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And so it begins…

It has been reported that two Iranian warships, with the permission of what currently passes for the interim Egyptian authorities, have passed through the Suez canal and are currently steaming towards the Syrian port of Al Alam.  I don’t pretend to be any kind of expert on the Middle East or matters military but my gut tells me this latest development is not a good thing.  Iran has stated it wants to erase Israel from the map and Israel has just lost an important ally in Egypt.  Mubarak, having been a very naughty boy, is no longer around to tell the Ayatollahs to fuck off leaving a political vacuum the military are trying to handle until some kind of civil leadership is reinstated.

Of course, this isn’t theocratic Iran’s first sortie into the region.  The Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps, formed after the 1979 Iranian revolution, has been giving the Hezbollah terrorists of Lebannon more than a helping hand since 1982.  This help extends to training, funding and arming.  During the 2006 spat between Israel and Hezbollah there were IRGC personnel on the ground.   The IRGC have reportedly been funding the Shi’ite militias in Iraq ensuring the country remains in a state of terror following the dubious intervention by the US and the UK in 2003.  Iran has also given occasional help to Hamas but not to the extent it helps Hezbollah.  Hezbollah is a Shi’ite terror organisation and Hamas is Sunni which might go a long way to explaining the lukewarm link between the Palestinian terrorists and Imadinnerjacket’s Shi’ite regime.  They share a common cause though – death to Israel.

A huge chunk of the Sunni Arab Middle East and North Africa are currently engaged in civil unrest with regimes toppling and now we have the Iranian navy added to the mix.  We do have a Royal Navy presence in the Med in the shape of the Gibralta Squadron.  However, I can’t see two 16 metre patrol launches and three ridged inflatables being much of a match for two fuck-off warships.  I hope we’ve got something more substantial in the vicinity.  That is if the arch Eurocunt fuckwit, Cameron, hasn’t already mothballed/decommissioned it.  The Iranian presence is a deliberate provocation no matter what diplomats say.  It can’t be ignored.  What we need is our own, very solid presence on show.  What we don’t need is the likes of Cameron, the Euroclowns or Obama bleating ineffectively that the Iranians and Islamists are nice people really and that we have nothing to worry about.  This isn’t the time to dismantle our armed forces and reduce our defence capability.

On a final note.  Apparently the Egyptian military are satisfied the Iranian ships are not carrying military equipment.  What part of these are two fucking warships sent by a lying Iranian lunatic doing his utmost to create a nuclear arsenal do they not understand?  Presumably the Egyptian military is using the same logic to assume there is nothing unconventional onboard either ship.  Whatever the reason the ships are there, I’d put money on it not benefitting the security of Israel or the West.


  1. Smoking Hot says:

    Our PM and other Western leaders seem to be repeating the mistakes that we made in regards to the Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterparte and Reichskanzler Hitler.

    Do they remember Reichskanzler Hitler? … he shortlisted for the Nobel Peace Prize and Life magazines ‘Man of the Year’ in 1938. Such a popular chap.

  2. Paddy says:

    Oh Lynne,

    you are surely exaggerating! Don’t forget that we have three search and rescue helicopters to guard our bases in Cyprus, commanded by a Major General and Air Commodore.

  3. Lynne says:

    Yes Paddy. I’m sure the Iranian matelots are quaking in their sandals.


  4. Ian B says:

    Smoking Hot, I don’t see the parallel. If the Jews had previously taken over Bavaria and declared it their tribal homeland, maybe it would fit better.

    I was reading up about Herzl, pretty much the founder of Zionism, the other day. His suggestion for a Jewish homeland was in Argentina. Setting up in Palestine, in the midst of a fiercely enemy religion, has to be the dumbest choice of land in history. The original argument for Zionism was that the Europeans would always hate the Jews, so they would never be safe. So, what logic was there in going into the midst of Islam?

