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Nobel Prize for Taking the Piss.

Satoshi Kanazawa is an evolutionary bullshitter psychologist out on the make to make a name for himself.  That he is employed by the London School of Economics, that paragon of impartiality and academic excellence, does not escape me. The Daily Fail article on Kanazawa’s newly published book of pseudo-intellectual cockwaffle contains so many awesome turd polishing moments I simply had to share. For some reason Niall Firth fails to actually name this intellectual dog’s pizzle of a book. Probably because like me, he was laughing too much.

Let’s see some highlights on what Mr. Kanazawa has to say on the human condition.

Liberals are more intelligent than conservatives.

Yes, that’s what he said. Those very same leftards who destroyed or terminally damaged functioning economies the world over are smarter than Stephen Hawking’s science teacher. This means that the likes of Bottler Brown, Phony Blair, the Cleggerons, the U-buggering-N, Obummer and any unelected EU shitbag you can name, are so smart they fucked us up for the next ten generations because that was the intelligent thing to do. Doesn’t that warm the cockles of your heart?

Women are becoming more beautiful as they have more daughters.

No, Mr K. It’s plastic surgery that does that. Usually women who aren’t anorexic supermodels, stick insect ‘slebs or the idle rich just learn to live with the saggy bellies, saggy boobs, stretch marks and stress incontinence usually associated with serial childbirth.

Men who cheat are stupid because humans are naturally polygamous

Men who cheat on their wives or girlfriends are stupid for doing what you claim comes naturally? Maybe so but not half as stupid as you are Mr. K. Above average intellect has nothing to do with any kind of serial bonking denial. Being a world class genius never held Einstein back from bedding any available piece of pulchritude who caught his eye. And I don’t suppose he had any difficulty finding new tail when he fancied it. You see male smarts are a big turn on for women as any good psychologist would know. But you are not a good psychologist are you Mr. K. You are just a phycho-babbulous publicity whore creating controversy to pull in huge wads of the folding stuff. Oh BTW, I don’t fit into your naturally polygamous model and neither does my above average IQ other half if he knows what’s good for him…

Why some people spend every Saturday night alone

Yes I’m sure there are people who spend every single Saturday night in alone but it’s not because they feel sexually and physically inadequate and are totally losers at the mating game. You might be shocked to learn that a lot of couples are Saturday night dodgers too. I know because I tend to avoid going out on Saturday nights like the plague as do many others of my acquaintance. And why is that Mr K? It’s because I couldn’t give a flying fornication about meeting the rich and the beautiful because they tend to be arrogant, narcisistic shits who are so full of themselves the crap dribbles out of their ears. It’s because most sensible members of the human race aren’t the shallow, perfection worshipping morons you think successful people ought to be. It’s because they’d rather not be surrounded by Saturday night pissheads behaving like the whole total arseholes thing is going out of fashion and are trying to get in as much loud-mouthed, fist flailing, face glassing arseholery as they can before they pass out in a pool of their own puke on some piss soaked pavement. Only losers do that. And as a matter of fact I met my husband during a brilliantly sunny weekday when I nicked him for speeding on his motorbike. How does that fit into your seeking potential mates model you ridiculous cock wart?

Why men like blonde bombshells

For the same reasons they like brunette bombshells and flame haired bombshells. It isn’t fucking rocket science, is it. You say that blonde hair displays less grey but that blonde hair also darkens over time which means it will show up grey hair, you idiot!

Why most suicide bombers are Muslim

It isn’t down to lack of sex. They are more than capable of grooming underage, kuffar females for their carnal pleasure.  I know because we keep having to lock the scumbags up to protect our kids. Many suicide bombers are actually married with kids. You see, it isn’t chronic blue ball syndrome that sends them round the bend.  They commit mass murder because they are evil cunts on a mission to spread their retarded shitstain interpretation of a religion and put the fear of Allah up the filthy kuffar. This, incidentally, is the same kuffar who stuck two fingers up at Hitler. You remember Hitler don’t you? He was the fascist fuck who tried to blanket bomb our cities into submission for six years and failed to subdue us. Utterly.

Having sons reduces the likelihood of divorce

That didn’t work too well for Di and Jug-ears did it.

Men sexually harass women because they are not sexist

Oh do fuck off why don’t you…


  1. Sheffner says:

    Ooh, big font. Easy on the eyes. Nice!

  2. NickM says:

    Yeah, Lynne what’s up with the font?

    Anyway Evolutionary Psychology is utter wank. E O Wilson kicked it off in the USA and pretty much went back to his first love (ants) after it got nowhere.

  3. RAB says:

    Dammit Lynne, I almost posted this one, but there was so much fuckwittery on parade, it is difficult to know where to start.

    Surely psychology students dont just get stuck in to the psychobabble straight off, they must have done biology and stuff along the way, havent they?

    Cos Satoshi seems to have skipped right past Evolution theory and Genetics for starters. According to his theory on women becoming more beautiful and having more daughters (no surveys no reports) then we should have bred out all the mingers by now and be living in a virtually Amazon society, with a few weedy blokes kept on to do the breeding from. But genetics doesn’t work like that.

    As for the rest of it, not so much blue sky thinking as the Purple Haze smoking school of Psychology.

    Lummie! Another Police Officer. You can swap notes with Sunfish. Are you still serving Lynne?

  4. “The London School of Economics, that paragon of impartiality and academic excellence.”

    I was under the impression it was a commie hellhole.

  5. Lynne says:

    Nick, I made the mistake of writing such a large post in Word and doing a cut and paste job. I’ll remember to set a smaller font next time.

    RAB, Mr K’s witterings are so fucked up I couldn’t resist the challenge. And no, I haven’t served since before my lad was born and he’s 22 on Christmas Day.

    Michael, the LSEis actually a commie shithole but since I’ve bought this poetic licence and it still has a couple of weeks to run I thought…

  6. NickM says:

    Oh, really.

    I’ll see your LSE and raise you an SOAS (School of Al Queda Sympathies).

  7. Lynne says:

    Yeah, the buggers are everywhere these days. You never know where they’ll strike nexxxxx

  8. HSLD says:

    It’s a good job you didn’t try and nick me for speeding on a bike Lynne – the course of true love would have been interrupted by me flipping you the middle finger and then engaging the afterburners while your cop car became a dot in the mirrors.
    Of course you’d already have noted the registration of the bike I was riding, but good luck getting a result back from the PNC for a plate that reads ‘LSD 666′ :)

    Seriously, you seem to view the world like my missis. So there are at least two of you out there :)

  9. Lynne says:

    Your missis sounds like a grand lass. You, on the other hand, might have woken up one morning to find several screwdrivers accidentally thrust into your tyres courtesy of the no one fucks with me fairy. :D

  10. “Liberals are more intelligent than conservatives”

    I came across this claim in the comments thread on a warmist site a while back. The reader was also informed that “conservatives do not think for themselves: instead, they are fond of quoting ‘authorities’.” This claim was part of a lengthy quotation from a recent best selling book on the subject of the Conservative Mindset, which was introduced by the commenter as the work of “a genuine authority”. I don’t think they even understood why I found this so funny.

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