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Fox News, the rabid right-wing of the news media in America, who like to consider themselves the mouth piece on America’s war on Islam messed up this week by revealing that GCHQ, the top-secret U.K communications agency has been working for the Americans intercepting and translating messages and providing the locations of Mujahideen targets for American drone attacks in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

That is what GCHQ does.

Drone attacks have martyred some of the Mujahideen, mostly low ranking fighters, but have killed over 700 men, women and children that the US admit to. The figure is most likely to be far higher as we know the Americans have been hiding the numbers of civilian dead and the people in the area have alleged there have been far higher numbers of non combatants killed than the Americans and apostate Pakistani authorities admit.

Well I have to disagree with “martyred” because growing a fuck-off beard and tear-assing round the ‘stan with an AK-47 is hardly saintly in my book. More like being some form of tit if you ask me.

Though used by the Bush administration on a design developed by the Zionist Israeli Defence forces, it is under Obama, the supposed friend of Muslims that drone attacks have become a common occurance with two drone attacks just in the past week being reported in the media.

It’s about ramping up the tech. There are issues here. Drone numbers, trained pilots, satellite bandwidth…

Even when they are successful in targeting a Mujahid and they get the right target, they will do so by firing missiles from the drones into his home at night, murdering not only him, but also any women or children in the house as well as they all sleep.

Like jihadis have never resorted to random killings… Try telling that one in Madrid, London, Bali, New York, Mumbai or Beslan. Note the loaded language. If they want a gentlemanly fight then they can stop lobbing rockets at Israeli primary schools. If on the other hand they want to behave like the cunts they most clearly are then I have no compunction about the simple fact that some of us read books on science so we have stuff that would scare the very camel from under Muhammed.

Human rights lawyers are investigating whether such attacks breach international laws and they are deeply unpopular in Pakistan where most take place in the Tribal region.

Human rights lawyers? The “Tribal” region? A marriage made in heaven!

Targeted killings were criticized in a report last year by Philip Alston, a law professor at New York University, who investigated them in his role as the U.N.’s special rapporteur on extrajudicial executions.

He said under international law, targeted killings were permitted in armed conflicts when used against fighters or civilians engaged directly in combat-like activities, “but they are increasingly being used far from any battle zone,” he said.

As opposed to un-targeted killings? They’re fine aren’t they? Let’s just napalm downtown Kandahar eh? I don’t care, Mr Alston, how far these scrotes are from the battlefield I just want them to approximate to room temperature as rapidly as possible. They made this a global war and then they bitch about it. Don’t bite off more than you can chew matey. You’ve now got America, Russia, Europe, India, Australia and China on your case. Making one’s cause that unpopular is a class act all round. Oh, and large chunks of the Islamic world aren’t happy with you and there is also Israel. There is always Israel.

The Pakistani public rightly see them as evidence of the apostasy of their government and Allah says,

O you who believe! do not take the Jews and the Christians for awliyah (friends / protectors / allies); they are awliyah of each other; and whoever amongst you takes them for a friend, then surely he is one of them; surely Allah does not guide the unjust people.
Quran translation, Surah Ma’idah, 5:51

They hate us. All of us. Jews – they hate you. Christians – also hated. They hate Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists and other Muslims (Sufis in particular though they are not alone) and they hate me. I have no religious beliefs whatsoever. This is not a “crusade” for me, it’s extermination of scum that would rather like to see me dead, my wife raped and God alone knows what done to the cat. He’s a proper little trooper though and Allah preserve the eyes of anyone who gets jiggy in his direction. Unless it is his girlcat Venus from down the road.

This leak by Fox news is also unlikely to please British authorities or the staff at GCHQ who will now find themselves in the firing line and targetted for attacks and protests by Muslims angered by Britain’s help in the murder of Muslims around the world and in Pakistan and Afghanistan in particular.

Why am I not surprised. A few years ago my wife failed to get a job at GCHQ. She’s a Russian graduate and they were primarily recruiting speakers of Arabic, Farsi and Chinese. One wonders why! That’s a threat.

GCHQ is based in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire and though we certainly wouldn’t ask anyone to attack the people there, we should certainly as concerned Muslims living in the UK organise a protest and let these murdering scum know we are on to them and know what they are doing.

“These murdering scum” – that really is a threat. Have the courage of your convictions chummy. Do ask for them to be attacked you coward!

There are unfortunately some ‘Muslims’ working for GCHQ and other British intelligence services, working in translation of Taliban and other Mujahideen communications and helping target drone attacks.

If anyone knows of such individuals they should be advised to give up their haram work which is a cause of apostasy, and if they will not they should be named and shamed so all Muslims know to treat them as apostates, their spouses can be advised to leave them and take their children away and they should be boycotted by the entire community like the dogs they are.

Now that really is a threat. And to that I say, “fuck you”. What has Islam ever given us except a thousand years of violence and misery?


  1. Bill Sticker says:

    “What has Islam ever given us except a thousand years of violence and misery? “ Errr… Islam founded around 610 A.D. (CE, whatever) Fourteen hundred years violence and misery?

    That’s religions all over for you I’m afraid. They don’t like it when the peons won’t do what they’re told.

  2. RAB says:

    Where are the quotes from Nick? Any chance of a link? I like to evaluate my enemy for size of threat like.

    As to “collateral damage” if my wife knew I was a murdering fuckwit terrorist, she would be out the door with the dog (we have no kids) and all the best music in a goddam second.

    So if Johnny Jihads misses wants to hang around then that’s entirely her look out.

  3. mehere says:

    “Drone attacks have martyred some of the Mujahideen, mostly low ranking fighters”

    The writer of this piece misses the point. They are (were) Mujahideen but now they are dead. So, good news for all mankind.