    I’ve come to the conclusion that I don’t have much sympathy for either side in this conflict. I hope all these Arabs and Jews and Persians can find a way forwards into modernity, but so long as they cling to their respective religious mythologies, they will never do that. It dooms them to war without end.

    What is the truth of the matter? The God they are both fighting over does not exist. Jerusalem is not a holy place, just one of the myriad cities that arose in the area. Greater Israel never existed, and Judea was just one of the minor kingdoms which flickered briefly in the historical record, like Edom and Moab and, in our own land, Wessex. The whole struggle is a waste of time.

    But they are mad people, all of them, clinging to an imaginary past. Leave them to it. Let them fight until they are so reduced that their only weapons are clubs and rocks. I see no reason for a single drop of British blood to be spilled on behalf of either side.

  5. JuliaM says:

    “Apparently the Egyptian military are satisfied the Iranian ships are not carrying military equipment. “

    Errr…how are they NOT carrying military equipment? Is it not built into the ship?

  6. NickM says:

    What sort of warships are they? Anyway the US and Israel have a strong presence in the Med. I will guarantee you Lynne that those Iranian ships will be followed by Israeli subs and if they even think of docking in Gaza or Lebanon they will be sunk. Of course they might be shipping something to Syria for them to ship to Hezbollah but…

    There are all sorts of things going on here. I am very sceptical about Iran wanting Armageddon. Oh they make the right noises but I suspect deception and Iranian designs are more along the lines of regional hegemony and they have taken advantage of Egypt’s currently chaotic state to extend that. The right to use things like the Suez canal or the Bosphorus straits is a big deal for a great many nations. The Russians have an aircraft carrier. It’s a rather odd thing. It has it’s own missiles and such and only carries air-defence fighters. It ski-jumps CTOL Sukhois so due to it’s lack of ‘pults they are very limited in warload. This ship is not called an aircraft carrier though. Why? It’s called an “aircraft carrying cruiser” this is because the Russians have a treaty with NATO not to transit from the Med to the Black Sea with a carrier. What I’m saying is that there are many issues about such transits which are diplomatic issues par excellence.

    If you want my take on Iran… They want nukes not to flatten Tel-Aviv but for much the same reason lots of countries do – prestige and as a back-stop to their general antics. The minute they have a working nuke and a reasonable missile to stick it on they know that nobody can do squat about their iniquities. What is really dangerous about Iran’s nuclear ambitions is that it means the likes of the Saudis will want ’em too.

    What you gotta remember about Iran is they are strongly nationalistic (due to their long history as a genuine organic country) in a way that most ME nations are not. Their whole schtick is nationalistic dick-swinging. When the Yanks leave Iraq… Now that will be interesting! And what of places like Bahrain with a load of oppressed Shias. I also wouldn’t be surprised if they were up to antics in Somalia and Yemen. Certainly the Iranian Republican guard tactics in fast patrol boats are not dissimilar to Somalian pirates.

    The Iranians must surely have one or two Sid Meier fans. Iran is strategically placed to control some vital shipping lanes. And if they have nukes there is feck all anyone can do. There is no way they could be snap-counted if they’re mobile. We learned that against Saddam in ’91 with the Scuds. And so did they.

  7. Ian B says:

    The starship Enterprise has phasers and photon torpedoes as standard armament, but wouldn’t normally be characterised as carrying military equipment, unless the cargo bay was full of munitions of some kind.

  8. Locke says:

    Has this got anything to do with Britain?

  9. Furor Teutonicus says:

    XX I can’t see two 16 metre patrol launches and three ridged inflatables being much of a match for two fuck-off warships. XX

    Ask the crew of the U.S.S Cole the question.

  10. NickM says:

    “I was reading up about Herzl, pretty much the founder of Zionism, the other day. His suggestion for a Jewish homeland was in Argentina.”

    Would that have been near the German “homeland” in Argentina. The one set up by Nietszche’s Brother-in-law who was a rabid anti-semite?

