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West Midland Police

Right-wing groups like the English Defence League are turning parts of Britain into recruiting grounds for Islamic extremists, police have said.

It’s the racism of the coppers and those who empower them to come out with drivel like this that sticks in my craw.

Are these guys really saying that that these poor muslims are incapable of radicalising themselves, for their own reasons, without whitey providing the impetus?

Is it true the West Midlands Counter Terrorism Unit believe that Muslims are incapable of acting of their own volition, instead being passive until acted on by others?

Damn it all to hell, evil as I believe many muslims to be at the very least I regard them as fully human, capable of making their own choices for whatever reason seems good to them, and perfectly able to choose between good and evil without the kufr forcing the choice on to them.

I might despise their belief systems, but I most certainly don’t despise their humanity, unlike these idiot plod.

And what feeds the EDL?

Thirteen long years of labour shitting on the very people who used to vote for them. People feeling isolated in their "own" communities, righly or wrongly,but some people feel that way.Social engineers. Islamic extremists protests. And basically no one willing to listen to their concerns,so eventually these groups form. Either way there is only one group who "feeds" both the Islamic extremists and the EDL,and that is the state.


  1. berenike says:

    I might despise their belief systems, but I most certainly don’t despise their humanity

    Well distinguished, that man!

  2. Schrodinger's Dog says:


    Why are you surprised?

    The police have been thoroughly infected with left wing thinking, and the left cleaves to the blank slate ideology. Why anybody should accept it is a mystery, as it utterly denies all of us us our humanity, but the left does.

    As anyone who has written software knows only too well, a computer is an automaton: it will carry out the instructions given to it with unerring precision, even when those instructions make no sense whatever. Blank slate theory regards people in pretty much the same light: we’re computers awaiting our instructions. For example, children take-up smoking because they’re urged to by the tobacco companies. So all that is required is to ban tobacco advertising and – voila! – no more child smokers. Similarly, Muslims cannot become radicalised from within: after all, they’re blank slates. Rather, the software, the instructions, which radicalise them must come from sources without, such as the EDL.

    Viewed in this context, the often obsessive nature of leftists makes a lot more sense. The tobacco smoking ban didn’t reduce child smoking? Clearly then it must be Something Else. (That children may take up smoking simply because they are told so often not to seems not occur to the left.) If only that Something Else can be identified, and banned – voila! – no more child smokers. The software just needs one more tweak, so to speak, and all will be perfect.

    This would be funny, were it not for its truly horrific potential. See the late, unloved Soviet Union for more details.

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