    (And especially good news for women everywhere as they won’t be beating any of them again)

  4. NickM says:

    Now fixed RAB.

  5. NickM says:

    Bill,I was giving Islam the benefit of the Dark Ages Doubt, I mean my Viking, Celtic and Saxon ancestors did some pretty fucking awful things too. Way back when and all.

  6. RAB says:

    Thanks Nick. Professional looking site, same old bullshit though.

    That is what GCHQ does.

    Well quite. Anyone who doesn’t know that by now is living in a parallel universe. I dont think Fox thought twice about mentioning it.

    But if the Islamic Standard wants to organise a protest meeting outside the gates, well knock yourselves out guys. You’ll have to bus in support mind you. Not a lot of Muslims live in Cheltenham.

    And be advised if you have anthing more sinister in mind, well these chaps are now based at the Airbase my wife works out of, which is just down the road, and they are itching to kick some butt I can tell you!

  7. Dave C says:

    Please don’t forget us Canadians, Nick – we’re doing our bit too, and paying a heavier price than most.

    Interesting stats in the wiki entry – such as Canadians being 6 times more likely to be killed in the ‘stan than US troops etc.

    Cheers! All the best from The True North Strong and Free

  8. Bill Sticker says:

    Well Nick, thinking about it; religion in general is guilty of quite a lot, and possibly the majority of, human suffering. The slaughter of the Roman funerary games was formalised from their religion. As was the bloody handed human sacrifice of the Druids (Celts). Rites of the blood eagle, a particularly nasty way of killing someone invented by the Vikings. Massacre of the Gnostics and Cathars, Crusades (Both sides), Spanish Inquisition; never mind all the other various persecutions down the ages.

    That’s even before all the modern secular religions like Communism and the various types of State Socialism. Look at the body count those boyo’s racked up throughout the 20th century.

    Tell you the truth, I can’t think of a single massacre or slaughter of humanity that didn’t have it’s poisonous roots deep in some form of religious belief. Only minority sects like the Quakers, Doukhobors and Mennonites can put up relatively unbloodied hands.

  9. NickM says:

    I do not forget the Canadians.

    I don’t think we can lay the blame for everything at religion’s door unless we expand the concept of religion (as you do) to the point of almost making the term meaningless.

    It would be a fascinating historical study to try and untangle the extent to which religious wars were really fought for religious reasons or were fought and religion was only invoked to gee up the lads. Nobody has made war without claiming “Gott mit uns” but does that make that a divinely sanctioned war or just a piece of rhetoric?

    Let me give you an example. I knew some lads at secondary school who got in trouble with the police. I went to a “bog-standard comp” (to use Mr Blair’s delightful words) and just down the road was a Catholic school. “Our” lot would go down the road to fight the “Tommies” (The school was named after St Thomas Moore). I once asked them, “why?”. “Well they’re Catholics like innit.” It was pure arbitrary tribalism. I would bet my keyboard that this had nothing to do with transubstantiation or immaculate conceptions or anything of that ilk. It was just Bloods vs Crips. Any badge will do and if it’s the wrong one you will be kicked. I have seen this many times. I almost saw it at university where a twat called Chris almost incited a riot by. apropos of nothing, starting chanting at lads from Sherwood Hall of residence, “John Tanner lived at Sherwood Hall doo-dah!”. Yes, he did and he murdered his girlfriend. Basically Chris was trying to kick off a barney with the Sherwoodites versus “us” Lentonites purely because we occupied different halls of residence. Utter tribalism. and it is terrifying how quickly and how meaninglessly it can get going. Big-enders and little-enders. And I will bet you dollars to doughnuts that if you really talk to Iraqi militias then it has nothing to do with Imam Ali but a lot to do with the fact that the Sunnis or Shias are the “others”.

    Chris, who almost started a riot in Nottingham is now an accountant. The lads who fought the “tommies” are whatever (some wound up in jail) and the Iraqis are still fighting a 1400 year old feud. It is universal and pointless and about nothing but identity. And yes, I’m guilty too. I had a girlfriend at Nottingham who coxed and she once totalled a Trent Poly boat and I inwardly smiled because Trent Poly were the others. My team, Newcastle are up in the premiership this up-coming season. Do I look forward to seeing the Magpies giving the Black Cats a beating. Hell yeah! But my family largely come from County Durham and my Grandad was a Mackem. Just tribalism. It is hard to define but easy to get caught up in and it is the nearest thing I can think of as being the root of all evil.

  10. David Gillies says:

    The problem is we’ve never really gone toxic on the Mohammedans. They’ve been a festering wound in the side of civilisation since about 700 AD, but thus far we’ve done nothing other than resist them. The crusades were an utterly shambolic affair (that’s what you get when you let Frogs run the enterprise). The battle of Tours (the high-water mark for the barbarians in Europe) was 732AD. The Islamic invaders were kicked out of the Iberian peninsula in 1492. The stretch of time between 732 and 1492 is less than between 1492 and today. By the time they got their arses kicked by Charlie the Hammer, they were within 150 miles of Paris. If we’d lost Tours, the whole world would probably be infested with howling Islamic barbarism. The Mughal empire in India put paid to the lives of seventy or eighty million people. Treasure troves of cultural resources were so thoroughly effaced that we can only infer their existence. This is human misery on a scale that not even Mao or Stalin could match.

    One day, they will overreach themselves, and then they will eat mushrooms.

  11. Paul Marks says:

    No one at Fox News is interested in a “war with Islam” – let alone considers Fox News the “mouth piece” of such a war.

    A report that starts off with a blatent lie (Fox News interested in making war “on Islam”) must be considered unreliable.

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