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Disestablish Islam

Jesus, they are pushing us into it.

Six men in England have been arrested after two Qur’ans were burned and video of the Sept. 11 act was posted online.

Four men were arrested Wednesday and two men had been arrested Sept. 15 on "suspicion of stirring racial hatred," a Northumbria police press release said.


Police and Gateshead council issued a joint statement about the burning, saying it is not how most people in the town feel or act.

"The kind of behaviour displayed in this video is not at all representative of our community as a whole. Our community is one of mutual respect and we continue to work together with community leaders, residents and people of all faiths and beliefs to maintain good community relations," the statement said.

Arrested for what?

Look, we all know that (a tiny minority of extremists in) the Islamic community will go apeshit and get all punchy, hitty and burney, but so what? If that happens come down hard on the punchy hitty and burney types, not the free men going about their lawful business.

Whether I support or condemn the burning of a book is of no consequence, I sure as hell know we got a goddam right to incinerate any bloody book we wish. And the police, if they are doing their job, will bloody well protect us.

Who the fuck do these coppers think they are? And, as has been asked time and time again, what race is Islam?

Mutual respect? What bloody mutual respect? These people despise my most deeply cherished beliefs and are trampling them in the mud.

They regard my beliefs with contempt, so fine, until they change their attitude the feeling is mutual.


  1. Lynne says:

    So, posting footage of islamic terrorism on the web that has seen globally on TV and other media for almost ten years is now considered a hate crime?

    What a bunch fucking retards…

  2. bgc says:

    I take it that this is the same British police who (as far as I can recall) did nothing and arrested nobody when various British muslims were publicly calling for Rushdie to be murdered.

    “Police and Gateshead council issued a joint statement about the burning, saying it is not how most people in the town feel or act.”

    Why don’t they just take out ads telling the jihadists that they have won? Even a jellyfish would be ashamed to be this spineless.

  3. john in cheshire says:

    The sooner there are elected heads of the local police the better. Maybe then they’ll change from being defenders of the lawbreakers and become accountable defenders of the local populace who actually pay their wages. Unless, of course, there is a covert plan to convert all police officers to islam, in which case we are truly stuffed as a nation. And the only recourse for the indigenous peoples will be armed struggle. It worked for the criminals in Northern Ireland. So, we know it works as a policy.

  4. JuliaM says:

    The first anyone heard about this was when they were arrested. There’s been no outcry in the news about the video, no ‘Daily Fail’ shock-horror expose of YouTube, no Twittermob demanding ‘something must be done!’.

    So, just who is it who is doing the inciting here?

    Seems to me it’s the police!

  5. Antisthenes says:

    Burning books as a statement is not helpful it is redolent of bygone times when the Christian church burnt books when they considered them heretical. We do not condone those acts today and no more should we condone them when it is done now. As a democracy we do ourselves a disservice by acting in this most undemocratic way (we do not like the message so we shall suppress it). Stand up to Islam yes but not in a bigoted way, Muslims believe in the teaching of the Koran in much the same way as Christians believe in the teachings of the bible and atheists like me believe in the teachings of Darwin and Stephen Hawkin. All those different beliefs should be respected and tolerated and that is the message that should be sent loud and clear to all Muslims and anyone else. Another message that we should send is that we are prepared to be tolerant, however if you are not we will resist that intolerance with every means at our disposal. To those who propose appeasement and turning the other cheek, stop it, that is ineffectual and will end in total capitulation.

  6. JuliaM says:

    “I take it that this is the same British police who (as far as I can recall) did nothing and arrested nobody when various British muslims were publicly calling for Rushdie to be murdered.”

    Not quite the same police force…sorry, the one that investigated Channel 4 for the same offence and were promptly slapped down – hard – and had to pay damages, but it seems they are every bit as craven and obsequious.

    Let’s hope they, too, end up having to shell out a ton of money.

  7. JuliaM says:

    “All those different beliefs should be respected and tolerated…”

    Yes, Antithenese, but the point is, they aren’t. Remember ‘Piss Christ’? Remember how the police arrested the artist for blasphemy?


    Me neither…

  8. bgc says:

    “All those different beliefs should be respected and tolerated”

    No. They should, so far as they are consistent with civilised society, be tolerated, but they do not need to be respected. We can and often do tolerate things that we think are daft and or which we find personally distasteful and accept this as a cost of living in a worthwhile society. This does not mean that we have to celebrate them or take them seriously – or, as is often claimed in the religious context, shield them from criticism or ridicule.

    As for burning books. I am in general agreement that this is not a good thing, but there is a difference between the general suppression of books by authoritarian powers (something that islam has a history of by the way) and the burning of incdividual copies of a book as a statement or a protest; the people burning these books were not trying to destroy all copies of them or deny others access to the book, they were simply burning individual books. I agree with Cats here, these men have a perfect right to burn whatever books they want in order to support whatever point they want to make, even if this leads to muslims deciding to carry out violent acts in response (I was going to write “triggers violence”, but this too common form of words removes the responsibility for the violence from the actual perpetrators). And it doesn’t matter whether you or I agree with the book burners’ actions or motivations – this is where tolerance comes in. This is no different to Christian congregations burning heavy metal records in the States in the 80s and 90s. Whatever I think of it they had a perfect right to do it.

    “teachings of Darwin and Stephen Hawkin [sic]”

    The teachings of Darwin? Darwin didn’t have any teachings. He was a scientist and his works are scientific works. They are not collections of teachings. As far as I know, since I haven’t read much of his stuff, the same is true of Hawking. And even if Hawking has teachings they would be non-scientific. His standing is based on his scientific credentials and work. The only beliefs that you need to approach either are the fairly limited ones that underlie science: that the universe is orderly. consistent, and explainable by rational inquiry supported by experiment and observation. (In passing note that this is in direct contradiction to islam which views the world as existing at allah’s whim and which he can completely alter from one instant to the next. Because of this contradiction science is a direct affront to islam.)

    You make atheism sound like a religion rather than a philosophical stance.

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