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Hitler – The Christian

Right that has hurled the kitten amongst the spuggies…

People often make the claim that Adolph Hitler adhered to Atheism, Humanism or some ancient Nordic pagan mythology. None of these fanciful and wrong ideas hold. Although one of Hitler’s henchmen, Alfred Rosenberg, did undertake a campaign of Nordic mythological propaganda, Hitler and most of his henchmen did not believe in it .

[The whole issue of religion and the NAZIs is a tricky one mainly because they believed all manner of crazy stuff]

Many American books, television documentaries, and Sunday sermons that preach of Hitler’s “evil” have eliminated Hitler’s god for their Christian audiences, but one only has to read from his own writings to appreciate that Hitler’s God equals the same God of the Christian Bible [The same God as Maximilian Kolbe perhaps?]. Hitler held many hysterical beliefs [To put it mildly] which not only include, God and Providence but also Fate, Social Darwinism, and ideological politics [That mix isn't Christianity]. He spoke, unashamedly, about God, fanaticism, idealism, dogma, and the power of propaganda [Yeah, mentalists do have a tendency to speak on such matters]. Hitler held strong faith in all his convictions [You can't fault him on wavering]. He justified his fight for the German people and against Jews by using Godly and Biblical reasoning. Indeed, one of his most revealing statements makes this quite clear [Or the one you chose]:

“Hence today I believe that I am acting in accordance with the will of the Almighty Creator: by defending myself against the Jew, I am fighting for the work of the Lord.”

[But... Correct me if I am wrong. Christ was God incarnated in the form of a Jew. I mean there is a feast of the circumcision, right?]

Although Hitler did not practice religion in a churchly sense [point noted], he certainly believed in the Bible’s God. Raised as Catholic he went to a monastery school and, interestingly, walked everyday past a stone arch which was carved the monastery’s coat of arms which included a swastika. As a young boy, Hitler’s most ardent goal was to become a priest [As a young boy I wanted to be an RAF fighter pilot - I am rather good at flying kites, mind]. Much of his philosophy came from the Bible, and more influentially, from the Christian Social movement. (The German Christian Social movement, remarkably, resembles the Christian Right movement in America today.) [Bingo! - Christian socialism is socialism falsely bearing the banner of Christ] Many have questioned Hitler’s stand on Christianity [to put it mildly]. Although he fought against certain Catholic priests who opposed him for political reasons [or because he was evil], his belief in God and country never left him. Many Christians throughout history have opposed Christian priests for various reasons; this does not necessarily make one against one’s own Christian beliefs. Nor did the Vatican’s Pope & bishops ever disown him; in fact they blessed him! As evidence to his claimed Christianity, he said:

“My feelings as a Christian points me to my Lord and Saviour as a fighter. It points me to the man who once in loneliness, surrounded by a few followers, recognized these Jews for what they were and summoned men to fight against them and who, God’s truth! was greatest not as a sufferer but as a fighter. In boundless love as a Christian and as a man I read through the passage which tells us how the Lord at last rose in His might and seized the scourge to drive out of the Temple the brood of vipers and adders. How terrific was His fight for the world against the Jewish poison. To-day, after two thousand years, with deepest emotion I recognize more profoundly than ever before the fact that it was for this that He had to shed His blood upon the Cross. As a Christian I have no duty to allow myself to be cheated, but I have the duty to be a fighter for truth and justice… And if there is anything which could demonstrate that we are acting rightly it is the distress that daily grows. For as a Christian I have also a duty to my own people.”

-Adolf Hitler, in a speech on 12 April 1922 (Norman H. Baynes, ed. The Speeches of Adolf Hitler, April 1922-August 1939, Vol. 1 of 2, pp. 19-20, Oxford University Press, 1942)

[Now I don't wanna spoil the party but wasn't Jesus Christ actually Jewish? I mean born in Bethlehem and circumcised and speaking Aramaic, you know the whole nine-yards. I know there are some bizarre "work-arounds" involving Christ as the son of a Roman soldier of Germanic ancestry but...]

