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Louise Gray, Environmental Cuntrespondent of the Telegraph vomits yet another bullshit press release from her eco-wank masters.  It seems the morons want to end, or at least severely curtail, global trade and cause global poverty while they are about it.

To be honest, this latest round of risible, warmist arse gravy Lousie is peddling isn’t even worth fisking. But I do have this one thing to say.

Lousie, you act and sound like someone with the the intellect of a pustulent haemorrhoid and anything you have to say on the science of climatology is worth less than the contents of a dehydrated gnat’s pisspot. So do us all a big favour and write about something more suited to your intellect, like I dunno, picking up litter or something.  That’s environmental isn’t it?  Or better still just fuck off!

UDATE: Dellers has a more interesting take on the Cancun bollocks .


  1. dfwmtx says:

    Louise Gray is simply Doing Her Part (aka: doing what she can to avoid being exploded by the 10-10 initiative). It would’ve been cheaper, both money and carbon-credit wise to live-stream/tele-confrence this thing, but we should treat scientists like politicians for a short while and let them romp freely in exotic locales on the taxpayer’s expense. But someone should make sacrifices for The Greater Good, and it shouldn’t be Them.

  2. RAB says:

    I have a theory about so called expert Climatologists and Earth Scientists.

    Who was the thickest teacher on the staff when you were at school?

    No brainer is it? The Sports and PE Teacher! It always is, weird from root to stem the lot of ‘em.

    But they all needed a so called academic subject to study at college to get the degree in teaching, so what did they all plump for? The least vigorous of the Sciences, Geography. They did didn’t they! You all know it’s true.

    So all those climate scientists are just jumped up Geographers. They know how to read an OS map and a tell an ox bow lake from a morraine, but that’s about it.

    See if you actually studied at somewhere like the University Of East Anglia when i was a student in the 70s, you would have considered yourself a loser from the very first day, it was one up from a Poly.

    But if you are actually on the staff, like the Motely CRU, what kind of a loser does that make you in the fields of Academia?

    Inventing Warble Gloaming was a godsend and paycheck to them. They are seventh rate fuckwits.

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