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Catholic Priorities

Well we all know about the cover-ups of sexual abuse over decades we thought it couldn’t get any worse…

But wait it does. It would appear the Catholic church is happy to collude with the British government to cover-up terrorist priests.

Oh, well, at least on his up-coming visit you won’t be able to take a vuvuzela to the Pope’s masses in Britain.

I guess one out of three ain’t too bad!

I’m almost hoping Ian Paisley turns up with his vuvuzela although that would shatter glass over a wider area than a suitcase nuke.


  1. “I’m almost hoping Ian Paisley turns up with his vuvuzela…”

    Ian Paisley is his own vuvuzela, only less easy on the ear…

  2. Sam Duncan says:

    I liked DJ’s comment. Says it all.

    “…for years the left in general, and the BBC in particular, depicted Ulster Unionists as crazed bigots with some wacky, irrational fear of Irish Catholicism. Now we know the truth: the Catholic Church in Ireland was exactly what the Unionists said it was. True, the bowler hat thing is kind of weird, and the Pope probably isn’t the Anti-Christ after all, but objecting to being ruled by people who think True Christianity means murder and ethnic cleansing, well, that used to be what the Left claimed to stand for.”

    Hence why I, living in a city only a few miles across the water, where the tensions that caused the Troubles are as apparent as they are in Ulster itself, wasn’t the least surprised when the Left took up the Islamist cause. I wouldn’t have predicted it in advance, no, but shocked? Bewildered? Not at all. A Left that supports “religious” oppression while pretending it isn’t there and claiming the fault is entirely ours is the Left I grew up with.

    Of course, the libertarian lesson from all this is you can’t trust any government. Even one you think is on your side.

  3. Paul Marks says:

    The left (with a few honourable exceptions) are indeed in a de facto alliance with Islam against the West.

    And the IRA thing was also part of the left – remember for all the romantic talk of ancient Ireland young priests only commonly started getting involved with the IRA in the 1960′s and it was part of a much wider movement.

    Liberation Theology – the IRA (both Official and Provisional) was Marxist, just as the Latin American groups were and are (and the United States groups are also).

    When a much slandered and libeled Pope died in 1958 the basic discipline structure of the Roman Catholic Church starte to be destroyed. There had always been abuses (sexual as well as political) but there had been organized structures in the Church to fight them – that is what was destroyed by Vatican Two and the rest of it. “Tolerance” spread in the Church – but they never clearly explained that it was tolerance (i.e. covering up) of evil.

    Actually the present Pope (another much slandered and libeled man) is the first Pope since Pius XI to actively try and oppose the corruption.

    It is no accident that the media (and the universities and so on) tended to treat the Popes who did nothing, to root out evil within the Roman Catholic church, with respect (indeed affection) – and treated the Popes who tried to oppose what is going on, with utter hatred.

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