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Extreme Porn Revisited

From The Register:

Back to Ben Westwood. He has put together a book titled Fuck Fashion. He believes that this is going to fall foul of the oncoming law on extreme porn – and he is livid. Of Jack Straw and “Wacky” Jacqui Smith, he adds: “They are trying to dismantle our basic human rights. We cannot just sit here and take this. We cannot just lie back and watch this ludicrous Act slip in the back door.”

Via the back door eh? They don’t like it up ‘em! Ben Westwood is a fashion designer whose mother you have probably heard of. Basically the law on extreme and violent pornography bans an awful lot of porn and erotica. Essentially, unless it’s Harriet Harman reclining on a bed of rose-petals and showing pink (sorry) it’s illegal. Or Hazel Blears being winsome in a see-through nightie (really sorry) you’re going to jail. Anything which is deemed “pornographic” and includes “extreme” (they don’t define – they are looking for a test case) or (violent – ditto) imagery will be illegal. So porn is OK but violent or extreme porn isn’t. Except there isn’t a proper definition. Rape “fantasy stuff” will definitely be deep-sixed even if everyone involved knew it was a fantasy and the john buying it knew as well. Knowing it’s made-up is no excuse because truth and fantasy are now conjoined twins.

It’s like the kiddie porn stuff. It’s now illegal to simulate kiddie porn whether through Photoshop, CGI or sticking photocopied images together. There is a case against kiddie porn and a strong one. The real thing involves the actual abuse of children. The simulated form involves the abuse of Adobe Software. They are going to do the same thing with adult porn and the fact that from cameraman (frequently it’s women these days – so go fuck yourself Clare Short because no one else will) to fluffer they are all going to jail despite the fact that as consenting adults they had an amicable cup of tea together after the shoot.

Back to the porn. There is a website you know which is organising a protest about this. I feel very strongly about this. I don’t feel strongly about it because I care about piccies of women in the nip though I do (they’re not gonna be banned anyway). I feel strongly because this is a de facto ban on all BDSM imagery (and much else). It is a de facto criminalization of about 10% of the adult population of the UK (those into BDSM). And we’re not talking drug-dealers or kiddie-fiddlers or anything like that here. We are talking about putting consenting adults on the Sex Offenders Register (aka destroying their lives forever).

That’s bad right? Hell, yes it is! But it isn’t that bad. It isn’t like they said, “You say another word contra-Islam and you’re in fucking Strangeways* me old china.” Except it is. They are coming for pornographers first. You don’t care because you probably think that it’s obscene and nasty. We stand and we defend this trench because yours is next mate.

Anyway, it would appear Dita Von Teese is defending this one and I’m first in the line behind her, taking her [censored].

I want my barbaric yawp to sound to Alderley Edge. These cunts have taken our money. They have told us what healthcare to get, they have told my vegetarian wife (at her own expense) to eat her greens, they have taken over education and now they’re telling us what we can and can’t get turned on by? Possibly because a YouGov survey showed the majority of adult males were put on the slack by an image of Jacqui Smith doing a Marilyn (I am really sorry).

They correlate pornography with sexual violence. I correlate their attitude to it with the fact they’re an unspeakably ugly bunch of fuckers. And they are. Ever wanked yourself to sleep over a picture of Hazel Blears? I think not. If you have please report to the extermination camp because frankly it will be a mercy for all concerned.

And Nick is on the fucking warpath over it.

H/T Rob Fisher.

*You have to see it. Those Victorians knew how to make a jail look scary as hell.


  1. RobtE says:

    BDSM? I’m guessing Bondage – ? – Sado-Masochism. So what’s the D for?

    Oh, and while we’re at it, in a few posts here and at Samizdata you’ve used the term “potless”. Is this an allusion to a phrase my grandfather used, “so poor they haven’t a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out”?

    Jeez, the things we learn on the interweb.

  2. NickM says:

    D for “discipline” young man! Now assume the position!

    “Potless”. Yes you’re granddad was right. I got that phrase from my Grandma (Durham, England) and was mightily surprised to hear it from the lips of my ex’s grandma, (Boca Raton, FL). I have no idea where it comes from. I’d really like to know because both of them used in exactly the same sense. Not only that but both used it in the limited sense “potless” and didn’t add the window except sometimes they did.

    Paging Sarah Etc!

    Anyhoo. My Gran used to say “As quick as Jackie Robinson” and it was upon a bus in Atlanta where I learned who the hell Jackie Robinson was. He was the first black ML baseball player. I know I speak a mix of UK and US English. So did my Gran. Bear in mind she was of the first generation to witness the talkies. Much ink is spilt over the issue of the Americanization of English and about how this is a new and nasty thing. My Gran was using Americanisms well before I was born. The cultural exchange goes back much further than we think and it is much more two-way.

    I love it. I love speaking a global language. Both me and my Kitty Kounting Kompadre speak mutually intellible English (I think). Do we have an issue. Hell yeah (and it isn’t Brisbane vs. Cheshire)! We’ve both lived in London but he lived sarf of the river. Dear God, Cats have some respect! Sarf of the river for the sake of the living fuck!

    I guess though that what both me and Cats are yearning for is our own Tanelorn and that is always London. Always and forever.

    Anyway, I love English so much I mangle it daily.

  3. james says:

    this site might interest you –

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