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The Keys of Hildenborough

This story is a few days old but that isn’t a reason not to comment on it.

Eighty year old Muriel Clark of Hildenborough has caused quite a stir writing for her local church magazine, Hildenborough Keys. Here is what she wrote:


by Mrs. Muriel Clark

In view of the worldwide media interest in the fate of Mrs. Ashtiani in Iran, I am concerned about the ever increasing Islamisation of our own country, and think we should take a stand against:

a) uncontrolled immigration of Muslims whose birth rate exceeds that of other groups.

b) allowing Turkey to enter the EU with the inevitable consequence of the increase in our Muslim population.

c) establishment of non-integrated Islamic communities, including no-go areas to so-called infidels in our cities.

d) imposition of sharia laws, taking precedence over our legal and banking systems.

e) halal meat and dairy products stealthily introduced into our prisons, schools and shops.

f) the sometimes intense, and often subtle promotion of Islam in many primary schools in order to influence impressionable young minds.

If we are honest, we know about the oppression of Islamic regimes in Muslim lands, where infidels are not tolerated. Is that what we in Britain really want?

Despite the seeming lack of faith in our Christian heritage, even in sections of the Church nowadays, I am convinced that by far the majority do not welcome these undoubted pressures to bring our country into submission to Islam.

All fair comment.  This lady has voiced what many people are thinking and was supported by the magazine’s editor, Nick Hawkins and the Reverend John Chandler.  She is right to voice her concerns, after all we live in a country that values free speech.

Oh wait…

No, clearly I was wrong.  Mrs. Clark is a bigot who needs slapping down with the full force of the law.  Well at least according to gutless dhimmi wannabe local politician Steve Dawe of Tonbridge’s Green Party that is.

I hope those responsible indicate this was a mistake, and will never occur again. If not, then this is clearly a matter for the Equality and Human Rights Commission, who may wish to bring a case on the grounds of incitement to religious hatred.

Bet that’ll shut the demented old biddy up, eh?  Can’t have her opening up a debate on Islamification in case people start looking more deeply and discover she has a valid point.  After all, religious hatred is a horrid thing and Mrs Clark pointing out the bloody obvious is far more dangerous than any run-of-the-mill, religiously motivated incitement to commit mass murder.

Naturally, another local politician had to weigh in with his two happ’orth.  Here’s what Southborough Conservative Councillor and member of the West Kent Muslim Association Nasir Jamil had to say:

Islamisation is a very sensitive issue.

Quite.  Anyone who dares raise the subject and asks searching questions gets gagged by threats of prosecution or is branded a racist or a hatemonger.  Why is that?

Her views are a bit extremist and it’s a bit out of the blue. It really hurts us.

Bollocks!  This is what extremism out of the blue looks like and it not only hurts, it kills.

How can they publish it, especially to a small community?

It’s called freedom of expression and is protected by Article 10(1) of the Human Rights Act 1998.  The size of the community has bugger all to do with anything.

It creates a bad impression that Muslims are extremists.

Oh really?  An eighty year old pensioner expressing her concerns frightens you that much?  Then what the fuck do you call this, Councillor?

Muriel’s words scared the cunt councillor so much he bent the ear of made a formal complaint to Kent Police.  The police subsequently paid a visit to Yasser Balesaria, Imam of Tunbridge Wells mosque.  Hopefully to take a statement rather than advice.  But the councillor didn’t let the subject rest there.

We’ve launched a formal complaint to the Equality and Human Rights Commission on the basis that this article incites religious hate.

That’s very civic minded of you, councillor.  But let’s not stop there.  Mrs. Clark didn’t say anything that hasn’t already appeared in the secular national newpapers so how come you aren’t reporting them too?  I mean, the nationals have a circulation of millions whereas the Hildenborough Keys has a readership of around a hundred, if they’re lucky? Is your blinkered focus an oversight perhaps?  I hope so otherwise people might begin to think that the persecution of Muriel the Anglican is relgiously motivated.  But you’re not religiously motivated are you, councillor?  A fair minded pillar of the community like you wouldn’t be dumb enough or religiously motivated enough to extend the witch hunt to demanding the resignation of an Anglican priest and his magazine editor, would you?  Oh…

…called for the editor of the St John’s Church-produced magazine, Nick Hawkins, and the Rev John Chandler, to resign from their posts.

If it waddles like a witch hunt and it quacks like a witch hunt…

Local Muslims have been encouraged to petition Tunbridge Wells MP, Greg Clark (no apparent relation).  Let’s hope their evidence of religious hatred is more substantial than Muriel being of the Christian persuasion and telling it like it is in the spirit of Fitna.  If a singular eighty year old lady can make them cack their trollies so profoundly just think what an army of Muriels could achieve.

I’d like to know why Kent and Sussex Courier journalist, Shams Al-Shakarchi, felt it necessary to print Muriel’s address in his rag. 

The story can be found here and here.


