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Trawling the net

How would you answer this question?

“Um Mom, what is a stripper and what’s a pube?”


  1. Lynne says:

    Quite simple really. A stripper is someone who preps walls for his decorator boss and people go to pubes to have a drink with friends and have fun making up punes…

  2. RAB says:

    Bugger ! Lynne beat me to it.

    Nothing for it but the anecdote then…

    Many years ago when I was poor, I was on the top deck of a bus, reading the paper and having a smoke (yes children a smoke, in a public place, shock horror!) and right in the front seat were two young ladies who had obviously had a blindingly good weekend.

    They were completely oblivious to the rest of us behind them, and were discussing in loud and graphic detail what they and their boyfriends had gotten up to, awarding points for technique, position etc.

    Well you couldn’t help but listen could you? some at the back had put their papers down and were leaning forward the better to catch the intimate details.

    It finally dawned on them of course, given the deathly hush behind them…

    ‘Ere Trina, I think all the dirty buggers on this bus are listening to us!

    Instant flurry of activity. The papers went up with a rustle that was as loud as a jet engine starting up. Those with no paper suddenly developed an inordinate interest in looking out of the window at what was on display in Boots shopfront, some even pretended to tie their shoelaces while in fact wearing slip ons.
    Red faces all round.

  3. Bod says:

    Heh. That’s the time to brazen it out and ask for a demonstration.

  4. Ryan Roberts says:

    The other way around can be even more entertaining. My Godsister (well naming ceremony sister) was raised in a similarly late 70s radical manner as myself so her parents were frank about such issues.

    While in a crowded CoE cafe on a Sunday afternoon at the age of 5 or 6 she announced that she was pregnant, that Jesus was the father and that she knew because her periods had stopped. Cue much rattling of teacups from the blue rinsers.

  5. Stonyground says:

    My approach to awkward questions from my daughter has always been an honest answer tempered toward her age and level of understanding. Even when she was quite small I would have been quite comfortable explaining that a stripper was a woman who entertains men by taking her clothes off and that pubes are the hairs that grow around this area here. people don’t seem to realise that children find the answers to such questions pretty boring until they reach sexual maturity and so once they have an answer they quickly lose interest.

    There have been rare occasions when she has asked questions that I really didn’t want to answer and I have responded that I would tell her when she is eighteen. This has of course become a running joke and my hope is that by then she will have forgotten that she ever asked or that by then she will already know the answer.

  6. El Draque says:

    Round about 1965, on daytime radio, the “Round the Horne” character Rambling Sid Rumpo did a spoof folk song that started off:
    “D’ye ken John Pubes,
    with his grosset so gay . . . ”

    I must confess, at the tender age of 14 I didn’t immediately catch on to what a pube was.
    And the other meaning for gay wasn’t widely known.

    I presume nobody else on the BBC editor staff did either. The stuff they got away with . . . .

  7. RAB says:

    Didn’t they just ED, didn’t they just!

    Hello my name’s Julian, and this is my friend Sandy…

    Oooo Bona Mr ‘orne !…

    Bona is/was a gay slang language. Kenneth Williams and Hugh Paddick knew exactly what they were doing, but the public at large missed it by a mile.

    I used to share a flat with a gay friend of mine, just him and me, back in the early 70s.I am as straight as it comes, but despite being in what was supposed to be the “Alternative society” we drew a lot of derogatory flak and innuendo from our so called Liberal minded friends.

    So just to wind them up, The Gay Buddhist (as I like to call him these days, he remains one of my best friends despite living far away in San Francisco) and I used to improvise Julian and Sandy routines, camping it up and doing the voices when we were in their company down the pub.

    Some even went to far as to move to the other bar to avoid us. It took Homophobia a bloody age to go away.

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