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The days when we gave a toss about the sex of our leading politicians is long gone. Really, it just isn’t important any more to anyone who isn’t a complete obsessive. I just don’t care about the shape of the Australian Prime Ministers genitals, and I do wish that people like this would stop rubbing them in my face.


  1. RAB says:

    Presumably you mean the Bob Ellis piece Cats? It’s not obvious from the link.

    What an extraordinary writing style. He writes paragraph length sentences.

    Mysogynist of the old school by the look of it.

    So you’ve got a Stacey from Gavin and Stacey as Prime Minister now have you?
    Pity it’s not a Nessa. “Arrite boys, what is occuring?”

  2. Funny how a headline can grab so. ;-)

  3. CountingCats says:


    It isn’t one specific story, it is the constant harping on it on the ABC radio broadcasts, which are the only radio I listen to. Apart from BBC radio 4 that is.

  4. Angry Exile says:

    “I just don’t care about the shape of the Australian Prime Ministers genitals, and I do wish that people like this would stop rubbing them in my face.”

    Fnar fnar.

    I’ve said much the same as well. Maybe it’s because while I was growing up Mrs Thatcher was running the country at the time so that it’s Ms Gillard rather than Mr Gillard now running this country is a matter of total indifference. Yes, first PM with boobies, rah, rah, now fucking get over it. A, it’d be more meaningful, though still irrelevant in the scheme of things, if she’d won an election, and B, what’s in her head is more important than what’s in her underpants.

  5. Paul Marks says:

    Note the bias – the “experiment” (i.e. pretending there is something special about a women being PM – the implied claim being that this is a new government not responsible for all Labour’s blunders) will work if “her luck is better than Kevin’s”.

    In short any problems that the ignorant voters might have with Labout – are due to the bad LUCK (not judgement) of one person.

    Still the nonleft in Australia have only themselves to blame – just like the Conservatives in Britain.

    When in power (which you have been for long periods) you could ABOLISH ABC – an end to its propaganda (and save the taxpayers some money), but you do not because the leaders of the Liberal party (and so on) do not want a big fight – in short they are COWARDS.

    And if you allow yourself to be led by people who go along with the “public broadcasting” doctrine – then you deserve all that ABC does to you.

  6. So, too, is the days when we cared about agreement of subject and verb.

  7. RAB says:

    Well Cats, like you I couldn’t care less about a politicians gender or colour, I prefer to judge them on their policies and what’s between their ears.
    Except that is when they expect a free ride MERELY because of the colour and gender.

    Let us take Dianne Abbott for instance. Plays the race card at every turn and the feminist one whenever it suits her, but she is, in fact, a racist and a hypocrite,and a two faced tougher to boot, is she not?

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