  1. JuliaM says:

    “I’d like to know why Kent and Sussex Courier journalist, Shams Al-Shakarchi, felt it necessary to print Muriel’s address in his rag.”

    I’m sure if his name had been Stan Smith he’d have done the same.

    Oh, my suspicious nature!

  2. Lynne says:

    Perhaps you’re right, Julia. Let’s hope it doesn’t precipitate visits from the more excitable members of the Religion of Peace. They can get rather carried away sometimes.

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  5. Angry Exile says:

    It’s called freedom of expression and is protected by Article 10(1) of the Human Rights Act 1998.

    Unfortunately Article 10(2) means they can move the goalposts for what sounds like pretty much any old bullshit reason they choose. I reckon they could unfree her freedom of speech with “subject to such formalities, conditions, restrictions or penalties as are prescribed by law and are necessary in a democratic society” or “in the interests of … public safety, for the prevention of disorder or crime” or “for the protection of the reputation or rights of others”. All crap of course, but I’m sure that’s what 10(2) is there for. If they actually wanted to guarantee freedom of speech Article 10 would have been just the first bit.

  6. RAB says:

    Fi Fie Foe Fum! I smell the blood of a small defenceless Christian English patriot- AGAIN!

    Just like the B&B owners in Cornwall.

    The Trevor Phillips Massive will be all over this like a rash!

    And using OUR Cash!

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  8. Lynne says:

    Angry Exile, that is precisely why we should ditch the HRA but we’re still stuck with it thanks to yet another one of Cast Iron Cameron’s worthless fucking promises. :(

    RAB The Trevor Phillips Massive. I wish I’d thought of that! :)

  9. Sam Duncan says:

    “The police subsequently paid a visit to Yasser Balesaria, Imam of Tunbridge Wells mosque.”

    In the bad old days, coppers went out looking for criminals. Now they go in search of victims. “Orwellian” is an overused word, but it’s hard to think of anything more apt. “Bradburian”, perhaps.

    If I were Mr. Hawkins, I’d call for Cllr. Jamil to fuck off and do some proper councilloring like seeing to the drains or something.

  10. GW says:

    I am wondering if the next British revolution will start in my lifetime. I was pretty amazed it didn’t happen when Brown signed over Britain’s sovereignty to the EU without the promised referendum, but that didn’t seem to raise much tension. Honestly, I don’t know how Brits put up with this insanity without leaving blood in the streets. I know the majority of non-lefties on that side of the pond, at least those I know and am friends with, are seething over it all. What will be the spark?

  11. Lynne says:

    Sam, I despise professional victims. I despair of the police feeding into this crap. I defy the establishment that engenders the culture of victimhood at the cost of our liberties.

    GW, yes, yes and yes! The spark is there, Muriel Clark proves that. Unfortunately, when it comes to the general population, the tinder can be severely waterlogged in places. EU? Boring. Politics? Boring. Energy security? Is that windmills and shit? Boring. Theft of sovereignty? Boring. Draconian taxes? Does that affect my Giro? No? Boring. Erosion of liberties? Erosion? Ain’t that science? Do I look like a fucking scientist to you? Bores my arse off innit!

  12. Peter MacFarlane says:

    Lynne, you’ve got it roughly right. Bread and circuses, as the Roman ruling class knew so well, can cover up almost anything. But they failed in the end, when more vigorous invaders appeared.

    I wonder who ours will be?

    Oh, wait, they’re already here – isn’t this where we came in?

  13. Paul Marks says:

    A very good post Lynne.

  14. Sarah Blake says:

    I was alarmed to see that her address had been published in the original article, and felt outrage that an 80 year old woman should be subjected to such a storm of criticism for writing a quite reasonable piece about the threat to Christianity in a Christian parish magazine. Puzzled, I did a bit of Googling on Cllr Jamil, who has been so upset and threatened by eighty year old Muriel, and discovered that he has divided loyalties. Not only does he bow to Prime Minister ‘call-me-Dave’ Cameron and operate as a fully paid up member of the Tory party, but he also acts as a UK representative and party member of the Pakistan Muslim League (N) So I Googled the PML and found this “The Muslim League shall work for promoting unity and solidarity amongst Islamic states, and resolutely support all Islamic causes,” which explains why Muriel Clark has hit the headlines! Looks like the Islamists have got their feet well and truly under the Tory table.

  15. Lynne says:

    Sarah, Jamil has shown himself up for what he is, a bully. His actions make a mockery of his own, self appointed virtues of “leadership”, “vision” and here’s the most ironic one, “humanity”. The apologists that are cheerleading for him in the persecution of a pensioner with “unacceptable” views are no better. What they are doing is silencing the truth with the collusion of the State. Normal people call this fascism. The likes of Jamil and ecoloon Dawe call it “justice”.

    iDave has a lot of questionable feet under his table. The iDave style of conservatism, like the parasites he superceded, can’t sell this country out to EUSSR interests fast enough. We used to hang traitors. Now we elect the shitbags to public office.

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