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Out of the mouths of leftists

The Shadow Business Secretary, commenting on Vince Cable’s remarks to the Telegraph, said on Sky News,

“If you’re running another business, perhaps one less well known to the public, what confidence can you have that the competition authorities will view your case fairly?”

(Quoted from memory.)

Indeed, Mr. Denham. You’re learning. What confidence can you ever have?

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  1. Paul Marks says:

    There should be no “competition authorities” and “fairness” is just another term for “arbitrary government power”.

    What “Uncle Vince” Cable has done is simply to remove the mask covering the actions of government – under the pretense of “objective policy” the truth of the arbitrary nature of government power is shown.

    And changing the minister (whilst it may chance the result in this particular case) does not change the fact that the whole PRINCIPLE of “competition policy” (or “anit trust” policy in the United States) is wrong – rotten to the core.

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