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Epic Win!

Epic win.  There is no other way to describe the actions of retired Ghurka, Bishnu Shrestha.

Bishnu was onboard an Indian train, heading home to Nepal, when a gang of  approximately forty robbers held up the train.  Not only did he prevent the rape of a young woman, he single handedly tackled the robbers, killing three and injuring eight before they realised they were outmatched and legged it.

That is serious, hard core arse kicking.

The story is here.

H/T Wolf Howling


  1. Chris says:

    Hardly a fair fight: he had the dacoits outnumbered 1 to 40.

  2. Chalcedon says:

    Every now and then it is so heartwarming to read about a real hero.

  3. Paul Marks says:

    Wonderful stuff.

    And the “intellectuals” claim that such things are “myths”.

  4. JuliaM says:

    And to think, these are the people the Labour government sought to screw over, all the while letting in the scum of the earth*?


    * Not that the coalition have proved to be any better on that score.

  5. freedom says:

    …but think about the yooman rights of the poor, oppressed robbers! What of them?

    I think Guardian luvvies needs to remind us to seek out the causes of their criminality, etc, before we judge them harshly.

  6. Cool. Were the baddies also armed?

  7. Geo says:


    yes they were armed, knives and guns. The hero received a knife wound during his exploits.

  8. RAB says:

    Bloody marvelous!

    My best friend’s dad was a Major in the Gurkhas in WW2. When their Khukari gets unsheathed, you either run, or you die!

    This hero was in the Indian Army not ours alas. If he was, he would be on half the pension that one of our Brit born soldiers gets, be probably on murder charges, or at the very least get a stern warning from Plod not to get involved, to stand back and leave the situation to them.

    Boy I’d love to see this guy in action on a Manchester United football Special excursion train of a saturday night though, wouldn’t you?

    We could do with a County full of blokes like this, rather than the swarms of fuckin Somali’s we seem to have now.

  9. Rob F says:

    I think that guy just turned me homosexual.

    Hey, a guy or gal likes to feel protected when (s)he’s at the latest Star Trek convention.

    I tried a Bat’leth at my last one and I’m still taking the Zapain and the Gabapentin. And no, they aren’t alien races.

  10. Peter MacFarlane says:

    What Julia said.

    Including the *spit*

  11. Dave H. says:

    Ayo Gurkha!

  12. cuffleyburgers says:

    Of course if it had happened in blighty he would have been done for carrying an offensive weapon… oh and possibly murder as well, racially motivated of course…


  13. GW says:

    I just read a follow up on the guy. “He still finds it hard to believe that he took on 40 armed robbers alone. “They may have feared that more of my army friends were traveling with me and fled after fighting me for around 20 minutes,” he explained.”

    20 minutes? That’s not a fight, that’s a battle. I suspect that the sight of three of their own bleeding out on the train and 8 others screaming and bleeding from wounds from that short sword the Ghurka’s carry is what did the trick if this went on for 20 mins.

    This guy is not just heroic, he’s heroic – and effective – on a scale that would be rejected as outlandish if included in a work of fiction.

  14. Paul Marks says:

    Quite so.

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