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These leaks just get better …

When it’s not obvious and exactly what you’d expect, it’s good:

China is ready to distance itself from North Korea and accept reunification with the South, according to more leaked diplomatic documents.

One senior Chinese diplomat is said to have told an American ambassador that younger generation Communist party leaders no longer regarded North Korea as a useful or reliable ally.


Okay, there’s a good chance having this out in the open might put the kybosh on it, but I’m still waiting for the horrific inside scoop on how beastly those awful Septics are behind our backs.

There’s more on Prince Andrew, too (who I still think would make a better King than Big Ears … mind you, Noddy would make a better King than Big Ears):

He is said to have launched an expletive-laden attack against British anti-corruption investigators and journalists for getting in the way of lucrative trade deals.

Good for him. Whatever you think about going along with corruption in Foreign Parts in order to secure trade, that’s his job, and he’s obviously capable of standing up for himself.

Hillary …

… said the release of the secret diplomatic cables was an “attack on the international community”.

Not, I think, the Groan et al.’s intention. But excellent.

Update: added the bit about Andy, which I had intended to put in originally, and forgot. I don’t know where I’d be without editable text. Posting half-a-dozen comments in succession like I used to, most likely.


  1. Kinuachdrach says:

    When will Wikileaks tell us the truth about NickM getting into the Victory Gin and prostrating himself before Big Brother with a tear in his eye?

    I mean — Forget Hillary spying in the Ladies Room at the UN. Let’s have the Good Stuff!

  2. RAB says:

    Yes indeed Kin, what has Nick been on this evening?

    Comments are closed my arse!

    What the hell is the thread below all about Nick?

    Sorry to hijack your thread Sam, but if he will play silly buggers!…

    Now then, well I am pleasantly suprised that Andy has an opinion about anything much beyond whether to use a 9 iron or a wedge on the short fifth at Sunningdale, but Good for him.

  3. JTW says:

    China will never allow a booming capitalist state directly on its border. Instead they will no doubt demand the new state be a “socialist democracy” not unlike their own…
    And if the German “reunification” is any indication they will get it, the commies will quickly infiltrate in all levels of the government bureaucracy and politics until the new country is little different from the DPRK except people drive Kia cars and have Daewoo microwave ovens and Samsung televisions.

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