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There is such a thing as a free lunch

You remember this? Where Tower Hamlets Council sought to pre emptively  dhimmify the town councillors by requiring the non Muslims to observe the Ramadan fast? Well, seems the Chinese are also taking note of Ramadan, and are celebrating it by demonstrating that well known and traditional Chinese sense of humour -

Chinese authorities in the northwestern region of Xinjiang, home to the Muslim Uyghur ethnic group, are implementing a campaign to offer free lunches during the holy Muslim fasting month of Ramadan

Oh, very good, very good indeed.

This is so funny.


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  2. RAB says:

    Canny fuckers the Chinese.
    They have invented many things, exept a concept of freedom and democracy, or any trace of individualism, but they do know human nature.

    Ok oh bearded one!
    You wanna starve all the sunlight hours
    or do you want a free Big Mao and fries?


    Will you be eating it in
    or taking it away?

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