    “I’ve come to the conclusion that I don’t have much sympathy for either side in this conflict. I hope all these Arabs and Jews and Persians can find a way forwards into modernity, but so long as they cling to their respective religious mythologies, they will never do that. It dooms them to war without end.”

    I have heard this sort of argument before. Yeah, fair enough but does it really look as though the Jews or Muslims are about to give up those mythologies? Mythologies matter. We in the “rational” West have them. Ask the average US high-school student about Abe Lincoln. Try telling the average Brit that the Spitfire was fundamentally flawed. Even try telling them that unlike in the movie “First of the Few” Reg Mitchell despised the name of his creation. Or that the RAF really wanted the Westland Whirlwind.

    “What is the truth of the matter? The God they are both fighting over does not exist.”

    OK. Yeah, right. But is it just about God? There ar other issues. Even so the religious element can’t be discounted just because you’re an atheist Ian because they very clearly are not. Religion, whether you like it or not, has enormous power. This goes at least as far back as Abraham taking a hatchet to his dick. People squatted on poles for decades, allowed themselves to be tortured to death, tortured others to death, launched jihads, crusades, fly airplanes into buildings… You appreciate that pretty much the only way medieval battles tended to happen was that both sides were roaring drunk. This was on our Muhammed’s edges. He got ’em hepped on religious fervour. Religion just isn’t going away. For good or ill it holds immense sway over the minds of huge chunk of the planet’s populace.

    “Jerusalem is not a holy place”

    I have to disagree with that. It is holy to three major religions. Now whether you think these people are right to think that or not doesn’t matter to them. Because they know it. Have you heard of Jerusalem syndrome? Pilgrims get overwhelmed and go doolally. Undoubtedly they at the time thing God or Allah or whoever is speaking to them. Psychiatrists probably disagree but the subjective experience is what matters. Whether orr not religion is true in the objective sense of the word is vastly less important (again for good and ill) than it’s hold on people. I certinly don’t see it going away in somewhere like Gaza. It’s all those poor fuckers have.

  11. Ian B says:

    Well the point I was making Nick is that God objectively does not exist and thus Jersualem objectively is not a holy place, but while people continue to believe those things, they will carry on killing each other, and that is why we should not intervene. If people want to fight over national/religious mythologies, that is up to them. They aren’t going to listen to reason, and it is madness to get involved in that situation.

    “But is it just about God?” you ask. The answer is, it is entirely about God. If nobody believed in God, there would be no Muslims and no Jews and no Christians. That’s not to say that people wouldn’t be fighting over something, but they wouldn’t be fighting over this.

    Why did the Jews flood into Palestine and take it over? Because they believe that God gave them it 3000 years ago. That objectively is not true. Judea was only a recognisable entity for a few hundred years, just a minor province of various empires, and only an independent one under the Hasmoneans (the inventors of fundamentalism) for about a century, more than 2000 years ago. But the strange religion the Persians invented for the inhabitants lives on, and on; it has metastasised twice, and one version of it in particular hates its parent. They are all trapped in the tribal politics of more than two millennia ago. The things they believe are objectively bullshit. We know for a fact that Mohammed never got a rulebook from Yawheh, and we know for a fact that Yahweh never trumped on Mount Sinai.

    But if they want to carry on believing in bullshit, fine. That’s their right. But it’s nobody else’s business and nobody else’s job to get involved.

  12. EndivioR says:

    Maybe I’m a simpleton, but despite having been born in a godforsaken hole called Shirley, Birmingham, I honestly don’t think there’s a biologist in the world who could detect Britishness in my blood after even the most stringent lab analysis. So I would amend “not a drop of British blood”, which doesn’t actually mean anything, to “not a drop of O positive” or whichever type it is you think shouldn’t be spilt. I also don’t think God or Allah or any of the other celestial jokers are really all that important. They’re just excuses for being tribal, and being tribal is just an excuse to steal other people’s land. And when I say “other people’s”, I mean that if you put your hard-earned down on a house somewhere and have all the papers to show for it then you tend to object to people coming along and saying “it’s mine now because x thousand years ago one of your great greats moved in and booted one of mine out”, to which the correct response is: “well, but they’re dead now, innit, so fuck off”. Trouble is, to get them to fuck off sometimes you need to enlist help from the neighbours. I would say it’s up to everyone to decide how neighbourly they want to be. Bearing in mind that Brigadas Internacionales seem to have quite a track record for just getting in people’s way and not actually achieving very much.

