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Intellectual dishonesty

A report has been announced, not released, just announced, but the press is reporting on it and commenting regardless, sight unseen. Especially SBS.

Apparently a survey has determined that 10% of Australians are racist. Now, to me, that 90% are not is the big news. That must make us the most tolerant people in the known universe, but that isn’t the way it’s being spun.

However, consider this -

Prof Dunn said people also revealed who they singled out the most.
“The most often-mentioned groups were Muslims or people from the Middle East.”

Muslims? That old canard again. Never yet has anyone been able to describe for me the racial characteristics of a Muslim. This is to claim that there are people who have a genetic predisposition to worship morally crippled, mass murdering, kiddie fiddling warlords. I guess pointing out, yet again, that Islam is a belief system and has no bearing on race is not just a waste of time, but will get me smeared with that dishonest term – islamophobic.

Well, the report is being released on Friday, let’s see how misleading it is then.


  1. bgc says:

    It’ll be interesting to see just how they define racism. Did they use a definition that basically limits racism to the Anglo-Celtic part of the population or did they use one which allows anyone to be racist? And if they were honest enough to do the second it’d also be of interest to see in which ethnic communities the racism was highest and who it was aimed at.

    BTW Why do we still have SBS? In the age of cable TV and the internet there can’t be a real case for continuing to pour tens of millions of tax dollars a year into it – even less of a case than the ABC has.

  2. RAB says:

    Here I go again, my aquaintance list being rather long…

    In the early 70s, I got to know a gangster named…
    Er best not perhaps?
    Who was a Somali. So Presumably Muslim.

    He was also a Pimp and a Drugs Dealer.
    He was in the next bed to a friend of mine, when I visited him in the Cardiff Royal Infirmary (the friend that is).
    He was under police guard. One each side of the bed.
    He was rercovering from knife wounds and being charged with Manslaughter.
    That’s the Gangster, not my friend! do keep up!
    Well T, as I shall call him, beat that rap.
    You had only to see the state of him.
    It was obviously self defence. Tiger Bay was a tough ol training ground back then.

    Anyhoo, the point is, I was in one of his brothels down the Bay one night, when he was giving orders to his stable of Ladies.
    Urging them out onto the street and what not.(they refused to budge until Coronation St had ended. we were all watching TV and having a cuppa and a spliff)

    His strict instuctions were-

    On no account bring back a Jamacian!

    They are animals (all the ladies were white by the way)

    If you do, you lose my protection etc etc.

    Rather long winded, but Racism cuts both ways, doesn’t it?

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