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Met Office Petard Hoisted

Thanks to Autonomous Mind.

Here’s what AM’s latest Freedom of Information request brought to light.

The depth of AM’s research into the Met Office and Roger Harrabin’s claim that the Met Office issued an extreme cold weather forecast to the government last October, has revealed some jaw dropping lies and deceit.

I can’t improve on the information and observations AM has already produced so please follow the link and read it for yourselves.  Then ask yourselves this – why do we continue to fund a government agency that puts AGW before it’s primary function of weather forecasting and has now been caught out in yet another spectacularly audacious lie?


  1. Paul Marks says:

    No Lynne, this all just proves man made globel warming.

    As do the people freezing to death in the United States as I type this.

    And if they were dying of heat – that would also prove man made globle warming (just as cold does).

    All data (or the opposite data) proves man made globel warming – it is clearly the most perfect theory in history.

  2. Lynne says:

    Must be down to the intellect repelling, lead lined tin foil hats they wear. Nothing can get through. Not real science; not even neutrinos.

  3. RAB says:

    I watched the Storyville Meet the Sceptics “documentary” on iPlayer last night.

    A hatchet job from start to finish. Complete not even sly, but totally unsubtle Ad Hominem on Lord Monckton. Considering it was Meet the Sceptics in the plural, he seemed to be the only one to be talked to. Dellingpole got a slight look in, but had more sense than to let his guard down like he did last time. His take on it is here…

    The Warmists provided no science or physical evidence whatsoever to counter Monckton’s claims, just “The geezer in bonkers, dont listen to him!”

    These cunts will never give up until we are back in caves. The arguement now seems to be… Even if we AGW believers are wrong, why take the chance? We have to shut down (Western) civilisation, just in case.

  4. Bod says:

    People freezin’ to death in the US?

    You’re not kidding, Paul. It’s goddamn ‘taters out here, and we’re in for more in the next few days.

    Cold enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey.

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