  13. NickM says:

    Jerusalem is sacred to Muslims because that is where Big Mo ascended to heaven for a chin-wag with Ceiling Cat. He did it on a flying horse with the head of a man which I suppose is better than RyanAir at least.

    Except… It depends who you read. Mo portrayed the “night ride” as actually happening. His missus Aisha says it’s metaphorical and Mo never physically left the bed they were sharing. Now Mo at times said, “If I’m not around listen to Aisha – the best of my followers” or some such. This means Aisha’s testimony is important and to be taken seriously by Muslims. Indeed it is.

    Can a holy place be holy if the Prophet only went their metaphorically? Despite what Aisha said and the honour she is held in by Muslims Jerusalem is regarded as holy by Muslims. Do you see the issue here? Does a divine revelation require physical anything to make it true to the believer. No it doesn’t. Dos the Sermon on the Mount include anything woo-woo. No, it’s a man talking. It is though a critically important Christian text.

    The truth value of religious texts is staggeringly complicated as far as I’m concerned. What is the truth value of parables or Psalms? What of the sexist ranting of St Pauline of Tarsus? And what of religious ritual or dietary laws or growing a beard or wearing a turban. Does that meaningfully have a truth value? Or what of the Islamic conception of covering one’s awrah when out in public. It allows a woman to show her feet but not her ass. What if you’re not an ass man but a foot-fetishist – a rather common male fetish.

    These things a traditions, ways of doing things. Some undoubtedly had reasons behind them. Some undoubtedly are completely arbitrary. We are suckers for traditions. It’s the reason you wouldn’t go to a job interview in your gardening clothes. Or why the Brit and US armed forces salute differently. Or lives are dominated by symbology. Even the most rational of human activities – mathematics – is dominated by symbols. The lemniscate symboolising potential infinity sort of makes sense but does the use of the alephs for the transfinite cardinals? No. George Cantor just liked it. Admittedly weird symbology in math took a knock in the C20th but that is because of the invention of the type-writer. Symbols are how we think and that is what we are. They are real regardless of the truth value of what they symbolise is.

    If you recall Elvis Presley died on the bog… Would it be totally weird for the First Church of the Holy Hound Dogs to wear toilets on chains round their necks? No. Certainly a lot of Muslims think that a crucifix is weird. And not just Muslims. The alleged comedian Roy “Chubby” Brown opened a stint at a Catholic club by looking up at the crucifix and remarking, “I see you got the bastard who stole your video”. Pandemonium ensued.

    This might sound relativist but… there you have it. It is the way of the world. Think for a moment just how important symbology is to business. The corporate logo matters. It also is etymologically connected to the word “logos” and we know what was their in the beginning. It is arguable that pre-literate civilizations are not exactly the same species as us in a way. Read the Illiad. Nobody actually thinks about anything. They are told by gods or their bodily organs what to do. It’s really weird. It’s totally different from later Greek writing such as by, say Plato or Aristotle. Logos has power because it kick-started something profound in us.

    “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” – John 1:1

    “The word was God”. Get it? Religion may or may not be true in the sense that there is a heaven or hell. I suspect it isn’t true in that sense but in the sense of modern religions (religions of the book no less) it has genuine power and a sort of inevitability in a even moderately literate society. I mean what was the reformation and stuff about? Words, symbols are power. What is 2+2=5 in Orwell or PC about but a linguistic power grab?

