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Utter fuckin cuntulated bastard!

But none of us here are the least bit suprised by this , are we?

We knew what to expect from the oily potato faced twat the first time we laid eyes on him, didn’t we? Blairwitch 2.

You promised us a Referendum on the Lisbon Treaty didn’t you iDave, you twisted two faced bastard! We didn’t get it did we? Then you promise us that the next time the EU starts to monkey with the rules that affects our national interest, we would get a referendum on that. You were fuckin lying wern’t you? You love the bloody EU, fess up you cunt!

We are already roped into an EU Budget increase of 2.9% that we cant do anything about. Qualified majority voting you see, terribly sorry electorate, we tried, we tied! And now they want 6% more!

Lord Tebbitt has warned iDave not to do a Vichy, but he’s talking to himself isn’t he? Lord Tebbitt is in a different party to iDave. iDave is a CINO. Any old plausibily will do, he wouldn’t know a Conservative principle if it bit him in the arse and called him uncle. He is a principle free zone.

Oh and we are so pleased that Baroness Ashton is going to move into some shiny new offices, at a cost of ten million a year, with her cadre of EU diplomats arn’t we? She does such a sterling job you see. But if a global crisis turns up, let’s hope it is not after 8pm or at a weekends, because Baroness Partime, the monoglot moron, has apparently pissed off home, leaving the phone off the hook.

As usual Dan nails it here

I have signed the pledge, feel free if you are as pissed off as me.



  1. RAB says:

    Piss shit and balls!

    Help lad’s. I thought I had got the HTML right. Why has it come out like that?

  2. Chalcedon says:

    The proble of qualified majority voting is that too many countries even with the population weighting do not contribute a bean, so of course the bastards vote for a bigger budget!

  3. Kevin B says:

    RAB, that’s exactly as I do links in a comment so I would guess that it’s something to do with the main post posting software. Let me try copying and pasting here

    Meanwhile, is anyone suprised at iDave? It’s not lack of bottle when confronted by the nasty Euros, nor has he been corrupted by the slimy europhiles in the libdems or Whitehall. No, it’s straightforward political lying by a political politician in order to get elected.

    “The poor dears are Europhobic so we’ll just tell a few porkies to keep them quiet, then once we’re in we’ll teach them the error of their ways. Anyway, it’ll be too late by then.

    “We can always get Wayne and Colleen to do a break-up and reconcilliation. That’ll keep the peasants happy.”

    Bastards! They’ll do it once too often and it’ll end up with blood in the streets, the prats.

  4. RAB says:

    Thank’s Kev. It seems to work fine when you do it. I feel such a tit when this sort of thing happens.

    As to Rooney, I would be good if iDave tapped him on the shoulder and said…

    “Nice little contract you negotiated there my old son! Seeing as you cant play well for your country, could you see your way clear to paying for it? So Britain’s EU contributions are down to you for the next five years. You’ll never miss the money will you?”

    SI have a thread on the undeserving rich running at the moment. I cant think of anyone who falls into that category quicker than Rooney.

  5. Kinuachdrach says:

    RAB — Congratulations on a note-perfect rendition of NickM in pugilist mode. I had to double check the attribution!

    But let’s not lay all the blame on Li’l Dave. The great thing about the British parliamentary system is that the Prime Minister can be defenestrated in a flash — if the elected Members of Parliament decide they have had enough. Just ask Margaret Thatcher.

    Your enemy, RAB, is the entire British Political Class.

  6. Lynne says:

    Yes, we know who the enemy is but how do we deal with the shitwits? I wonder, what would Sun Tzu say…?

  7. Sam Duncan says:

    “David Cameron is preparing to retreat on pledges to cut the European Union budget”

    Yeah, we know. He’s been doing that since before he announced them. Because he knew damn fine that there was never a cat’s chance in hell that it could ever happen.

    If I’d written that Telegraph piece, it would have been liberally scattered with the words, “as expected”. The surprise is that anyone who hasn’t been in a coma on Mars without a radio for the last forty years is remotely surprised.

  8. RAB says:

    Thanks Kin, I take that as a great complement.

    Yes, it is the entire political class that is our enemy. We need a new credible party to blow the other fuckers out of the water. I voted for UKIP, and the Farage Balloon is doing his best, but they are percieved as being flakes or losers in the main by the general public unfortunately (mainly down to the MSM labelling them so).

