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Great Uncle Bulgaria!

I have done questionable things but this is off the Richter scale. This makes Tony Adams in his boozing days look tame. It happened in Bulgaria. These things always seem to happen in Bulgaria or Romania. Strap yourself in. You’re in for one hell of a ride…

A Bulgarian has racked up a lengthy list of drug-induced felonies after being given drugs that were promised to ‘guarantee a good time.’

As you shall see a good time was indeed had by all…

On a slow day in Bulgaria Angel Atanasov decided to take some drugs with a friend.

What followed was a drug-addled rampage of immense proportions.

The following statement by a police spokesman details a comprehensive list of the man’s crazed trail of destruction:

‘First he cut-off a piece of his penis, and when his father came to help him he sliced off his father’s ear.

‘He then ran into the road partially naked and bleeding, where he jumped into a car owned by a young woman who was unloading the trunk and drove off.

‘He went through a red light and crashed into a motorcycle before leaping out of the car and running to a nearby farm where he tried to batter down the door.

‘When that failed he ran down the back of the house and tried to set fire to a haystack.’

The statement continues:

‘He then stabbed a lamb to death before stripping off his remaining clothes and stealing an axe which he then ran off with completely naked.

‘When police closed in, he climbed up a high-voltage cable and was blasted with several thousand volts.’

It would seem this put an end to Atanasov’s rampage as he was arrested soon after.

Atanasov was said to have been taking drugs with a friend in Pazardzhik, a city in ["to" - surely - Ed] the southeast of the capital Sofia, because they were bored.

He is now fighting for his life in intensive care.

I suspect the cops will never have to buy another drink in their lives. That is a hell of a tale. I mean that’s a real, “Other than that it was a quiet shift…”


  1. Chuckles says:

    A couple of other phrases missing there – ‘as one does’, ‘just a normal day in Pazardshik’ etc.

  2. RAB says:

    Now we only have to decide if he’s up for a Hunter S Thompson Award, for Taking his drugs seriously, or a Darwin? ;-)

  3. Paul Marks says:

    An interesting reminder of why libertarianism is not libertineism.

    “It should be legal to….” does NOT mean “you should……”

    Nor is it just drugs.

    Blowing all your money on number 13 at the table should be legal also – but it is unwise.

    Having sexual relations with sickness ridden prostitutes is also a bad idea.

    And so on and so on.

    Sadly we live in a world where people think it is the duty of government to save them from their own folly – even there own crimes.

    After all this man cut his father’s ear off – and, if he lives, he should be punished for that.

    The “I was high on drugs” excuse does not impress me.

    As the drug taking was voluntary (no one forced the drugs into him) I would give him exactly the same punishment as if he had not taken drugs.

    Ditto with anything a drunk does.

    “Did someone force the booze down your throat? – No? O.K. you are for the high jump”.

  4. NickM says:

    Yes. This is why I am against prohibition. Not only does it prevent the reasonable from having genuine fun without harming themselves and others but it provides an “excuse”. It also doesn’t work. Indeed it is actively negative which of course is why the circle-jerk bansturbators love it so. Holding those under the influence responsible for substance-fuelled crimes is exactly the price we should pay for a pint or a toke. It is beyond that banning… Before alcohol prohibition in the USA the Americans were a nation of beer drinkers. Afterwards they took to the hard stuff because the illegality of booze meant bang for buck ruled. I don’t do drugs. I would like to but the same mentality over cannabis and MDMA has meant skunk and God knows what has replaced stuff I know. Same reason. Same applies to prostitution – the laws create most of the problem and therefore self-perpetuate. It applies to a lot. The same principle that bans handguns in the UK bans drugs. The same baleful consequences ensue. Only criminals sell drugs, only criminals have shooters.

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