Hitler’s anti-Semitism grew out of his Christian education. Christian Austria and Germany in his time took for granted the belief that Jews held an inferior status to Aryan Christians. Jewish hatred did not spring from Hitler, it came from the preaching of Catholic priests and Protestant ministers throughout Germany for hundreds of years. The Protestant leader, Martin Luther, himself, held a livid hatred for Jews and their Jewish religion. In his book, “On the Jews and their Lies,” Luther set the standard for Jewish hatred in Protestant Germany up until World War II. Hitler expressed a great admiration for Martin Luther.

[Probably in a political sense. That's my guess.]

Hitler did not have to parade his belief in God, as so many American Christians do now [And they have what to with it?]. Nor did he have to justify his Godly belief against an Atheist movement. He took his beliefs for granted just as most Germans did at that time. His thrust aimed at politics, not religion. But through his political and religious reasoning he established in 1933, a German Reich Christian Church, uniting the Protestant churches to instill faith in a national German Christianity.

[Again that's political. Hitler used Christianity. Hitler used it because it was handy. Hitler used it because such a well established religion is intrinsically conservative. In 1996 I saw the exhibition down at the Haywood Gallery on "Art and Power" - the NAZI stuff was all naked blonde Valkyries - it was route one but very conservative - titillating but not actually sexy. There was a picture of the "perfect German family" and the girl was playing with dollies having kids and the boy with soldiers - that's propaganda laid on with a shovel.]

Future generations should remember that Adolph Hitler could not have come into power without the support of the Protestant and Catholic churches and the German Christian populace.

The following quotes provides some of Hitler’s expressions of his belief in religion, faith, fanaticism, Providence, and even a few of his paraphrasing of the Bible. It by no means represents the totality of Hitler’s concerns. To realize the full context of these quotes, I implore the reader to study Mein Kampf.

The purpose of this text intends to dispute the claims made by Christians that Hitler “was an atheist,” or “anti-religious,” and to reveal the dangers of belief-systems. This text in no way attempts to give endorsement to anti-Semitism.

You can catch the quotes here. Yeah, I have read Mein Kampf and found it a load of drivel. Personally I find it impossible to believe that Hitler was any form of Christian or indeed religious in any meaningful sense of the word. Did he believe in stuff? Yes. Evil stuff and stuff that Christ (or Guru Nanak, or The Buddha etc…) himself would have hated. I mean why would a Jew really have felt the extermination of the entire Jewish race (presumably including himself) was a good thing? Christ of course might not have been Jewish but that’s as likely as me being Iggle-piggle.


  1. Kevin B says:

    “No way Hitler was one of us!”
    “Was too!”
    “Was not!”
    “Was too!”
    “Was not!”

    Boys, boys, Hitler was human. Some humans are evil shits. Evil shits who seek power over the rest of us and demand obeisance from us. Any God worth his salt would disown these magalomaniacs for lese majestie at least, as well as countless other sins. (Except perhaps Allah who seems ok with any old Imam taking his name in vain.)

    The fact is human psychopaths like Hitler or Stalin or Mao or Pol Pot don’t need God on their side, but if it helps to pull in the rubes, well fine. The evil bastards among us believe only in themselves and in their own infallability. You don’t think one of these cunts would share anything with a mere god, do you?

  2. John B says:

    Depends what you mean by Hitler being a “Christian”. Misleading at best.
    Point is, Nick, the devil also believes in God, and trembles.
    And yes, Jesus was/is a Jew, was at one with the Jewish God. He did not come to take one bit of that away but to complete the bridge back to God.
    Point is that we got separated from God by denying reality (sin without the smell.)
    Jesus is God who took on humanity (the separated state.)
    He died in that separation, but being God, and not having denied reality at any point (the closest was: My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me) sin/separation could not prevail.
    He bridged the gap between the separated and their God.
    Anyone who takes that Bridge can come into perfect harmony with God.
    Did Hitler believe that? Who knows. But I doubt it or he would not have behaved the way he did.
    Perhaps Hitler got a bad press? Entirely possible.
    But something was obviously very evil in the National Socialist camp.

