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Cable Needle

This is surely going to irk certain “lightweight” people.

Whoever wrote the Thatcher cable was obviously paying attention.

Talking about lightweights, didn’t Cameron claim he would prefer to be a child of Thatcher rather than a son of Brown? This is the same creature who isn’t fit to buff Maggie’s handbag and he would have us believe he’s fit to be considered her heir-in-politico? How very dare he!

Don’t kid yourself Dave. You see, there is no way this side of the Big Bang you could ever be considered a child of Thatcher. That you are so totally the demon spawn of Heath the Lying Quisling Shitbag, on the other hand, I’m more than willing to believe.


  1. RAB says:

    Whoever wrote the memo in the American Embassy certainly knew his/her job.

    “Dont it always seem to go

    You dont know what you’ve got till it’s gone”

    How could the Tory party get rid of her in favour of a little grey man who ran away from the circus to be an accountant?

    That was the day the Tory party died. Just sweepings left to be cleaned out at the next election hopefully.

    Of course Maggie, being a practical politician, worked on the voice to soften it, and on the air of condescendion, but was less successful there. Well she didn’t suffer fools gladly, but was unfortunately surrounded by them.

    I watched Ken Clarke on Question Time last week, and could happily have punched him.

    His voice is ripe with smug condescention, he seems to be saying…

    Looook, sigh, I will say this once very very slowly so the thickest of you can understand, and try to keep the yawn out of my voice.

    He was wriggling like a bastard though when the Euro came up. He would not say he was wrong under any circumstances. He still thinks it’s a great idea!

    I hate the bastard so much that I could tie him to a chair and burn his collection of Miles Davis and Charlie Parker records right before his eyes ( an act of almost Koranic sacrilege in my house) and bung his fuckin Blue Suede Shoes on the bonfire to boot!

  2. namria says:

    Yeah, they are lost as far as I am concerned- not funny is it.

  3. JTW says:

    who wouldn’t rather be Thatcher’s child than Brown’s?

    Can’t blame Dave for having at least some common sense :)

  4. Cameron likes to pretend he’s a Conservative every now and then. And a lot of people fall for the act. God knows why.

  5. mike says:

    “I watched Ken Clarke on Question Time last week…”

    He’s a fat cunt. Him and 2jags in a gladitorial death match surrounded by the detritus of old election campaigns… give ‘em a wooden spoon each to get it over with.

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