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What the papers didn’t say…

Something infinitely more newsworthy than the Wikileaks revelations that the Duke of Pork acts like a fat twat. While the media sticks a collective thumb up its own arse Katabasis pulls out a plum.


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  1. Sam Duncan says:

    Looks like there might be some interesting stuff in there after all, then.

    That said, it’s still not particularly surprising, even if the details are interesting. One of my F1-as-a-glass-to-view-real-life-through posts (that I’ve been so hopeless at keeping up) was going to include the fiasco of the podium ceremony at the first Turkish GP: after being told the event mustn’t be used as a political platform under any circumstances, the government invited the President of Northern Cyprus to present a trophy. That little example of honesty and dependability got them into a heap of trouble with the FIA.

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