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Remember the Alamo…

Texas looks almost certain to allow handguns to be carried on Campus, way to go you Texicans! Wish we had even an iota of it here.

Here’s the link

Not much more to say, except look at the tone of the written article, including the pic (shooting yourself in the head!) and the strength of what are obviously British commentors agreeing with the new Legislation.


  1. JuliaM says:

    Remember, when seconds count, the police are only minutes away…

    “The plan is likely to astonish most who recall the mass shootings at Virginia Tech, where a student killed 32 people, and in Northern Illinois the following year, where five people were murdered.”

    Yes, because the idea that people could defend themselves from such an act is so outré that no-one writing this article could possibly conceive of it….

  2. Paul Marks says:

    Virginia Tech shows how well “gun control” works in practice.

    If someone is prepared to murder people the idea that he will respect a “no guns” rule is delusional.

    All “gun control” does is turn honest people (who do respect the rules) into helpless victims.

    But do not expect the msm to present this honestly – after all even Shep Smith on Fox News presented the Texas story as somehow wrong.

    Fox News JOURNALISTS (his stress – old Shep always stresses that word, to show that he is not the same as the evil conservative and libertarian opinion people) I trust Mr Smith as far as I can spit – not one inch further.

  3. Laird says:

    FYI, my son was a freshman at Virginia Tech the year of the massacre (he’s still there). One of his friends was shot (but only wounded). I can tell you there is a lot of sentiment (on campus) for the restoration of their gun rights. Hell, even swords would be an improvement!

  4. RAB says:

    Well more power to them Laird. Get a campaign going, it’s got to have more success than anything we can do here in Britain. This country is so firmly against guns (except for criminals) that we are never going to get our handguns back under any circumstances.

    I was taught to shoot a shotgun by my farmer cousins, aged 12. My Mum never knew, and as far as I know, still doesn’t. She would have gone bonkers had she known, so over protective of me was she.

    I was taught to use .22 and 303′s by an ex Vietnam vet friend of mine in Pennsylvania in the 70s. Then later used to join my Father in Law in Bisley for weekends using his rifles and handguns. When you are taught how to handle weapons with the respect they deserve, you are more likely to respect the harm they can do and consciously avoid it. First thing you learn, after where the safety is and how to load etc, is … never point a gun at anything you are not immediately going to shoot. You don’t waft them about like a fan.

    Then you avoid this kind of comment from a guy who was actually shot at Virginia Tech…

    However Colin Goddard, a senior official for the Brady Campaign Against Gun Violence, who as a student was shot four times in the Virginia Tech incident, disagreed.

    “People tell me if they would have been there, they would have shot that guy,” said Mr Goddard. “That offends me. People want to be the hero, I understand that. They play video games and they think they understand the reality. It’s nothing like that.”

    Clearly Mr Goddard has never handled a gun, but unfortunately been at the receiving end of one, if he thinks that someone who is trained in firearms does not understand reality, whether they play fuckin video games or not!

    He seems to be the type of campaigner we have over here, who wears his victim status like a badge.

    We have had many mother’s of gun victims call for a total ban of every type, or mother’s of self inflicted drug victims do the same. I understand their pain and concern, but they really arn’t helping the situations one iota.

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