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Pat on the Mosque

Do they have a right to build it?

Of course they do.

Is it a deliberate act of bad faith, a provocation and an insult?

Just consider its original name, The Cordoba House Mosque; of course it is.

Cordoba? Well, losing Iberia is one of Osama’s pet whinges, reconquering it one of his pet objectives, as it must be to all devout Muslims.

But, that’s Islam for you.

Anyway, here’s Pat. Still not funny, but blunt and passionate.


  1. john in cheshire says:

    To feed their own beliefs back to them, if muslims didn’t exist the world would be a much better place to live.

  2. El Draque says:

    I went to the mosque at Cordoba a few years ago. Yes, there were churches and synagogues in the area too. All got on well, but only in my opinion because one culture was undisputed top dog and everyone knew not to challenge it.

    The mosque at Cordoba is stunningly beautiful, as is Moorish architecture in general; there are over 900 pillars and linking archways, with beautiful carvings.

    In the middle of the mosque is a Catholic cathedral. That too, is amazing art. But 200 of the pillars of the mosque were removed to make space for it.

    And I agree, the people sponsoring the Ground Zero mosque know perfectly well why they call it the Cordoba centre.

  3. NickM says:

    I think the Catholic cathedral in the Great Mosque of Cordoba was vandalism. I’m fairly sure the king who ordered it – when he saw what he had wrought – wept or something.

    “And I agree, the people sponsoring the Ground Zero mosque know perfectly well why they call it the Cordoba centre.”

    I agree with that. The name is either bizarre or deliberate and no one builds thirteen storey buildings on a whim.

  4. RAB says:

    Well Pat pretty much covered it.

    Have they the right to build it? Certainly. Have they the wisdom and sensitivity not to? Absolutely not.

    This is a blatent triumphalist two fingers to the whole of the USA, not just New York.

    Just to show how far up their arses the Democrat Elite have their heads, they have bought the gent behind it’s book, and are now handing it out as words of moderate wisdom. They have also sent him out and about as an Ambassador for tolerance and moderation. A man who supports Hamas and thinks America has only itself to blame for 9/11. Some fuckin moderate.

    Well he can raise the money, Saudi or Iranian, or both natch, but can he get it built?
    The cats in the hard hats, with the cranes and the Irish Tumble dryers may have something to say about that. Like boycotting it.

    Incidently, I read the other week that a Roman Catholic church which was badly damaged by the 9/11 attacked, and is on the same block as the proposed Cordoba Mosque, was REFUSED permission to rebuild.
    Go figure.

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