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The leaks from Al-Jazeera about the extent to which Fatah would compromise came as no surprise to me (I mean that’s what you do in negotiations, right?). The simple truth is that there is not and never really has been a Palestinian state-in-waiting. There have been two with leaderships – Fatah and Hamas – who have wholly different goals. Hamas recall has in it’s charter a requirement for the destruction of Israel.

The two state solution (Israel and a cobbled together “Palestine”) is and always has been meaningless. The end result would look rather like the partition of India in miniature with Pakistan and what is now Bangladesh expected to be one country. Didn’t that turn-out lovely? I have been saying this for years. The only realistic solution is for Gaza and the West Bank to be two Palestinian states called – well, up to them really. I fervently hope people are beginning to realise this now and draw up a new “roadmap” (or whatever ridiculous metaphor) to reflect this simple geographical truth but I doubt it. The media certainly doesn’t seem to get it.


  1. Lynne says:

    Yeah, two Palestinian states. They’ll be that busy trying to kill/control each other they’ll forget about wiping Israel off the map for a while.

  2. Bod says:

    You really something similar the ‘rectangular states’ solution put forward by George Carlin.

    You have to make sure the new nations are adjacent, with a big fence or wall between them, with a limited number of crossing points, thru’ narrow corridors.

    Every Saturday afternoon, you drop a cache of weapons in the selected corridor, fire up the TV cameras, and open the gates at both ends of the corridor. Sell the movie rights, advertizing space on the walls, and organize some product placement.

    Ten minutes each end with a ten minute break to clear the field of casualties and reload. Extra time if needed, then flush the tunnel with sleepy gas, take back the smallarms and unexpended ordnance, clear out everything else from the zone (for extra credit, do it by having a race between two supercharged hot rod bulldozers) and you’re done until next week.

    Just like The Running Man, but with less SFX and there’s nowhere to run.

    Should be able to announce the final results just before teatime, just after the football scores (do they still have Grandstand?), and just before whoever replaced Jeremy Beadle and Noel Edmonds.

  3. dfwmtx says:

    Lynne, actually, whichever side steals the most UN development funds and other charitable donations wins. Yasser Arafat is the current record holder, IIRC.

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