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Mutual tolerance

More than 150 people have signed petitions imploring Luton Borough Council to deny the new Tesco Express in Bury Park an alcohol licence.

The bid from the supermarket giant has upset Muslims living in the area, some of whom say they find the idea of alcohol being sold offensive.

No one is asking them to buy or drink the stuff.

No one is trying to shove booze down your throats, stop trying to shove your religious fantasies down ours.

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  1. RAB says:

    Well all the Muslim shops sell booze round my way.

    I dont buy it from the hypocritical bastards though.
    I go to my Hindu local for supplies of giggle juice.

    Not long ago, the Halal meat and general goods store in St Pauls, here in Bristol was busted.

    These cats not only sold booze, but had a very relaxed attitude to drugs as well.
    They had bags of Crack in the freezer cabinet, in plain view, bagged up with a little price label, just like the grated Parmisan!

    I could not believe the stupidity of this!
    But it’s the sort of thing that gives me hope that we will catch most of the nasty fuckwits before they can do much more harm.

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