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Insanity knows no borders

You think it’s only in the UK? Try Western Australia.

Better a hundred violent crims go free than that one be described accurately.

Officers can no longer use details such as a suspect’s nationality, race or religion when seeking public help. Instead, they have been told to say if the person is light or dark skinned…

The Equal Opportunities Commission says the ban was introduced six months ago after complaints that using ethnic descriptions was racist…


One police insider said the policy had prevented the capture of suspects…

“There is a big difference between a dark-skinned person being Aboriginal or African. And if we are looking for an Asian person-of-interest it’s a bit narrow to describe them as simply having fair skin and dark hair.”

But Equal Opportunity Commission state commissioner Yvonne Henderson said using ethnic descriptions reinforced negative stereotypes.

“It can feed into prejudiced ideas in the community about which ethnicities are mainly responsible for criminal behaviour,” she said…

Ethnic Communities Council of WA president Maria Saraceni said the ban stopped police condemning everyone of a particular race in an area they were investigating.


  1. Lynne says:

    Sounds like the Ethnic Communities Council and the Equal Opportunity Commission are the ones reinforcing negativity – of reality. What a bunch of twats. They must have pals in the Department of Environment WA too. I’ve been watching how those retarded greenie cunts are effectively destroying the business of an honest, hard working family, the Thompsons by imposing retro legislation and impossible conditions.

    We’ve seen vestiges of that ethinic crap over here in the media, particularly the BBC. For example, some men perpetrate a heinous crime but there are no descriptions. We’ve come to learn that the ommissions actually indicate suspects of the Muslim/Pakistani persuasion. Shame names are a dead giveaway. They’ll be banning any mention of them before too long as they are far too ethnically incriminating. ;-)

  2. stig says:

    Soon: “We may, or may not, be looking for someone who could be dark or light skinned, and could possibly have any shade colour of hair. They are of course not necessarily guilty of a crime though they may, or possibly not, have used a gun. We would just like to talk to them if you can help us find them.”

    Later we get: “There is no point in looking for someone as we cannot say anything about the crime or them. But rest assured someone did this.”

    This evolves to: “Alleged crime committed. No comment.”

    Finally the sign on the door simply says: ‘Closed’

  3. NickM says:

    The Simpons’ Chief Wiggum,

    “Am in pursuit of a… car of some description. The suspect is hatless, I repeat hatless.”

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