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Child protection

So, even by their own admission up to one in ten interventions can result in the destruction of happy relationships. And they regard this as acceptable…..

Years ago I had a close friend who was both a child protection social worker and a pretty committed lefty, although I guess social worker is fairly synonymous with lefty so I repeat myself there. Anyway, when we discussed these secret courts she simply could not comprehend my loathing of them. To her they were just fine and dandy, and there was no understanding of the need for openness and the cleansing effects of sunlight.

Twenty years later we see the inevitable corruption. Hell, even if every decision were flawless the system itself is corrupt in its very structure.

For justice to be done it must be seen to be done, and there ain’t nuthin being seen here.


  1. Lynne says:

    No argument from me Cats. This situation is beyond fucked.

  2. john in cheshire says:

    I doubt anything will happen until the general public become sufficiently enraged. Unfortunately,I have had more contact with social services than I would have wanted. I loathe them and if it was within my powers I would sack every single one of them. At the least, anyone who wants to be a social worker should be prevented from becoming one.

  3. 6079SmithW says:

    When Madonna wished to adopt an African child, the international media gave full publicity.

    The ‘rights’ of the child or the parents were in any way infringed by this attention, and almost certainly ensured that they were not.

    Using secrecy to ‘protect’ the ‘rights’ of the child is like using convicted child molesters to protect them from abuse.

    In a free world a child has everything to gain from public oversight.


  4. Roue le Jour says:


    At the least, anyone who wants to be a social worker should be prevented from becoming one.

    I agree entirely. I’ve argued previously that having sucessfuly raised a family should be a fundamental requirement for telling other people how to raise theirs.

    Many years ago I knew a young woman whose parents had been killed in a car accident just as she was hitting puberty. Nobody’s fault, shit happens, and in spite of well meaning relatives rallying round, she was obviously severely affected by her loss and could in no way be described as a well balanced individual.

    I was still pretty naive at the time so I was astounded to learn a few years later that she had become a social worker. Now, in my cynical dotage, I suspect that she was pretty much an ideal candidate.

    What I’ve found disturbing about my interactions with social workers is their apparent inability to accept that anyone other than themselves could possibly be trying to act in the best interests of a child.

  5. NickM says:

    They are professionals you see whereas parents are amateurs. It’s a bizarre pulling of rank.

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