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The Prime Minister of Australia is a scumbag.

One reaction I might get to the title of this post is “how dare you use such language about a women – and you are not even Australian”.

As for not being Australian – Australians have never been exactly shy about commenting upon politicians in other countries (and there is no reason they should be shy about it). And as for not using crude language about a women – Australian leftists have always used crude language about female politicians they do not like (from M. Thatcher to Pauline Hanson), so let us cut the nonsense about “do not use crude language” – after all the lady claims to be a feminist, so no convenient transformation into a sweet little flower whenever it suits her, PLEASE.

I repeat – the Prime Minister of Australia is a scumbag, the evidence is plain enough.

Think about it – you are watching the worst floods for many years, people are being KILLED, and your thoughts are “GOOD, I can use this as an excuse to increase taxes on the rich”.

If that is how someone thinks (and acts) then, man or women, they are a SCUMBAG.

The ALP government in Australia has not been shy about borrowing money – it took a balanced budget from Prime Minister Howard and decided to borrow and spend, not to counter some economic crises in Australia (there was no crises to counter), but simply to imitate the United States and Britain (where governments were borrowing and spending) – talk about a “cultural cringe”, if daddy jumps over a cliff then baby jumps over a cliff. Is that it?

Now the Prime Minister says that “we” must repair the damage caused by the floods – but it turns out that “we” just means people earning over 50,000 Dollars a year. In short it is “do not worry Labour welfare roll voters [i.e. the legion of the workshy who make up the backbone of the ALP at election time] – the rich are going to pay the bill” (and look how low down “rich” is now defined to be).

Yet the media will not pull up the Prime Minister on this – any more than they pull her up for working for a Marxist group only a few years ago (“it was the only job she could get” – pull the other one, it has got bells on, ditto anyone who claims this tax will be “temporary”, there will, of course, be a “change in circumstances” next year meaning the new tax “has to be” kept…..).

No, the Prime Minister of Australia is a scumbag – it really is that simple.


  1. Lynne says:

    Scumbag is a gross understatement. Malicious, conniving, leftist shitbag, on the other hand, works perfectly for me.

  2. Paul Marks says:

    You have a way with words – yes I stand corrected.

  3. RAB says:

    Well she was born in South Wales wasn’t she? and that’s the old one, not the New one. Her parents, the Ten Quid Taffs , probably carried the virus of shitbag Socialism with them. South Wales is a place that even if you have a job, 80% of the population sup from the Public tit.

    Whenever people moan about Sarah Palin being thick and not up to the job, and despite my initial missgivings, I am warming to her more and more, I say well look at the Prime Minister of Australia. She’s already been elected and is thick on a stick. She sounds like a complete moron every time she opens her mouth!

  4. Sam Duncan says:

    RAB, I always find it amusing (or frightening – it varies) that the very same people who deride Palin’s intelligence applauded Gordon Brown’s.

  5. john in cheshire says:

    All socialists are scumbags. It’s in their DNA.

  6. Stonyground says:

    When I heard that the proposed tax was going to be a ‘temporary’ tax, it made me think of the UKs income tax which was introduced as a ‘temporary’ tax to fund the war against Napoleon. Does anyone think that I might have a case for claiming back all the income tax that I have ever paid on the grounds that all of it post-dated the Battle of Waterloo?

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