discussed some 35 years age, some of today’s Cleo lobbyists may well have imbibed the essence rather than the entirity of the issue – ancient Queen in North Africa= Black, obviously.

  12. bella gerens says:

    Let us also not forget that the Cleopatra in question was the granddaughter of the famous Mithridates of Pontus – Pontus being on the shores of the Black Sea, not an area well known for its black population.

    And let us also also not forget that where we have descriptions of Cleopatra, she is said to have been fair-skinned and green-eyed (oh, hello, Elizabeth and Angelina!) like her Pontic mother and grandfather, and her children were also known to be fair – Caesarion, by certain accounts, was blond.

    All the complaints suggest is that the complainers know nothing of classical history.

  13. Paul Marks says:


    American Rednecks have a great history – in every war they have wildly outperformed any other American group (a look at history shows this clearly).

    Sure Rednecks are associated with low educationional achievement (although NOT low intelligence – in fact, on average, they have rather high IQ levels) and poverty – but when one considers what is taught in the education system and one considers how many well off people either work for the government (civilian Federal government employees are vastly better paid than the “private sector” people are) or in government subsidized industries (such as banking)……..

    Well then is a college degree or a comfortable income (plus pension) really some to brag about?

    As for romantic talk of a anncestor who was a Cherokee princess – well Rednecks (i.e. the Scots Irish and those who joined their culture) were the people who went out into the land (before the U.S. Army came along and made it safe for other people) they faught Indians – but, yes, they also intermarried with them.

    “Not a Princess though Paul” – most likely not, but the man who said his ancester was an Indian lady was most likely telling the truth (and most likely the lady was Cherokee).

    By the way – it puts the (endless) charge of “racism” into some persepective. All groups of people are “racist” (the way racialism is defined now – i.e. if every word is not P.C. you are a racist), but Nazi style racists would hide non Nordic ancestors – they would not “brag” about them.

    “My great grandmother was a full blood Cherokee Princess – she made Moonshine that would make the hair fall out of your nose, and could shoot the wings of a fly at 100 yards…..”

    Is not that the sort of thing we are talking about here?

    About as far from Nazi style racism or sexism (or puritan healthism) as it is possible to be.

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