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Homo Heroes

I have a leaflet from the LGF (Lesbian and Gay Foundation) in front of me that I picked up at Piccadilly Station in Manchester yesterday. They were being distributed by British Transport Police because it’s Manchester Pride weekend. It is entitled “Homo Heroes” and asks people to vote for their erm… homo hero. It briefly profiles the current “top pollers” and lists the rest of the nominees. They are to quote Huck Finn “all too various” (I thought of calling them a “rum collection of buggers” but that’s a cheap shot even for me). Any list that allows you to choose between voting for Alexander the Great or Christopher Biggins is truly bizarre.

Anyway, of the current front-runners these three caught my attention…

1. Alan Turing. Both Cats and I have recently posted on science and gender or racial identity recently. I suppose sexual orientation can be chucked into the mix as far as the game of “Great Scientists Identity Politics Poker” is concerned. Turing was treated abysmally because of his sexual desires but I think he’d be surprised to now be seen almost more as a gay icon than a towering figure in mathematics, cryptanalysis and computation. Turing was no crusader or martyr – just very unlucky and rather naive. If he had returned to Cambridge after the war rather than take-up a readership at Manchester his homosexuality would have gone completely unnoticed. Manchester of course was building a computer (arguably the first complete one) – how could Turing say no to that? I guess this spells out one of the dangers of identity politics – it can become very easy to see the identity and not the achievement. In the case of Turing, “A great man being hounded to suicide for his sexual orientation” is an easier meme to metabolize than sitting down and reading his stuff on the Entscheidungsproblem.

2. Lindsay Lohan. From the sublime to the ridiculous. Apparently Ms Lohan has a girlfriend. Yeah. Right. Whatever. She’s also famous for something or other.

3. Tony Blair. Yes, Dear reader, you read that right. Apparently Blair is sitting pretty in this poll (more votes than Peter Tatchell!) Ye Gods upon Olympus! Yes, that Tony Blair. OK, his government equalised the age of consent but, but, but… Any conceivable government would have done the same thing at the time (correct me if I’m wrong here) this was because the differing ages of consent for homosexual and heterosexual sex were in contravention of various Euro “thingies”. Blair getting credit for what was essentially a fait accompli is very Tony. Moreover that was just one thing his government did over all those years. Has the gay “community” completely lost it’s senses? He did other things too you know – things that have had a negative impact on everyone in this country whether gay, straight or whatever. One swallow does not make a spring and all that. At least Lord Mandelson isn’t on the list. I suppose because to qualify to as a potential “Homo Hero” you at least have to be “Homo” in the sense of belonging to the same genus as the rest of us and that can hardly be said of Mandy. I never fussed too much over Mandelson liking boys as much as him eating flies that he caught with his prehensile tongue when no one else was looking.


  1. CountingCats says:

    Who’s Lindsay Lohan?

  2. Kinuachdrach says:

    Am I the only one who is bored by homosexuals? Woops! That didn’t come out right, as the actress said to the bishop.

    Honestly, if buggery is a person’s thing — fine! But why keep shoving it down our throats? Damn! That’s still not coming out right.

    There is something vaguely threatening about authority figures like police officers handing out flyers promoting a type of sexual behavior that is closely associated with the supposedly killer disease of AIDS — as well as being repugnant to our sainted Muslim brothers. I wonder what would happen if someone told said police officers to go screw themselves. (Hey! They’re the ones promoting homosexuality!).

  3. NickM says:


    Well, as to the BTP handing out flyers… I have an alternative view. First I fail to see how it’s their job. Secondly, I watched the Pride parade and it was fun and all that but it was also a lot of people crowded together on what was also a busy shopping afternoon in Manchester. Quite a lot of those people are “evil sodomites”, quite a few were in fancy dress… Islamic terrorists missed a trick there. Especially as we had BTP handing out leaflets at the time. It was extremely good-natured and there was no hassles at all. Far be it from me to suggest targets to the slaves of Allah but it would have been a soft target with the opportunity for say 3-4+ suicide bombers disguised in carnival gear to cause total carnage amongst not just ordinary kuffaar but gays. Note: also there were some high profile targets such as Ian McKellen and (I’m fairly sure) David Milliband. Oh, and about half the cast of Coronation Street not that that would be a great loss to humanity but…

    Anyway, if you’re shoving buggery down someone’s throat then that displays a pitiful grasp of basic human anatomy :-)

  4. Dave H. says:

    I’d just like to congratulate the BTP for the successful elimination of crime in Manchester.

    And well done to them again for finding alternative work for all the officers now that their previous function has become superfluous.

  5. RAB says:

    Yes I was wondering why the MRP were doing this too. Surely there are enough civilian gays to do the job?

    And Manchester Pride? No mention of the G word? That’s pretty Gay in itself isn’t it!

    The Islamic terrorists were a bit busy this weekend Nick. Defending their Homeland, Bradford.

  6. JuliaM says:

    You mean, Crispin didn’t make the lost? Or – schss! You know who!

  7. NickM says:

    It’s LGBT pride and the “T” means a lot of different things these days. The transsexuals in the parade were met with a deafening hush which is a shame. Reminded me of the US Civil Rights movement. The Jews also had a rough time and then were thrown under the bus by certain “black” “activists”. Actually reminds me of a very small but extremely vocal branch of male homosexuals who are utterly misogynistic. Or vice-versa with the rad-fem separatist lesbians. Real “People’s Front of Judea” stuff.

    You’d best explain please – I lost ya there!

  8. Philip Scott Thomas says:

    Nick –

    I take it you don’t follow Guido Fawkes’s blog. He’s been dropping thinly veiled hints this week. Today he more or less came out (sorry) with it. That’s what Julia was you-know-whoing about.

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