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Baby, it’s cold out there

From an excellent article in the Daily Bayonet on the climate change hysterics failures so far, and their tendency to blame everyone bar themselves:

Greens outspent skeptics, they had the ear of the political class, effectively demonized and even silenced opponentsand still it was not enough to convince the world that anything was wrong with the weather. It’s hard to think of any movement in history that enjoyed the funding, support and momentum that the greens once had and yet achieved so little.

Now the momentum is gone, shattered by the revelations that climate science is little more than guesswork and bad statistical analysis. Celebrities are moving on to other, more fashionable causes and soon the only people left to rail against skeptics will be the ones with reputations or fortunes so heavily vested in their global warming theory that they can never retreat.

Admittedly, that final bit doesn’t apply right now to Europe, the EU and its subsidiary governments seem to have been captured outright by the hysterics, and Australia may follow soon, but I suspect that will be their final victory, the high tide of their influence. Hell, even without an emissions trading scheme and home grown carbon pricing Australian electricity prices are due to double over the next half decade as a result of the renewable energy scam mandates.

Amazing isn’t it, how the ‘left’ are so desperate to push their supporters into unemployment and poverty. Thing is, those supporters are getting to know it.

Anyway, the BRIC states, South America? Asia? You think they are doing more than mouthing platitudes? Now that the USA can be counted on to do nothing more than token gestures you think even the more gullible bits of the West will keep the whole thing going? In the face of the rest of the world laughing at them? Jesus Christ, it’s nearly a decade since we saw the last hint of warming; they just can’t keep up the charade much longer.

Take heart people, sanity isn’t dominating the airwaves yet, but it’s still winning.


  1. RAB says:

    Well well, the IPCC has come in for a spanking, and one from a member of the motley CRU no less!

    Yet Wanky Moon of the UN continues to insist that the details that they got wrong were minor. Yep “minor” details like the Himilayan glaciers all gone by 2025 and the sea levels rising by 20 feet!

    The rest is Sound! Sound I tell you! The report is 3000 pages long, how can it be wrong?

    Still at least this quote is finally admitting that AGW has as much to do with Politics as it has to do with Science.

    “The IPCC’s approach of seeking consensus obscures and constricts both scientific and wider social debates about both knowledge-driven and value-driven uncertainties that surround climate change politics.”

  2. Stonyground says:

    I have been sceptical about at least the most apocalyptic predictions made by advocates of AGW for some time. To me the good part is that one side or the other is likely to be vindicated within my lifetime, unexpected sudden death permitting. Last year’s cold winter was interesting but I think that caution is required, one cold winter on its own is not enough for sceptics to claim victory. The next ten years will certainly be interesting.

  3. Kinuachdrach says:

    Stonyground — you are being awfully optimistic.

    Club of Rome study from 4 decades ago has been throughly disproven by events. Anything Ehrlich ever wrote has been thoroughly disproven by events. The 1990s idea that AIDS was going to explode out of homosexuals into the ordinary population and eliminate an entire generation has been thoroughly disproven by events.

    Yet the IPCC can spin its current line of unscientific bull with no complaints. And when said line of bull is indisputably disproven by events, anthropogenic global warming will be added to the long list of topics not suitable for discussion on the BBC.

    By that time, the Beautiful People will be worried about something else — heavy metal poisoning from electric car batteries, or schizophrenia induced by rotating windmill blades. The precise problem does not matter; the solution will be surrendering more freedoms to our All-Knowing Overlords and paying more taxes. That seems to be the solution to all problems.

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