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Toy Soldiers

Assalaamu alaykum,

my son has playmobil knights and playmobil pirates,

we bought them for him as good sets to get his little immagination going, they are not realistic looking, and have lots of men with beards to be ‘the goodies’ plus they are basic and can be enherited by his little sisters when they get older.

but i have seen some playmobil crusader knights, and considered getting them off ebay for next eid to act as ‘the baddies’ but they have big crosses on them, which is kinda the point.

is it permissable to have toys with crosses or other symbols of kufr if the intention is to teach kids about the history of islam and to teach bara towards the cross?

was just a question i had in my head, and wondered if it was permissable or not.

Further down the thread the original poster further elucidates his cunning plan…

he already has such figures without crosses, I actually wanted the ones with the crosses on so he could refight the crusades with his little men.

Can we please quit with the Crusades already? This is becoming ludicrous. I’ve got model planes of various stripes but I don’t use them to teach kiddies that Germans are evil. And that was a war within living memory.

PS The poster runs this site. Where the gentleman has this to say about the Pope visiting Britain.

On Saturday the 18th came the visit to London of the Taghout ( false god) Pope Benedict the leader of the crusade against Islam in our lifetime [How many divisions does the Pope have?], whereby he was to parade himself to the general public in Hyde Park to a cheering crowd of Christians who sadly see this man as a partner to Allah when they should pay their worship and veneration to the Lord who fashioned them in due proportion.

And this…

This man insulted the prophet sallahu alayhi wasalam a few years [back?] saying he brought nothing but the sword meaning that Islam forced people to become muslim and that Islam is a violent religion whereas there are plenty of skeletons in the history of the christian closet.

PS. I recall my brother had the Playmobil pirate ship as a kid and the pirates didn’t look very Somalian to me.


  1. john in cheshire says:

    Bloody muslims, take them or leave them, one can’t like them.

  2. Daw'ud says:

    “PS. I recall my brother had the Playmobil pirate ship as a kid and the pirates didn’t look very Somalian to me. ”

    No, but they could do as imitdation Barbary Coast Pirates at a pinch.

    Btw, the report you qoute is not from me, but one a few brothers who writes for us, thanks for the link btw had a few peeps come to my site so keep linking us for sure!

  3. Bucko says:

    Don’t worry, theres no muslims in Star Trek so the future looks good.

  4. NickM says:

    “No, but they could do as imitdation Barbary Coast Pirates at a pinch.”

    At a pinch? I think you’re missing a gap in the market!

  5. Lynne says:

    Since it is assumed that Richard the Lionheart was probably bisexual, and sodomy is punishable by death according to the religion of peace, I guess Mo’s little playmate had better get himself another fatwa issued. Can’t be too careful after all…

  6. Angry Exile says:

    Ah, Islam. The religion of victimhood. My Irish forebears knew how to hold a grudge over events long past, and of course some Irishmen still do as we’ve seen quite recently. But the fucking Crusades???

  7. Abbadon says:

    It is always good to have a victim who is willing to die for his cause.

    That way, both you and he have the same aim in mind.

  8. Lynne says:

    In recent years there was a minor controversy about Muslim English football team fans not able to hang the “crusader” flag from their homes and cars. They wanted St George’s cross to be replace with the three lions flag. This had me scratching my head in puzzlement.

    Tell me, which lionhearted Norman king was the first to adopt three lions passant guardant. Anyone…?

  9. steng says:

    “just a question I had in my head, and wondered if it was permissable or not”

    Is this person confused over whether he is allowed to have a thought in his head or having had it, whether he needs to seek permission?

    Still the RoP loves to remember old wounds, fight old wars as well as starting new ones. But the original poster must worry enormously that if his child had a toy with the crusader cross on it, the kid might err and allow one of the crusaders to win.

    Just think of the hundreds of postings that would follow as permissions are sought.

  10. Endivio R says:

    “Shall we never, never get rid of this Past?” cried he, keeping up the earnest tone of his preceding conversation. “It lies upon the Present like a giant’s dead body In fact, the case is just as if a young giant were compelled to waste all his strength in carrying about the corpse of the old giant, his grandfather, who died a long while ago, and only needs to be decently buried. Just think a moment, and it will startle you to see what slaves we are to bygone times,–to Death, if we give the matter the right word!”

    “But I do not see it,” observed Phoebe.

    “For example, then,” continued Holgrave: “a dead man, if he happens to have made a will, disposes of wealth no longer his own; or, if he die intestate, it is distributed in accordance with the notions of men much longer dead than he. A dead man sits on all our judgment-seats; and living judges do but search out and repeat his decisions. We read in dead men’s books! We laugh at dead men’s jokes, and cry at dead men’s pathos! We are sick of dead men’s diseases, physical and moral, and die of the same remedies with which dead doctors killed their patients! We worship the living Deity according to dead men’s forms and creeds. Whatever we seek to do, of our own free motion, a dead man’s icy hand obstructs us! Turn our eyes to what point we may, a dead man’s white, immitigable face encounters them, and freezes our very heart! And we must be dead ourselves before we can begin to have our proper influence on our own world, which will then be no longer our world, but the world of another generation, with which we shall have no shadow of a right to interfere. I ought to have said, too, that we live in dead men’s houses; as, for instance, in this of the Seven Gables!”

    “And why not,” said Phoebe, “so long as we can be comfortable in them?”

    “But we shall live to see the day, I trust,” went on the artist, “when no man shall build his house for posterity. Why should he? He might just as reasonably order a durable suit of clothes, –leather, or guttapercha, or whatever else lasts longest, –so that his great-grandchildren should have the benefit of them, and cut precisely the same figure in the world that he himself does. If each generation were allowed and expected to build its own houses, that single change, comparatively unimportant in itself, would imply almost every reform which society is now suffering for. I doubt whether even our public edifices–our capitols, state-houses, court-houses, city-hall, and churches,–ought to be built of such permanent materials as stone or brick. It were better that they should crumble to ruin once in twenty years, or thereabouts, as a hint to the people to examine into and reform the institutions which they symbolize.”

    “How you hate everything old!” said Phoebe in dismay. “It makes me dizzy to think of such a shifting world!”

    “I certainly love nothing mouldy,” answered Holgrave.

    From Nathaniel Hawthorne, The House of the Seven Gables. Here.

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