    Like it or lump it The Word and God are essentially the same thing and have been since Hammurabi ordered some laws carving.

    I apologise Ian for ending this comment on what I admit is a cheap shot but… Do you actually have a practical suggestion for separating us from the power of religion without losing the power of symbology and words? The power indeed of thought?

    If you do have a solution to that then please write your holy book. I for one would like to read it.

    PS And the psychological explanation of religious belief won’t do. That puts us right back to the lads besieging Troy because that really is can’t help ourselves territory, wired with a “god-shaped hole” and all that.

  14. NickM says:

    British blood. Another deeply symbolic term. Think Flanders, poppies and all that malarkey.

  15. Ian B says:

    I didn’t claim a “solution”. Well, there’s an easy one. They can fucking grow up and be honest about history and reality. But they aren’t going to. So, that’s why I said, leave them alone. Let God sort them out, as the saying goes. It’s none of our business.

    “British blood”? I just meant that troops commissioned for the British services shouldn’t get killed intervening between mad fuckers in small and faraway lands killing each other over myths. I wasn’t using the term ethnically.

  16. Lynne says:

    I wasn’t advocating that we should become directly involved in this. I was merely advocating that the new wannabe bullies on the block should be aware that we aren’t as indolent, stupid and corrupt as they believe even if our current leaders are. Don’t forget that an awful lot of European countries have coastlines along the med with a few sitting in the front row of the theatre. Like it or not we are part of Europe. While it is impossible to predict the outcome of what is happening would it be sensible to hope it all goes away without creating a knock-on effect or, more likely, book a holiday cruise down Appeasement River?

    At the moment the only thing coming our way is thousands of people taking to boats to flee the uprisings. This seems set to increase exponentially. We need a presence there even if it’s only a humanitarian one. And not under the aegis of the bloody UN.

  17. NickM says:

    Ian, I know you weren’t using it in a Volkish manner. I said that you were using it symbolically.

    “They can fucking grow up and be honest about history and reality.”

    Well, yes they could. But why do you think they haven’t already? It is because they see reality differently to you. Their baseline axiom system is different. It leads to different results. Sometimes markedly so. Islam in particular is almost obsessive about public space being Dar-al-Islam or Dar-al-Harb. Certain Jews do, as you say, have dreams of a greater Israel.

    But myths are what drives huge numbers of people. The USA had Manifest Destiny, The British Empire thought it could civilise the world with a Martini-Henry and a copy of Wisdon, the Romans believed everyone else was a cunt (frequently they were right on that) and it goes on. And on. Unfortunately we can’t hermetically seal ourselves. And Israel is the closest thing we have to a genuine pal in the region.

  18. NickM says:

    Oh, and “small and faraway lands” has a whiff of the Nevilles to me.

  19. RAB says:

    Well religious dietary laws certainly had a practical purpose 2000 years ago with no refrigerators etc. Jewish and Muslim ones are remarkably similar arn’t they?

    Both don’t eat pork, not because God told them not to, that somehow it was unclean in a spiritual sense, but it was dodgy in a physical sense. Pigs are omnivores, they are prone to pick up all sorts of diseases and get tapeworms etc, so not eating them would have satisfied the Health and Safety officers of the time. Same with not eating shellfish. Get dodgy oyster or mussel and you are dead. Best to be on the safe side and make ’em verboten.

    As to spilling of British Blood, well it’s bound to happen isn’t it? We will get involved somehow, though how many more dodgy and pointless wars we can afford to get involved in, I’d say we are past breaking point already.

    All this rebellion and unrest in the Middle East has a lot to do with demographics you know. I don’t think I have seen anyone mention this, but 70% of Middle Eastern countries populations are under thirty. The rulers are ancient and have been in power forever. Mubarak for 31, the Fartmeister Gaddaffi for 40, the Saudi Royal Family since the 20s, and on and on it goes. The youth are sick of old farts telling them what to do, and what they can and can’t have. So they are rebelling. The best thing we can do is to sit back and watch and deal with what emerges. But of course we won’t.

