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Don’t blow sunshine up my butt

Congressman Allen West demonstrates, yet again, the best way to deal with smear, propaganda and misinformation is information, information, and more information, the hard stuff.

Way to go Congressman.

The truth is out there.

Allen Akbar


  1. Ian B says:


    What West is doing here is of course the only strategically sensible response to somebody attempting to “frame a discourse”. Don’t get framed. Ignore your opponent’s attempt to control what the conversation is about- in this case the narrow and silly question of “where does the Quran say Americans should be attacked?” and reframe it yourself so that the opponent is forced to engage on your terms rather than their own.

    Of course it largely also comes down to the nature of audience. If the audience were on the side of the questioner, West would simply be shouted down. But nonetheless, there are too many situations in politics where the audience would appreciate and support a reframing, but the person instead goes on the defensive anyway because of “political correctness” or whatever you want to call the received wisdom these days.

  2. Paul Marks says:

    Colonel (sorry Congressman) West knows the old military rule.

    If ambushed do not stay still – the enemy will pick you off.

    And do not try and retreat – the enemy will be prepared for that, and tear you apart.


    Go all out – with every weapon you have got, and as fast as you can (the slower you are the more casualities you take).

    Cut your way out and destroy the very enemy who ambushed you.

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