    We need a British Tea Party movement. But where will it come from? We dont have a grassroots like the States. We have been Socialist for 200 years or so now. Most folk really do think the State can, and must, sort out every fuckin thing for us all.

  9. NickM says:

    I actually think we don’t need a Tea Party because rightly or wrongly it will be – as you hint – RAB construed as mentalists. UKIP is basically a traditional Conservative Party (OK they do have branding issues) but policy-wise they are not extreme despite what the media says. But the media matters.

    Let’s say we have the Tea Party and thousands of people turn-up and they’re like, “Let’s not have any more defence procurement cock-ups” or “The NHS doesn’t work” or “We gotta get the deficit down” I will guarantee 100% that a small(ish) number of BNP nutters will turn up and I further guarantee those will be the ones the MSM interview or film.

    The problem is that we are not seen as mainstream. This is the fundamental reason I didn’t join LPUK. We are fringe nutcases. What we need to do is take a leaf out of Gramsci’s book and retake the institutions.

    Think about it. We have a Tory PM who the likes of Polly Toynbee can plausibly accuse (and get a2way with it) of being Thatcherite when they quite clearly aren’t. They, of course, share power with a “Fiberal” Party that the likes of Mill or Locke wouldn’t recognises if Simon Hughes slapped them with a three week dead haddock.

    It is the definition thing. It’s like the way the NHS is sacred despite providing a service which is very poor on things that really matter like not dying of cancer. Until someone can actually stand-up and say, “The NHS is shite and the Danish/French/German system is much better” and not be pilloried for wanting the poor to die face down in the gutter we ain’t got a chance. And note these are essentially socialized healthcare systems. The reason I give this example is to point out how far we off from a realistic definition of words like “liberal”, “conservative”, “socialist”. Put it this way. I think Keynes himself concluded that government spending can’t be more than 25% of GDP. It’s double that. Keynes would conclude that our “conservative” government is spending too much even with the cuts. What Adam Smith would make of it doesn’t bear thinking about but I think I just saw his bones hit escape velocity.

    RAB I shall tidy your post.

  10. CountingCats says:

    RAB, shall I fix up your links?

  11. RAB says:

    I was watching Question Time last night, and the subject of the EU budget came up of course, but the same blinkered arguements got trotted out again and again.

    Leave the EU? Unthinkable! why over half our trade is with them. Yes you morons, and over half their trade is with us. Do you think they are going to stop trading with us if we leave? That really would be cutting your nose off to spite your face.

    We really do need a completely new political party in Britain though dont we? The big three are just variations on the same tune now.

    We wont get a Tea Party that’s for sure. Europe and America are so far apart politically. We have never had the period of true freedom that the Founding Fathers gave them. No sooner had we got out from under the yolk of feudalism, than we were enslaved by Socialism and Welfareism.

    I have been trying to think of a snappy name for this new party for years now, something that embodies the falling of scales from the eyes, so how about the Epiphany party?

    Thanks my friend. I am sorry to have naused up the coding, but it’s a learning curve innit? I will not let it beat me! I will have it down by my next post I fuckin swear!

    Oh, and look what the creepy little EU cunts are up to now, re-writing history no less!

  12. RAB says:

    Yes please Cats, and sorry again.

  13. Paul Marks says:

    Agreed on all points.

    As for the Tea Party candidates – there was a big difference between the people who won and the people who lost and it was not policy.

    Nor was it how savage the attack upon was.

    It was whether or not they hit back.

    Christine O’Donnell, Sharon Angle and so on just sat there and took it They tried to “rise above” attacks like angels.

    Rand Paul (and the attacks on him were just as bad) hit straight back – and hit back hard.

    Sorry but politics is a rough business (it is about fighting in the gutter) – “nice guys finish last”.

    Should anyone doubt the above look what happened to Mr Rossi in Washington State.

    This is man who had the Governorship of Washington State stolen from him a few yeas ago by blatent vote rigging.

    Now he has lost a Senate race after a smear campaign that was a pack of lies.

    “But I won the argument – look the same voters supported my line against taxes and government spending in the proposition votes the same day”.

    Not good enough Dino – you had to be in there, fighting in the gutter.

    You were Mr Niceguy (yet again) – and like the other Mr (and Mrs) Niceguys you were beaten.

    Remember, as Comrade Barack keeps reminding us, this is the age of the “Chicago Way” (look that up).

    And all the above goes for relations with the European Union as well as politics in the United States.

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