  20. Ian B says:

    Nick, on “blood” I was replying to Endivio.

    Like I said, I know they think differently to me, and they aren’t going to change. That’s why I’m arguing we shouldn’t get involved.


    Both don’t eat pork, not because God told them not to, that somehow it was unclean in a spiritual sense, but it was dodgy in a physical sense. Pigs are omnivores, they are prone to pick up all sorts of diseases and get tapeworms etc, so not eating them would have satisfied the Health and Safety officers of the time. Same with not eating shellfish. Get dodgy oyster or mussel and you are dead. Best to be on the safe side and make ‘em verboten.

    I think that’s kind of a post-hoc justification that is largely discredited. The other Canaanites ate pigs and shellfish and were just as healthy. Best guess is that the highlanders, who were sheep farmers (you can’t keep pigs in the hills, they keep falling off) turned a cultural difference into a fetish. Hence all the other bullshit like “no tassled clothes” just because the Canaanites wore them.

    The interesting thing about all this is it’s entirely unpredictable. Could end up with world peace and the collapse of Islam, could end up in World War III. No way of knowing. I’m fascinated to wonder what we’ll be saying about it 10 years from now.

  21. berenike says:

    My resident (materialist, vaguely marxist) granny proves triumphantly, once a week or so, that *clearly* all the dietary and hygienic aspects of the Law *can’t* have been given to Moses by God, because they are all such common sense and all have a sound public health explanation to them.

    I say “well, you’d hardly expect a God who purported to be a good God to His Chosen People, to tell them to do things that were bad for them, would you?”

    She says “You’re so narrowminded”.

    (nothing intelligent to add re ME developments. But it’s all very not-the -end-of-history.)

  22. RAB says:

    That’s interesting Ian. I had only heard my version.

    It would explain why Islam hates dogs. They were very highly regarded by Zoroastrians, and being a rival religion, dogs therefore had to be demonised.

  23. JuliaM says:

    “Ask the crew of the U.S.S Cole the question.”

    That kind of attack is guaranteed to only work once, isn’t it?

  24. John B says:

    Ian, you must be one of the most religious people I have heard of.
    You state categorically that God does not exist, which is as good a statement of faith as I have ever heard.
    Ian, how does randomness give place to order without some ordering influence?
    Your faith is not logical.

  25. Bod says:

    Oh, John, c’mon.

    Now you’re getting me involved, when you do that order from randomness thing.

    Go throw a six sided (or onr of Nick’s, Ian’s or my d20’s). Do it a few thousand times, and note the distribution of results. You’re likely to find the distribution of scores to be pretty consistent (=orderly?).

    God doesn’t play dice with the universe, and it doesn’t need Him(or Her) to. Randomness will yield consistency most of the time, and I think it’d be a bit of a strectch to claim that while you were casting those dice, some divine thumb was tilting the dice for you.

  26. Bod says:

    (oops – randomness will yield what LOOKS like consistency, with a big enough sample size)

  27. John B says:

    Bod. Exactly. Randomness tends towards even distribution.
    Life, effort, order, action, definition, depend on difference.
    Without difference there is no potential, no gravity. Nothing. Just an eternal silence and non-event.
    But, please, I don’t want to off topic this but when Ian makes such blatantly empty proclamations and statements of faith what am I supposed to do?

    Yes the actions in the Mid East seem to be going into political territory as yet unexplored.
    Is it just human nature reverting to type as we drift further and further from the stabilising Influence?

  28. Styx says:

    Sorry no time to read all the comments, but I understand that the two ships concerned are merely a frigate and a supply ship.

    Fortunately, if things get tricky, Uncle Sam has the US Fifth fleet still at Bahrain and a frigate is not going to bother the USS Theodore Roosevelt/Enterprise etc.; I don’t give a shit for the Israelis, they’ll use any excuse to make trouble, but then I suppose that they are just a teeny-weeny bit better than the bloody Iranians.

