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Barack Obama and the State of the Union speech.

According to Barack Obama government spending is “investment” – indeed such “investment” is vital in the areas of government education (“like Korea” accept that the Republic of Korea spends vastly LESS than the United States on government schools and the teachers are nonunion whereas Barack DEPENDS on the government sector unions, especially the Bill Ayers “social justice teacher training text” trained teachers), and on repairing government roads and bridges and ….., and (of course) on “green jobs” and “green energy”.

In short on all the things that Barack Obama was given more than a TRILLION Dollars for two years ago. What happened to that money, did he lose it down the back of the couch?

Now he wants still more money – which he pretends will not add to a deficit that is already at ONE AND HALF TRILLION DOLLARS for this year.

No further comment is needed on this absurd man – no great examination of whether he is a Marxist or an American Progressive (although if he is the latter – what happened to the racism and ultra nationalism that were the defining features of American Progressivism).

Barack Obama should just be told to resign and go off and GET A JOB.

Perhaps he could be a real lawyer – rather than just doing political work for ACORN (and other such) spending the rest of the time with his feet on the desk (no I am not making this up) writing “Dreams From My Father” about his Marxist dad (and the writing style of that book seems more Bill Ayers than Barack Obama anyway).

All his life stuff has been given to Barack – a nice school in Hawaii paid for by his bank director grandmother (the person he smeared in the campaign as a “racist”, “but I love her”, in order to distract attention from his 20 years as the crony of the Marxist antiAmerican Rev. J. Wright), a place in Harvard (thanks to Percy Sutton, Malcolm X’s attorney, and Khalid Abdullah Tariq al-Mansour – pal of Huey Newton and Bobby Seale of the Black Panther Party, and of Louis Farrakhan).

Then a job at the University of Chicago (without publishing any academic articles there,  just one abortion article whilst at Harvard,  – try getting an academic job and keeping it without publishing), and a private law job – where (as pointed out above) he could just doss about all day, while other people did the work.

No wonder Barack thinks government spending is “investment” and no wonder he forgets about a TRILLION Dollars (as if it was nothing) and just asks for more.

Barack Obama has been detached from reality his whole life – even his drug abuse (and lack of work) at Occidental did not harm him (on the contrary, he was welcomed into Columbia and overseas trips were given to him as well). Remember he “organized” poor communities, he was not part of them – he lived over in Hyde Park (the Chicago area one) with the other rich leftists.

Basically if Barack Obama were a character in a novel it would be sent back to the author with the request that he be made less of a sterotype. However, as this is real life he is praised as a wonderful, great man – both by the “mainstream” media, and by the education system of both universities and schools.


  1. Malcom says:

    Basically then you are saying he’s a spoiled little f*ck. That’s how I’d interpret this article – and also, would agree with you – spoilt little nose in the air progressive f*ck with better than thou self-righteous tendencies, arrogant and mean spirited to the core, dressed in shiny candy wrapper to hide the rotten sh*t inside and thus appealing to the brain addled who couldn’t be arsed to question integrity, authority or address actual human dignity if it were a snake and reached out and bite them. But that’s my intepretation of the Big O.

  2. john in cheshire says:

    As seems to be more true than not, the bad guys always come out on top. Why is that?

  3. Paul Marks says:

    F.A. Hayek has a chapter on this (why the bad guys get to the top – in political life) in his “Road to Serfdom”. This is often called (although not by Hayek) “why the scum rise to the top”.

    As for my own view…..

    Think of the characteristics that help someone running a small business.

    Clearly saying what they mean. And saying the same thing to different people.

    Keeping their word.

    Producing a good product. And saying exactly what is, what it is good for, and what it is NOT good for (a customer can be conned once – but such a person will never come back).

    Keeping a grip on costs – having a keen for doing things in the most cost effective way possible (including all costs – indirect as well as direct).

    Thinking for the long term – in relation to how the business performs (not just one’s position within the business).

    None of these things are of help in politics – indeed they would tend to greatly damage a political career.

  4. freedom says:

    He has never had a real job, never had to make a proper or difficult decision before he got the top job — where he can now lecture people and dodge issues. He came from next to nowhere (what was the path that took him from Hawaii to Chicago via a top university? Whose money and where?) to take the number one job.

    He is a career politician whose life is solely being political, of appeasing the people who elevated him, of making sure he garners enough votes next time round to continue doing what he does. Power without responsibility; the thing that makes lefties across the world salivate in anticipation.

    I am no Obama fan, and I doubt whether his latest teleprompter event will change that opinion.

  5. Paul Marks says:


    The best book on Obama politcally is “Radical in Chief”.

    But for where the late money came from – “Bought and Paid For” (about corrupt and businesspeople) is good, although it does not really grasp the nature of Obama himself.

    As for the early money – and the various personalites.

    “The Obama Timeline”.

  6. 6079SmithW says:

    A trillion here, a trillion there and pretty soon you’re talking serious money …


  7. Umbongo says:

    Freedom’s observations on Obama, that “he has never had a real job, never had to make a proper or difficult decision before he got the top job — where he can now lecture people and dodge issues” apply equally well to the leaders of the 3 major parties in the UK (unless you consider stints in PR at Carlton Communications and in the Brussels bureaucracy as “real jobs”).

  8. Paul Marks says:

    Umbongo – I agree with you.

    I am not a fan of any of “big three” party leaders – not their lives, or their policies.

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