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The Way Back – good film, please go and see it.

A short post.

“The Way Back” (the film based on then anti Communist book “The Long Walk”) is very good – please go and see it.

It is the sort of film that the cultural bias in the film industry (and virtually everything else – due to the education system and so on) means we do not often have a chance to see.

So rather than complain about why there are not more anti Communist films (television programmes, and ….) grab this chance to see one whilst you can.

Especially as it is a good film.

“What is your name?”.


“Do you have a first name?”


“What is it?”.



  1. NickM says:

    Thanks Paul!

    I was gonna see it anyway. I rate Ed anyway but I have connections with Poland and I know the stories. Indeed I have seen the stores. Weird place Poland. Most of it is “normal” so for example in a small town there I had the best Mexican food I have ever had outside of the USA (never been to Mexico) but just down the road was Balko which was a Sov-era department store and something else. To put it mildly it would have made Grace Brother’s look state of the art. It was fucking terrible. My host, Marian – my sister-in-laws boyf described it thusly, “You must go… It smells of Communism”. And it did. That was an experience.

    I am mind def gonna see “Tron Legacy” in IMAX 3D.

  2. That’s recommendation enough for me. I saw a trailer yesterday and hadn’t planned to watch it but will now. :)

  3. Lynne says:

    Haven’t been to the cinema for ages because it’s a long drive to the nearest one. I’ll wait for the DVD release. Thanks for the heads up.

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