  29. Frank Davies says:

    Like so much of what passes for news these days it all depends on who you believe.

    However, a senior Suez Canal official denied the report on Sunday, saying that the warships had yet to reach Egypt’s waterway to cross into the Mediterranean.

    “No Iranian ships have passed. Not today, not yesterday, not the day before,” Ahmed al-Manakhly, the head of the canal’s operations room, told AFP news agency.

    Manakhly did not say when the Iranian ships were scheduled to arrive but canal officials have privately said they were expected early on Monday.

    Iran’s official Fars new agency, quoting senior naval commanders, has identified the ships as Kharg, a 33,000-tonne refuelling and support vessel and Alvand, a 1,500-tonne light patrol frigate.

    The Kharg has a crew of 250 and can carry up to three helicopters while the Alvand is armed with torpedos and anti-ship missiles.

    It’s the Middle East where everything is as clear as mud!!

  30. Frank Davies says:

    Sorry forgot to add the Alvand IS capable of taking out a Dauntless class destroyer which has no defence against anti ship missiles so she is indeed a threat but only to the Dauntless Class none of which are in the Med.

  31. Styx says:

    Here’s a P.S.

    I should have added “Thank God (or your god) after mentioning the US fifth fleet – after all Europe has largely copped out and we in the west have always to depend upon the Americans to fight our fires for us don’t we?

    As for the religious crap about pork being “unclean” well I suppose these rules were made by the sort of people who would have been in favour of smoking bans had tobacco existed in the region at the time these regulations were promulgated. But then orthodox Jews and Islamists would love to have the world return to the 14th century.

  32. Paul Marks says:

    That this would happen was predicted weeks ago – but only by someone that the msm (such as Joe Klein of Time magazine) calls delusional.

    The Iranian regime just after the Jews…….

    Errr no – to a “hastener” (someone who believes that the comming of the 12 Iman, if you are Shia, or the Mahdi, if you are Sunni, should be “hastened”) the whole world must be covered with “fire and blood” – not just Israel.

    “But if only they gave up religion and became athiests……”

    No that will not work either.

    Because they will just become Marxists (the other half of the Red/Green alliance) and try and spread blood soaked chaos anyway.

    Van Jones and “STORM” were NOT Muslims.

    “But they were only a handful of people”.

    And the “One Nation” (Marxist) rally in Washington D.C was only an handful of people?

    And only a handful of people in the occupation of the Capital in Wisconsin?

    Sadly civilization (private property) will always have enemies.

    Sometimes they will wave red banners, sometimes green banners, and sometimes black banners (the last one is confusing – as it can mean anarcho communalists, or Fascists, or followers of the Mahdi, but it does not really matter as all of them will be trying to loot-burn-kill in the best Kevin Carson way).

    But the banner and the ideological excuse (religous or athiest) does not really matter – it is the loot-burn-kill bit that matters.

  33. stedmancinques says:

    Surely, the reason for the passage of the Iranian warships through the canal at the present time does not lie in Iranian strength, but in Egyptian weakness. A generation long system of government has collapsed; the future is completely uncertain.
    What would be agitating the Egyptian military at the moment would be the possibility of an Israeli attack to re-possess the Sinai peninsula, which they conquered once and reluctantly relinquished. The US cannot stop the accelerating building programme of illegal settlements in the Occupied Territories, not even with billion dollar bribes. How could they prevent such an Israeli invasion?
    What better way for the Egyptians to show that they have powerful friends than to allow the passage of these Iranian warships? Perhaps they even asked for them to be sent.
    Meanwhile Call me Dave who has blithely decimated our own armed forces of their capability to defend our interests if (when?) the crap seriously hits the fan is off to sell them some more hardware. Must be time to crack open that 30 yo Bruichladdich I was saving for a special occasion……

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