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Spy in the Sky

From the school of Hollywood knows best.

George Clooney has come up with a foolproof plan to stop the intermittent genocide of the indiginous Sudanese population by the ruling Muslim elite dead in its tracks.  He’s going to point satellite laser cannons cameras at the nasty people.  He believes that because he’ll be watching them they’ll quit their murderous ways.  Good plan.  What could go wrong?  Oh…

What seems to have passed George by is that the whole world (the bit that cares) has long cast its gaze on the Sudanese government but has done bugger all to stop the deaths except mouth condemnation and hang a war criminal label the president which really cut the bastard to the quick – not.  Nevertheless, Kudos to George for taking a stand even if it is a useless one.  He’s keeping the situation in the news so that people won’t forget.

However, Sudan’s ruling Muslim president war criminal, Omar al Bashir doesn’t give a fuck.  He doesn’t give a fuck about people watching the genocide take place from outside his borders so he’ll give less than a nano-fuck about camers whizzing overhead in low earth orbit.  The only way this cunt will be stopped is if you shoot him right between the eyes because the first rule of reasoning with insane despotic murderers is you can’t reason with insane despotic murders.

George seem to believe the threat of being watched from on high will make OaB think twice.  After all, Google Earth is all seeing, all knowing (for a price).  He says of the technology:

“You can Google Earth my house any time, and zoom right down onto it. I want people who do really evil acts to enjoy the same level of celebrity that I do.

“They want to be famous, you’re famous now – if it works, it’s worth doing everywhere because it’s infinitely cheaper than taking all these people to refugee camps and paying to keep them alive.”

So apparently we have the technology to cover Sudan’s huge arse of an area 24/7 and be able to identify perps at they machete babes in their cribs as well?  Those genocidal jihadists must be quaking in their sandals.  As for evil acts, genocide is as evil as they come.  When it comes to George, for some reason the word Batman springs to mind.


  1. RAB says:

    Time George fessed up and headed for the Deed Poll Office and dropped the “C” from his name.

    Does the fuckwit honestly think that America doesn’t have spy satellites with a resolution a thousand times more detailed than Google Earth, in place already?

    Now if they had loudspeakers on board…

    Imagine the scene, the murderous Mussies are on the rampage looking for Christians to lop parts of their anatomy off, when a booming voice from the sky says…

    Oy you! yes you cuntfeatures, you with the machete. Put it down very slowly or there will be thunderbolts!

    Who am I? I’m Allah you shitheads! This is supposed to be the Religion of Peace remember? and they are people of the Book. You are making me look very very bad!

    Trouble is they’d probably believe that the voice was of an israeli Vulture.

  2. Lynne says:

    That’s a bloody good point, RAB.

    Over to you, George…

  3. Doesn’t Georgie know that Google Earth isn’t a live feed? One of my old cars is on it in three different locations (including once in Spain) because it happened to be parked there when GoogleSat snapped from on high.

  4. If I went by Google Earth, I’d never even get to work. The bridge I cross every morning on the GE maps finishes in the middle of the river, then starts up again a few hundred yards upstream. The pictures aren’t screwed together very tightly, I take it.

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