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A request concerning Tunisia.

As people may, or may not, remember…..

The present wave of protests in the Arab world started when a man burned himself alive in Tunisia – in protest against the police preventing him selling fruit and veg without a permit (he was an educated man with a university degree, thus showing the folly of the subsidy of higher education if it leads to people thinking they are going to get a “graduate job” at some point, but he was not “even” allowed to sell fruit and veg).

Will someone please find out if whatever regime finally takes over (“ex socialist” like Tunisia was, or social democratic, or back to socialism, or over to Islamist collectivism, or whatever) actually gets rid of this regulation – or whether the Permit Raj continues, regardless of who is in power or what system there is supposed to be.


  1. NickM says:

    Interesting point Paul. I guess what you’re saying is the thing that sparks revolutions tends to be forgotten in the rough and tumble that follows.

  2. “. . in protest against the police preventing him selling fruit and veg without a permit.”

    In the UK Steve Thoburn was prosecuted for selling fruit by the pound, rather than in metric weights. Where’s our revolution?

  3. Paul Marks says:

    Your guess is right Nick.

    After all the taxes (and so on) of the French Monarchy ended up WORSE under the new regime (regimes).

    Bugger how a regime is organized – what I care about is how it treats people, whether it taxes, and regulates, and inflations them to bits.

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