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Ratcliffe Rats Found Guilty

The Kingsnorth Six got away with eco-terrorism aggravated trepass back in 2008 with a little help from professional eco-fascist James “Trains of Death” Hansen, Zach “Eco-mentalist” Goldsmith and a jury fooled into believing a not guilty verdict would save the planet. However, we’ve had two savage winters since then with worse to come. So what’s changed? Well quite a lot actually.

Place:  Ratcliffe-on-Soar, Notts.

Activists who planned to shut down the UK’s second largest power station have been found guilty of conspiring to commit aggravated trespass.

Apparently the bitter cold and spiralling energy costs has tempered Nottingham’s wellspring of twleve good men (and women) and true to the point they are no longer prepared to tolerate eco-fascist bullshit.  Well done them!

The 20 climate change protesters intended to invade the coal-fired station at Ratcliffe-on-Soar in Nottinghamshire, their trial was told.  They were among more than 100 people arrested during a night-time raid at Iona School in Sneinton in April 2009.

Nottinghamshire’s finest actually performing the duty they are paid for.  Well done them!

During the trial, the jury was told the protesters aimed to disrupt the power station’s supply to the national grid by shutting it down for a week.

And did the protesters actually think about the far reaching consequences and hazards to public health and safety if they succeeded in disrupting the output of England’s second largest power station for an entire week?  Apart from not producing CO2 which has almost no effect on global warming anyway.

Did they fuck.

The defendants called expert witnesses, including a Nasa scientist, to argue their actions were necessary in the fight against climate change.

Because it worked for the Kingsnorth scumbags didn’t it.  Oh wait…

But the jury unanimously found the 14 men and six women guilty.

Because nothing focuses the mind against climate fuckwittery and spiralling fuel bills quite like freezing your arse off in one of the coldest winters in decades.

One of the defendants, Claire Whitney, said outside court: “Taking action on climate change is not an act of moral righteousness but one of self defence”.

No dear.  Locking eco-loons like you up is an act of self defence.  Oh crap…

The activists will be sentenced on Friday but the judge said he was not considering custodial sentences.

Well I’ll take consolation from the fact that ordinary people have shown they are finally seeing beyond the climate alarmist bollocks even if our elite remain stubbornly clueless and fucked in the head.  I wonder if the judge would have been so magnanimous had the eco-loons succeeded and people died or were injured as a result?


  1. Norris Gaselee says:

    He probably would have been, because no one would have brought charges for the deaths or injuries. I hazard a guess that the level of proof would be too difficult for the “justice system” to establish. Remember, there are not that many spare prison places, and these must be reserved for real criminals like elderly ladies who drop cigarette ash or do not have the funds to pay their council tax.

  2. NickM says:

    Three points. One extremely serious, one middling and one frivolous.

    1. How were they going to disable the station? I mean you can’t just turn these things on and off. If you don’t know what you are doing you can blow things up. High pressure steam turbines and the like are not something to dick around with. This is not Uncle Joe tinkering with his Morris Marina in 1978 you know. You also have all manner of knock-ons through the grid if you suddenly take a station that size out.

    2. The protests counter Drax were based upon a lie of sorts. Yes, Drax does knock out a load of CO2 but this is because of it’s size. It’s the largest power station in Western Europe. It is also a very clean station. It’s emissions per kWh are rather low.

    3. I know Sneinton. Oddly enough it’s #1 visitor attraction is a windmill. The guy who taught me QMech, Prof Challis was instrumental in getting it restored and fully working actually grinding corn. Why? The mill was owned by George Green. Ring any bells? Green’s functions, Green’s theorem in the plane? Anyway, George Green went from miller to mathematician and nobody is exactly sure how and he would appear to be entirely self taught (one year of formal schooling between 8-9!). Whilst the corn was grinding he’d do maths and wound-up at Cambridge. His work proved particularly important in understanding guess which fundamental force of nature? Why electromag of course. Quite what Green would make of this is a question I leave to the reader. I am struggling to think of other self-taught mathematicians and physicists of that calibre… Srinivasa Ramanujan springs to mind.

    Anyway, obviously, as a physics undergrad I went to see the mill. Well, it’s a curious thing. I was more interested in the corn grinding to be honest because the “pop science” thing was school trips playing with prisms. I can’t really blame them for that because not that many eight year olds grok vector analysis. Thank God! The University of Nottingham Science & Engineering Library is named for Green. Indeed even Prof Challis is immortalised there (or was) in the gents with the graffito, “I’ve sucked Prof Challis’ dick – now I know why they call him Challis the Phallus”. Almost as amusing as “Dr Maxwell has fleas!” (he taught electromag – seriously!) and the magisterially absurd, “I’d sleep with Gerry Adams but I’d be thinking of Martin McGuinness”. The Hallward (arts etc) library was bereft of such wit and I only went into the med library once – something about MRI scanners or some such.

  3. Angry Exile says:

    “I wonder if the judge would have been so magnanimous had the eco-loons succeeded and people died or were injured as a result?”

    After the Kingsnorth result I was sure that it would take nothing less than some real success for the eco-tools, and the inevitable knock on effects to large numbers of people, some of whom would die as a result, for future juries to wake up and smell the coffee. That a recent trend towards increasingly shitty summers and colder winters seems to have done the trick means that at least some people didn’t fall for the spin that it’s not warble gloaming anymore, it’s climate change.

  4. Stonyground says:

    On the science blog Pharygula there is a link to a cartoon strip that is intended to explain the global warming crisis to the sceptics, the deniers and the ignorant. On the whole I enjoy reading this blog but I am slightly annoyed by the lack of scepticism shown there on the subject of climate change. Although I have tried to keep myself informed about this subject, I think that I am not sufficiently well informed, or perhaps too cowardly, to stick my head above the parapet on that site.

    The most obvious objection that I have to the message presented in the cartoon is the admission that cooling and warming cycles have been going on for millions of years before the industrial age and the resulting unprecidented burning of fossil fuels. This suggests that there is a kind of Cnut like futility in thinking that attempts to reduce CO2 outputs will make one scrap of difference, apart from flushing the entire western economy down the pan and reducing us all to penury. In the meantime emerging eastern economies will cancell out our efforts by taking up the slack and producing all the manufactured goodies that we can no longer afford to buy because we have all been reduced to making a living from subsistance farming.

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