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Bill Maher on America

Dear God Almighty, these people really do despise the American people. He seriously believes that only he and his mates are capable of rational thought.

At least Michael Moore tries to defend his fellow citizens, a little.


  1. Lynne says:

    What a pile of pustulent dingos kidneys! People who refuse to vote for common sense US policies are dogs and racists?

    Well, you hubristic donkey’s arsewipes, I hate bastard socialism and control freakery no matter what colour package it’s wrapped up in. Therefore, in your microencephalic estimate, that makes me a bitch. Not your bitch though. I’m my own bitch and I ‘d like you to know I have big fuck-off canines. I’ll be more than happy to divest you of your libtard microballs, that’s if I can find any.

    Now shit off!

  2. With friends like maher and moore, the US doesn’t need any enemies.

  3. mike says:

    But is Moore right about the youth vote?

  4. RAB says:

    Dunno, what does the fat bastard say about the youth vote?

    His politics may be adolescent, but he’s practically my age, what the fuck would he know about da yooth?

  5. Bod says:

    Is it possible for a tumor to have herpes?

  6. Paul Marks says:

    I see – so people who disagree with ever bigger government are either “dogs” (according to Bill Maher) or “racists” (according to M. Moore).

    I love this “liberal open mindedness”.

    Of course if you reduce human beings to the level of non sentient animals it makes less difficult (in moral terms) to “put them down” – in more ways than one.

    People like Maher and Moore are not “liberals” they are totalitarians – they believe in the rule of “experts” who govern the majority of people by lies and (when lies fail) terror.

    “But we are in the great tradition of intellectuals – from the Republic of Plato to the New Atlantis of Francis Bacon, to Karl Marx and the various schools of collectivism of modern times”.

    So you are indeed.

  7. NickM says:

    Well, yes Paul. That is why I have strove to take the “L” word back. Probably about the most “liberal” (US sense of the word) person I know is essentially a facist and admits to that. Mainly over Green.

    Michael Moore is a twat. I saw him utterly pwned on C4 news over his movie “Sicko” about the iniquities of the US healthcare system vs the NHS. He clearly knew bugger all about the NHS. Jon Snow caned him. Yes, Jon Snow who is rather left-wing himself. Moore backed himself into a corner about how US healthcare is too dependent on technology. Have you seen the five year survival (essentially a cure) rates for various cancers by country? The differences are shocking and the USA is not the shocker. We are. And, yes, partly this is because they have more technological stuff. Indeed we compare badly with France, Denmark, Germany, Holland, Japan, Canada, Sweden, the Czech Republic… Need I go on?

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