  3. RAB says:

    Never in the history of Mankind, has so much been written, about so few, by so many.

    Hitler and the Nazis I mean. It seems there are five books a week released on the subject. Consequently objective truth went out the window years ago.

    Was Hitler a Christian? Was he a believer? It doesn’t really matter does it? The only thing he really believed in was himself and his destiny. Whatever he took from Christianity was used as a means to his own ends, not the one Christ had in mind. Hence exterminate the Jews because they were Christ killers! when all he was really after was steal their money and use them as a convenient scapegoat.

    It has to be said that all the real badasses of History were what we experts call “Nutters”. We dont need to get into Feudian or Jungian definitions here, it is plain as the nose on your face that the whole pack of them, Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Pol Pot and on to Kim Il, were either Psychopaths or Sociopaths, or both. The only human beings they had any feeling or love for was the one staring back at them in the bathroom mirror of a morning. The rest of us can go to hell, and did!

    I dont believe they even believed in their various Isms, it was all a means to an end to their self satisfaction and glorification, hence the personality Cults of a previous thread.

  4. Simon says:

    If there is a God then Hitler has already answered for his crimes – assuming God isn’t a Jew hater as well. If there isn’t then its all a bit academic as he’s still dead and there’s nothing more we can do.

  5. NickM says:

    You make a lot of sense to me.

    So do you. But Hitler was a vegetarian (he wasn’t) but my wife is and my wife despite her many accomplishments never invaded Russia, RAB, you got SKY. The NAZIS are never off SKY. It is a wonder Mr Griffin ever gets out.

  6. RAB says:

    Oh and let joy be unconfined, Oliver Stone is making a documentary on Hitler.

    Guess whose fault it was? Yep you knew it didn’t ya? Ours. The US and Britain and France lent him the money!

    But thats how international finance works Ollie old son, you know like where you get the spondoolicks to make your crappy movies.

    Let’s face it pre 1939 Hitler had massive support in Germany and looked to be turning the country round big time from the basket case it was after WW1. Germany certainly did look to be a sound investment.

    He’s doing this apparently to help Obama understand the current state of America. The series is going to be 10 hours long!

    Look Ollie love, couldn’t you cut it down to 30 minutes and pop it on a DVD and Courier it round to him in private? Why the fuck do the rest of us have to suffer?

  7. Paul Marks says:

    The claim that Hitler was a Chistian is NOT TRUE.

    Hitler’s speeches certainly do NOT reflect his private opinions – see his converstations, letters and so on (any decent biography of Hitler will show you that).

    As for the anti Christian philosophy of the National Socialist movement – see Michael Burleigh’s “Sacred Causes” (Harper Collins 2006).

    As for Oliver Stone – German big business (and American big business).

    Old lies refuted by Turner (“German Big Business and the rise of Hitler”) many years ago.

    As for American business – we can expect the old lies about Prescott Bush (whose Progressive poltics were not to my taste but who had NOTHING to do with the Nazis). And General Motors.

    Actually Turner’s last book was about the struggle for Opel – how the Nazis robbed General Motors of control of the company it formally owned.

    On Nazi economic policy generally:

    See Ludwig Von Mises “Omnipotent Government” and F.A. Hayek’s “Road to Serfdom”.

    The Marxist movement keeps comming back – and telling the same lies, its iron grip on education leads to it keep comming back stronger than ever.

    Otherwise Oliver Stone would be making home movies (promoted by nobody – and watched only by himself and girlfriend).

    And Barack Obama would be selling drugs in Hawaii (like his mentor in Marxism Frank Marshall Davis) trying to get the young chicks high as a kite, so he could have his way with them.

    Bad yes – but not as bad as having the person as President of the United States.

    Want to defeat the Marxist movement, not for a little while – but for keeps?

    Then get rid of the state funding of education (at school or university level) – sure there would still be some Marxist influence in some private schools. But nothing like the stranglehold they have now (especially as many people would homeschool – as both parents would not have to go out to work to pay the absurdly high taxes we have).

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